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Fiat 500 Push and Ride Kids Car


Electric Ride on Cars for 4 to 6 Year Olds

Kids Range Rover Sport SVR Ride-on Car & Luggage Suitcase – Red


Foot to floor ride on cars are perfect for younger children who aren’t quite ready for an electric ride on car just yet. Kids ride on cars are great for getting kids aged 2 and above active, as well as encouraging active play and improving gross motor skills. Give your little tikes a real sense of freedom and accomplishment with toddler ride on toys modelled after some of the world’s biggest and most luxurious cars. You can find a range of exciting ride ons, including our Ferrari toddler ride on cars and our Mercedes toddler ride on cars. We stock a full range of luxury licensed cars for toddlers that they control with their feet!

Ride on cars for every toddler

Toddler foot to floor ride on cars are a great starter option for your kids before they move onto our full-sized electric models. They can either be powered by your little one’s feet or pushed along by a grown-up.  Just like the electric versions, we have licensed baby and toddler push along toys from all kinds of top real-life manufacturers such as Mercedes and Ferrari. There’s really something for any toddler, whether they want a luxury ride on toddler car or a sportier ride on car. If a Ferrari doesn’t feel quite right, we offer toddler ride on cars from Porsche, Bentley and Range Rover too.

Why choose a push along toy?

With so many benefits, kids ride on toys make a great addition to your home. Not only will your little ones have plenty of fun, but they will also learn a lot along the way.

Encourage active play

Once your kids are toddling about, keeping them active is essential. Kids ride on cars are an excellent way to give your child some freedom while walking is still a little more difficult. This new freedom will help your kids and toddlers get to grips with their surroundings, improve reaction times and even help with their cognitive thinking.

Develop motor skills and build muscle

Push alongs and ride on cars suitable for toddlers are a great way to support fine motor skills such as the hands and wrists, as well as gross motor skills like the legs and arms. The more often your little one uses their toddler ride on car, the stronger and more confident they will become. They will develop lots of important muscles, as well as have fun!

Improve balance and coordination

Driving a toddler ride on car is not only fun for your little one, but they are also great for improving hand-eye coordination. Moving a push along requires plenty of concentration for a child. Using their favourite baby ride on toy will also develop their balance with time.

FAQs about toddler ride on toys

When can a baby use a ride on toy?

We recommend that ride on toys and cars, even foot to floor ones, should be used by toddlers rather than babies. This generally means children who have started to learn to walk and are 18 months and above. While every child develops at their own pace, for safety this is what we’d recommend.

What ages are ride on cars for toddlers suitable for?

It’s important that you choose a ride on car that’s age-appropriate for your child to ensure their safety.  Foot to floor cars are usually designed to be used by younger children, usually from 18 months and above, although some require the child to be at least 2 years old. They’ll also have an upper weight limit and usually shouldn’t be used by children once they get past their 3rd birthday.

Where can ride on cars be used?

To ensure that there are no nasty accidents, it’s best to keep your toddler ride on toys to the back garden, driveway and on other surfaces that are flat and stable. For this reason, as well as for safety, we recommend that you do not take them out on real roads or pavements.

What are your delivery options?

We offer free UK delivery within 2 working days. Deliveries to Scottish Highlands and Northern Territories in Scotland are likely to incur additional delivery charges, and we will contact you regarding these charges prior to delivery. 

Discover the perfect foot to floor ride on toy!

Whether you're looking for Range Rover, Ferrari or other ride on toy for your toddler, you'll be sure to find something your children will love. At Electric Ride On Cars, we offer a variety of ride on cars for kids that will offer endless amounts of fun. Why not complete the look with our ride on car accessories and personalise your kid's favourite toy?