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Electric scooters have become increasingly popular with adults and kids in the UK. They're a great type of vehicle for those who may be restricted to what they can drive and for those who want a fun way to explore the outdoors! The appeal of a lightweight, efficient and affordable way of getting around is tempting and e scooters offer this. Whether you’re looking for an adults or kids electric scooter, there are plenty of electric scooters with seats to choose from including our easy-to-store foldable electric scooters.

Ride in comfort

For users with problems standing up for long periods of time, electric scooters with seats are a great option. Many love these adult electric scooters because they make getting from A to B easier. They're a quick solution to get around during the day and without requiring the expense of fueling a car. The best electric scooter operates at a top speed but offers a smooth ride. Many of these durable electric scooter options have excellent battery life thanks to the lithium battery and offer powerful motor capabilities.

What are the benefits of a seated electric scooter for adults?

Offer more comfort Scooters with seats help increase the rider's comfort. Some of the best seated electric scooters are popular because they offer that seat to sit down and enjoy the ride without having to stand all the time. Adjustable to height The best road electric scooter options will have adjustable and attachable seats. This helps adjust the height of your scooter to fit you. Power capacity A modern electric scooter can pack some incredible horsepower when it comes to generating speed. The best seated scooters can often carry twice the load of standard types. Easy to maintain Most electric scooters are easy to maintain. They don't require much upkeep and can easily run for years.

FAQs about adult electric scooters with seats

What is the load capacity on a seated scooter for adults?

Many electric scooters with seat options will have a maximum rider weight limit. These will often be between 55kg-100kg. The best electric scooters will be able to cater to the maximum ride limits, but it's worth being aware that some might not.

How safe is a seated scooter for adults?

They are safe as long as you adhere to the safety rules that are in place for riding scooters in general. For example, wearing a helmet and keeping to a safe speed.

Where can I ride seated e-scooters?

Within the UK, these scooter types can be used on private land legally. Currently you can’t ride e-scooters on public land such as road, pavements or cycle paths. However, this law may change in the future.

Do I need a license to ride my seated electric scooter for adults?

An adult electric scooter is classified as a motor vehicle, meaning in order to use them on public roads if this becomes legal, you'll need to have a valid driver's license. Unlike a kick scooter, you also needed to be over the age of 16 to use one of these scooters.

Will the law on electric scooters change soon?

When it comes to laws in relation to adult electric scooters, there could be changes in law again. A trial has been running into rental e-scooters and the outcome of this may alter the laws surrounding electric scooter use. However, this has not happened yet.

Do I need a helmet to ride my scooter for adults?

It's advised that you wear a helmet at all times on your scooter. The best scooters come with a double braking system, including rear disc brakes. This ensures safety for the user and keeps the vehicle from losing control.