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The Best Classic Ride on Cars for Christmas

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year. That’s right, Christmas is coming to a town near you.

Whilst many of us want nothing more than to be gathered around the fire with a mug of hot chocolate when the festive period comes a-calling, some have other ideas in mind: the thrill of a classic kids ride on car.

To save you from scouring the internet for the perfect toy for your little ones this year, we’ve put them all in one place over at Electric Ride On Cars.

It’s a smooth drive over to Winter Wonderland, but you’ll need some wheels.

What’s so great about classic ride on cars?

A classic ride on car can provide a huge amount of joy for your children, making them the perfect Christmas gift for kids

As your little one enters the driver’s seat of their very own kids’ electric car, they step into a whole new world of play, adventure, and independence. Ride on cars open up kids to a world of role-play, like traffic cops, F1 drivers and taxi drivers. The list goes on! 

Of course, a good toy is more than just fun. It may come as a pleasant surprise for parents when they see the other positive effects of having their own ride on vehicle.

Alongside being hours of fun, ride on cars have been found to encourage a child’s early development skills alongside increasing their self-belief as they learn new skills whilst exploring their environment, one turn of a wheel at a time.

6 of the best classic ride on cars for Christmas

When it comes to finding the right classic ride on car for your budding motorist, it helps to have a good idea of what is available. Depending on their interests, your little one has a vast selection to choose from.

Here are six of the best classic ride on cars on the market today, ready for Christmas.

Kids Bentley EXP12 12v Electric Ride-on Car with Parent Remote Control

Christmas is all about luxury, and what’s more luxurious than driving in style?

This kid’s ride on Bentley is a sophisticated, comfortable, and oh-so-stylish edition to any child’s garage. This cool cruiser is kitted out with a parental remote control to ensure your little one is not only riding in style, but safety too.

There’s no better ride to cruise around in, picking up some last-minute Christmas presents. But hey! Don’t spill hot chocolate on the leather interiors.

Looking beyond the glitz and glamour, let’s take in some of the specs the Kids EXP12 12v Ride on Bentley boasts.

  • Realistic engine noises
  • Working front headlights
  • 2x30w motors
  • A selection of colour choices

This car is ideal for kids aged 3-5 years old, with a max load of 25kg and top speeds of up to 4kmph.

Kids Jaguar F-Type 12v Electric Ride-on Car with Parent Remote

Is your child a thrill seeker with a taste for the finer things? Say hello to the Jaguar F-Type. In the real world, this sleek motor pulls no punches on firepower. 

It’s one of the most stylish cars around and the perfect gift for your little one. Whether it’s racing around a frosty garden or taking a festive drive, the Kids Jaguar F-Type can do it all.

This motor comes in white, black, red, and pink, with something for everyone. One thing: make sure your little one wraps up warm! The roofless silhouette can let in the cold if you aren’t careful.

With so much that meets the eye, you’ll be pleased to hear there’s more than that, too.

  • MP3/USB connection
  • Parental controls
  • Fully working doors
  • Rechargeable 12V battery
  • Working seat belts

For its size and power, this classic ride on Jaguar is perfect for little ones aged 2-4. It can reach top speeds of 3kmph.

Disney Cars McQueen Ride on Car

Faster than fast, quicker than quick. 

Your child can jump straight into the world of Cars with this Lightning McQueen ride on car. Combining automobiles with friendship, your little one and Lightning McQueen can cruise through Radiator Springs together, creating their own stories and crafting their own adventures.

This car is a great choice for the Disney buffs amongst us and offers a nice change of pace from a standard classic ride on car. It’s not all lights, camera, action, though. There’s some pretty nifty spec on this ride, too.

  • 6V battery
  • High-quality tires
  • Authentic, fade-resistant decals
  • Working klaxon sounds

This quirky Disney ride on toy is best for children aged 3-6, with top speeds reaching up to 2.5mph.

Kids BMW 507 Model 12v Electric Ride-on Car with Parent Control

This one’s for the head turners! 

