We all love to keep up with our favourite celebrities, especially with their relationships and family life. From the Kardashians to the royals, these families live out their lives in the public eye, sharing their ups and downs with the world.

While we know who the richest kids are, we’ve been thinking about the richest celebrity families. We looked at some of the most famous families and found out their net worth as a whole family to discover which families are the wealthiest.

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We also took a look at combining some of the smaller family units together into their larger family groups. This meant combining the net worth of parents, siblings and all of their own families.


The Kardashian Family

Family net worth



The Jenners

The Kardashian-Wests

The Kardashian-Thompsons

The Kardashian-Disicks


The Trump Family

Family net worth



The Trumps (Donald & Melania)

The Trumps (Donald Jr. & Vanessa)

The Trumps (Eric & Lana)

The Trump-Kushners


The Hilton Family

Family net worth



The Hiltons

The Hilton-Rothschilds

The Hilton-von Walderdorffs


The Royal Family

Family net worth



The Windsors (Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Philip)

The Windsors (Charles & Camilla)

The Windsor-Laurence-Phillips’

The Windsors (Andrew & Sarah)

The Windsors (Edward & Sophie)

The Windsors (William & Catherine)

The Windsors (Harry & Meghan)

The Windsors-Mozzis (Beatrice & Edoardo)

The Windsor-Brooksbanks (Eugenie & Jack)

The Phillips’

The Tindalls

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We created a list of 55 of the most famous families in the world, using sources such as those listed below:

We then used Wikipedia to determine the makeup of these families, including their children and any additional children from previous marriages, as well as the biological parents within blended families. We then took the net worth for each individual within the family, including children and additional parents. This gave us a total net worth for each family. We used Celebrity Net Worth for the net worth figures where they were available, although alternative sources were used for many of the children.

In some cases, figures were not available so they have not been included in the totals, although the individuals are listed. This means that the figures may be far higher for some families than the number given here.