As well as creating some of our best childhood movie memories, Disney is known for launching the careers of some of the biggest stars on our screens and radios. But which stars have been the most successful post-Disney?

We took a look at the careers of some of our favorite Disney kids, comparing their success as actors and musicians to find out who is the ultimate Disney star.

The most successful stars of Disney

Rank Disney Star Net Worth ($) Disney Credits Acting Credits Studio Albums Appearances on Soundtracks Spotify Monthly Listeners Singles Number 1 Chart Appearances Total Social Followers Disney Star Score /100


Using the Disney Channel Fandom Wiki, we were able to collate a list of the biggest Disney stars. We then looked at a number of factors to measure their success, including:

Net worth - all net worth figures are taken from Celebrity Net Worth.

Acting credits - both acting credits and Disney credits are taken from IMDB and include movies, TV, commercials, and music videos.

Number of studio albums and appearances on soundtracks - these numbers are taken from Wikipedia and Spotify and account for solo music as well as any bands the individual is a part of.

Monthly listens - this number is taken from Spotify and combines the number of monthly listens for their solo work and their bands.

Number of number 1 singles - taken from Wikipedia, this number includes number 1 positions in any chart, including charts in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Germany, Italy, France, New Zealand, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, and others. Social followers - this number combines the followers each star has on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

With all the data collated, we were then able to create a Disney star score by putting the factors into a weighted ranking, with equal ranking across all factors. This score is out of 100.