Jaguar Electric Ride on Cars

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Jaguars have been the hallmark of elegant and classy cars for over 80 years and that’s the same whether it’s the real thing or one of our ride on Jaguar models. Our range of licensed Jaguar kids ride on car includes the iconic F-Type, in a range of different colours and come with features such as remote control, working lights, key start and more. If your little one already has a taste for the finer things in life, then an electric ride on Jaguar might be the gift for them! Check out our range below.

Are ride on cars safe?

All our kids' electric cars are designed to be used by youngsters, so the manufacturers make sure to make them as safe as possible. In fact, as long as you follow some basic safety precautions, then they’re perfectly safe to be used by kids. The main things are to ensure that you’re purchasing a ride on car which is age-appropriate for your little one, making sure that they wear protective equipment and stick to flat and smooth surfaces and not taking their new ride out onto real roads.

What ages are these ride on cars suitable for?

As we’ve mentioned, it’s important that you make sure that a toy is appropriate for your child before making a purchase. All of our ride on Jaguar cars are powered by 12v batteries and have a max speed of 2-3mph, so should only be used by older children (not toddlers), however, they do come with a parental remote control if your child isn’t old enough to drive one themself. They also have a max weight limit of 14kg. If you're looking for the perfect electric kids' car for your little one, we've selected the best choices for each age:

Where can Jaguar ride on cars be used?

Firstly, while they do look just like the real thing, our Jaguar ride on cars shouldn’t be taken out onto real roads and pavements. Instead, it’s best to stick to your back garden or yard, or perhaps other safe areas such as the park, making sure to stick to flat and smooth terrains such as grass or paving.