24v Ride on Cars

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For a kids car with a little more power, our 24v ride on cars are your best option. Usually comprising of two 12v motors, the 24v electrical cars offer slightly higher max speeds of up to 8km/h as well as slightly longer battery life than a 12v equivalent. Our selection of kids electric cars with a 24v battery is a little smaller, primarily limited to 2-seater ride on cars, where the extra power is useful. These models are 24v Mercedes-Benz 2 seater models or 24v electric go karts.

Are 24v ride on cars safe?

Just because there’s a little extra power, it doesn’t make them any less safe. Our 24v kids cars all come complete with a parental remote control for added peace of mind, along with seat belts, soft start functionality, 4 wheel drive and rubber tyres. The 24v go karts don’t have the ability to be controlled remotely, but their solid frames and low-to-ground design make them incredibly safe.

What ages are 24v ride on cars suitable for?

Both our 24v ride on cars and the 24v kids go karts we have available are designed to be used by children aged 3-8 years old. The 24v cars all come with remote controls so that parents will be in full control of their children if they want to be, which makes them a great option for younger children, and the 2-seater design allows for 2 small children to enjoy at once.

Where can 24v ride on cars be used?

As with all of our ride on cars for kids, we’d recommend using 24v kids cars in a safe environment. This includes driveways, yards, gardens and indoors. Whether you have a 24v kids car or a 24v go kart, they should be kept away from roads. You can also view our full range of 12v electric ride on cars.