This BMW 507 ride on car is a genuine replica of the classic convertible produced by the luxury car brand from 1956 and 1959. 

Available in red, white and back, this classic roadster is jam-packed with awesome features to wow your little one. Let’s take a closer look at this Kids BMW.

  • 2x35W motor
  • Full parental control
  • USB and MP3 connection
  • Leather style seats
  • Working lights
  • 3-5 km/h speed

This kids classic car is great for kids aged 3 to 6 years old, with a maximum load of 30kg.

Kids Classic Mercedes Benz 300S Ride On Car with Remote

Take a ride back in time in this Gatbsy-esque cruiser. 

Your little one can dive into a completely different world in this classic ride on Mercedes Benz, cruising back to a simpler time of glitz and glamour.

With an eye-catching classic retro style, this Benz is ideal for a frosty drive around the garden, taking in the sights, safe in the warmth of its premium leather interiors. 

It’s the perfect car for the festive season, with a smile on your kids’ faces and a mulled Ribena in their hand. 

While we’re at it, why don’t we put on the radio?

This classy old motor is much more than a pretty face; check out these extra features.

  • Engine and horn sounds
  • Working FM radio
  • USB/SB card interface
  • 4 wheel suspension

The quality and size of this kids’ Mercedes 300S make it suitable for a range of kiddies, from ages 2 to 5. It is one of the fastest cars on our list; you can expect top speeds of up to 5kmph.

Kids Mercedes G Wagon G63 Electric Ride-on Car with Parent Remote

What’s Christmas without a little bit of firepower? 

There’s nothing quite like a ride in a G Wagon. A winter ride in a car resilient enough for an arctic adventure yet cosy enough for the best Boxing Day cat nap of your life, what’s not to like?

This Kids G-Wagon is the real deal, with working lights, a horn, and MP3 compatibilities. If you want to make sure your little one is as safe as possible, you can with the 2.4G parental control.

Want more? Feast your eyes on more of this motor’s fine features.

  • Authentic AMG and Mercedes branding
  • Soft start function
  • Rechargeable 12V battery
  • Working seat belts

The G Wagon makes for a great Christmas gift for little ones aged 3 to 5, with a max load of 30kg.

Browse the best classic ride on cars with Electric Ride on Cars

Our range of classic ride on cars are made from top-quality, long-lasting materials that ensure a safe experience for your little drivers. Whatever their dream ride may be, from classic ride on Fords and quad bikes to kids electric dirt bikes, we can help you get them behind the wheel with a great Christmas gift in no time. 

If you want to really make their new ride their own, don’t forget to check out our ride on car accessories. You can kit your little one’s motor out with personalised number plates, stickers, and decals to help them make their ride a guaranteed head-turner.

Spoilt for choice? That’s understandable. Get in touch with one of our team who would be happy to answer any questions, or check out our blog on the best kids Christmas gifts for 2023.


What are the benefits of ride on toys for kids?

Beyond pure fun, there is a range of ways a ride on toys can benefit children. Ride on toys can benefit kids by helping them develop hand-eye coordination skills and helping them take part in physical activity. What’s more, they encourage the development of a child’s gross motor skills.

Take a look at our guide for a closer look at the benefits of ride on cars for toddlers and children.

What are some signs of a great ride on car?

A great ride on toy car isn’t just one that looks the part, but it’ll have some brilliant specs for a comfortable, safe ride, too. Things to look out for in the item description are qualities like the toy being made from durable metal and plastic, having an adjustable seat height, seat belts and working lights. To pimp up your little ones ride, check out our accessories and spare parts pages. 

What age do ride on cars go up to?

Reviewing manufacturers’ guides shows that ride on cars are appropriate for ages 1 to around 12. With this being said, many of these rides are more dependent on the weight limit than the actual age of your little one.

However, ride on cars can be enjoyed by all ages. At Electric Ride on Cars, we stock something for everyone, including scooters for adults. So who’s to say when children should stop enjoying their toys, as every child is different. 

To help you find the best ride on car for your little one, take a look at ride on cars by age: 

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