Wheels for Ride on Cars

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Replacement Wheels for Ride On Cars

We bet your little one loves their ride on car. So much so that they've likely run the wheels into the ground. It's time to pop on a new set of wheels to keep the fun going! Our range of replacement wheels will help bring your little one's ride on car experience back to life.

Your options for ride on car wheels 

When a wheel on your kids’ electric ride on car is damaged, you’re going to need a replacement. But wheels can also be a way to upgrade your kids’ electric car. The options are super stylish and well worth the extra money.  These 4 Rubber EVA Tyres for Kids Audi TT RS Electric ride on Car will take the Kids Audi TT 12v Electric ride on Car with Parent Remote to a new level.  You’ll upgrade all four wheels from plastic to rubber. This changes the entire feel of the car and how it drives. It gives it a more authentic feel that you don’t get with the original tyres.  On top of that, they look fantastic! It makes the car look like a real-life miniature version. They are much more durable, so if you’re heading out of the garden, we recommend giving them a go.  You can also take the upgrade one step further with our ride on car accessories, including replacement steering wheels, replacement seats and stickers and decals for ride on cars. Another popular option is our variety of wheel trims for your child’s ride on car. With kids loving a it of rough and tumble, it’s no surprise that parts can get damaged along the way. But we’re here to save the day with affordable replacements! Our Wheel Trims For Kids 24V Ride On Cars Mercedes X Class are replacement wheel trims that you click on to the original wheel. These are created specifically for the Kids Mercedes X Class 24v Electric Ride On Car with Parent Remote and come in a set of two. It's not only wheels that might need replacing. Check out our range of electric ride on car batteries if your kid's ride on car isn’t working as well as it once did.

Buying replacement wheels for ride on cars

The main thing to remember when it comes to your wheel selection is that the tyres and trims need to fit the specific make and model.  Each ride on car make and build comes with specifications; the same goes for the tyres and other replacements like remotes for electric ride on cars. So, you’ll need to find replacements for the exact ride on car your little one has. If you get stuck, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Why do I need replacement wheels for my kid's ride on car?

Replacing the wheels of kids' electric vehicles can enhance the experience. Sometimes the tyres wear from overuse or too much sun exposure. In this case, replacement wheels are all you need to keep your little one happy and driving!

Does wheel material make a difference to a ride on car?

Yes. The materials and quality of the wheels will affect how the vehicle drives on different terrain. For example, plastic wheels are okay for tarmac, but rubber wheels are better for bumpier surfaces.

What wheels are best for a ride on car?

It depends on what you use them for. The selection process can be daunting when finding the right items for your ride on vehicles. That's why each of our products has in-depth descriptions to help you find the right fit for your specific make and model.