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Kids have a great sense of adventure, which is why a new kids trike will be at the top of their wishlist.  Our fantastic range of children's trikes are built for maximum comfort. Kids are in total control as they ride around in the fresh air with confidence. As parents, you can be sure that a trike or kids electric car from Electric Ride On Cars will aid the development of your children. You won't be pushing them around for long, as they'll soon be in full control of their new toy. It's safe to say that kids have more fun on wheels!

Why choose a children’s trike?

When you buy a kids trike, you're not just buying a toy. Children’s tricycles are a great tool to help develop your little one’s overall body coordination.  Trikes for children have 2 rear wheels and 1 front wheel, meaning they can act as a kids bike or kids balance bike, and is easy for your child to ride.  There are also several other benefits:

Enhance coordination and balance

Trikes provide kids extra help with balance compared to a standard bike. Kids trikes build confidence with balance and coordination, allowing them to master their steering skills and hand-eye coordination.

Build confidence

As kids begin to master their skills on their trike, they’ll feel a great sense of success. By starting your little one on a trike, they’ll feel confident and ready to move onto a bicycle for kids in no time. 

Encourage active play

Our trikes are the perfect way for your kids to enjoy riding around inside and outside the home. They'll be whizzing around the park one moment and cruising through the living room the next.  Trikes are a great way of incorporating active play into their routine but in a fun and exciting way. 

FAQs about kids trikes

Are trikes good for kids?

Starting your little one with a kids trike is a fantastic way of developing gross motor skills and building their confidence on wheels. Not only will a trike prepare your little one for learning to ride a bike, but it will also get them out and about, involved in active play. 

What do toddlers learn from riding a tricycle?

Tricycles can aid the development of balance with the help of 3 wheels. A kids' trike is the perfect stepping stone to building confidence and preparing for a standard kids' bicycle. Toddlers will also learn how to develop their hand-eye coordination whilst steering, which will also help to build muscle. 

What age is a trike suitable for?

Trikes are suitable for children aged 2 and above. However, you’ll likely find some trikes designed for older children too. Be sure to check the manufacturer's instructions to find a kids' trike suitable for your child. 

Explore our children’s trikes to find the ideal match 

Whether you want bicycle trikes or electric trikes, we've got you covered. Whatever type of trike your little one desires, you're guaranteed to be able to find in our incredible range of children's tricycles. You won't regret adding a new set of wheels to your shopping basket and crossing an exciting new tricycle off your child's wishlist. It's the perfect toy for birthdays, Christmas, or whenever you feel generous! We also have a variety of ride on cars, toddler ride on cars, kids electric motorbikes and kids electric scooters.