Top 5 Electric Toy Cars for Kids [2020 Edition]

Here’s a simple truth: kids adore electric toy cars and ride on vehicles of all sorts. Electric ride-on cars are fun but they also have a long list of educational benefits to offer – and that’s why parents love them too!

Besides, there’s just something contagious about your child’s smile when they buckle up and head off to another outdoor adventure on their electric toy car.

Electric toy cars have become popular outdoor toys for kids – and for a very good reason; they inculcate a sense of autonomy in children, nurture their creativity, boost their confidence levels and help them learn new things about their surroundings.

There is a catch though! Picking the perfect ride on car for kids can be challenging for parents. That’s completely understandable. With so many vehicle types, makes and models available in the market, the process of choosing a cool electric car for your kid can become a little overwhelming.

That’s exactly why we compiled our 2020 list of top 5 electric toy cars for kids. Read on to find out which electric ride on cars are worth investing in:

12v White Licensed Bentley EXP12 Concept Ride on Car with Parental Remote Control

1) Bentley Ride on Car [12 v]

Based on the original Bentley Concept Car, Bentley EXP 12 ride on car  is great for sports car enthusiasts aged 3-5. This 12-volt battery-powered toy car has two 30-watt motors and can achieve the maximum speed of 3-4 km/h.

Features such as a forward and reverse gear lever, foot accelerator, and a functional steering wheel make it super easy for young children to steer the car around and navigate on their own. There is also a 2.4 G parental remote-control system installed in the car, which means that you can easily supervise your baby from 20-30 meters away. A functional seat belt makes the ride on toy very safe for young children.

Bentley Ride on Car also comes with life-like features such as realistic sound effects, working lights, latched doors and realistic alloy wheels. A glossy white paint finish adds to the grace of this elegant ride on toy.

Ride on cars

2) BMW Kids Electric Car [12 v]

BMW GT 6 Series Coupe ride on car  is an absolute beauty. The 12-volt battery car can achieve a safe speed of 3 km/h because it has two powerful 18 W motors to power it.  Complete with a push start button, BMW ride on car is the perfect gift for little drivers aged 3-5.

BMW kids electric car features a sturdy exterior with a glossy black finish. One of the best things about this ride on toy is the sheer attention-to-detail involved in designing it. The car has realistic features such as functional headlights, LED lights, opening doors, and various sound effects. It also has an MP3 and USB port.

BMW ride on car is also a safe ride for young children because it comes with a state-of-the-art parental remote-control system. It also comes with add on security features such as a seat belt.

kids ride on cars

3) Mercedes Ride On Car [12 v]

Mercedes Ride on Car  is a stunning licensed replica of Mercedes G63 AMG SUV. Suitable for children aged 3-5, this life-like jeep has a 12 v battery and can achieve a max speed of 3 km/h. The jeep is powered by two 20 w motors.

Not only would your child fall in love with this majestic jeep, but they would also find it very easy to steer it around and drive over a wide variety of terrains. The jeep also has a convenient push start button and soft-start function. Mercedes ride on car also has several functional features like opening doors, working LED lights and an embedded music player.

Mercedes ride on car was designed to be sturdy and safe. It features foolproof security features like the latest 2.4G parental remote-control system through which you can easily supervise your child and keep them out of danger during playtime. The jeep has a seat belt for reinforced safety.

Red lamborghini

4) Lamborghini Ride On Car [12 v]

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ ride on car  was tailor-made for children who love a pop of color. Boasting a sleek and stylish exterior with a glossy red finish, this electric ride on the car was designed especially for children who love color, adventure and outdoor exploration.

Complete with a 24 v rechargeable battery and two high power (45 W!) motors, this one-seater car can achieve a max speed of 6 km/h. It is an awesome ride on toy for children aged between 2-5.  The car comes with several enthralling features like working lights, realistic sound effects, horns, and a convenient push start button.

Safety comes first, even with this sporty Lamborghini ride on car. The car has an in-built parental remote-control system, using which you can control the car and keep your baby safe. This feature is especially helpful with toddlers and very young children.

5) Camo Quad Renegade Buggy [24 v]

This list of kids cool electric cars would’ve been incomplete without a powerful 2-seater quad. Camo UTV Renegade Buggy  is an option for parents who are looking for 2-seaters electric ride on cars.

Inspired from a real ATV, this UTV renegade buggy is for kids who love experimenting and exploring. It is a vehicle well-suited for rough terrain such as grass due to its genuine EVA rubber tyres and shock-absorbing springs. The buggy has a 24 v battery and two powerful 200 W motors.

The exterior is glossy black with eye-catching red and grey detailing and the vehicle exudes power, strength, and prestige. It also boasts a UTV logo on the side doors. In-built features include an accelerator pedal, a convenient steering wheel, an MP4 player, a TV screen, voltage display, USB & MP3 ports (everything your little ones can possibly need to enjoy their trip!)

The UTV quad buggy also features two ergonomic leather seats, complete with seat belts. Its 2.4 G parental remote-control system allows parents to join in on the fun and supervise their children from afar (20-30 m) and make sure they are driving safely.