Kids Electric Go Karts

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Electric go karts for kids are the best way to give your youngsters a little more speed without compromising their safety.  Our kids electric go karts are perfect for children looking for that added sense of adventure. Unlike our kids electric cars, electric go karts are low to the ground and designed to make your kids feel like they’re in something a little more sporty and fun.

Why choose a kids electric go kart?

If your kids are passionate about cars and racing, an electric go kart is by far the best present you could buy. Not only will they provide hours of endless fun, there are plenty of other reasons why an electric go kart would make the perfect addition to your child’s playtime. 

Enhance coordination and spatial awareness

Go karts are a great way to learn and develop coordination skills, all whilst having fun. This includes enhancing gross motor skills and fine-tuning hand-eye coordination.

Learn problem-solving skills

A go kart is a fantastic way for kids to practice problem-solving. Your kids will be required to think faster than usual when they’re out on four wheels. And if they test out their go kart on the track, they’ll use their brains to manoeuvre around the track using the steering wheel. 

Battery-powered for endless fun

These kids' electric go karts from Electric Ride On Cars are battery-powered. They can accelerate with ease to reach the desired speed and race their friends. 

FAQs about kids go karts

Are kids electric go karts safe?

These kids electric go karts offer a safe but fun experience, with low maximum speeds, a bucket seat and a smooth ride offered by rubber tyres. The maximum speed varies depending on which go kart you choose and the weight load. These low speeds mean you can keep an eye on your child and they can easily control the kart. 

What ages are electric go karts suitable for?

Each go kart at Electric Ride On Cars is suitable for different age groups. For example, the Kids Huffy Green Machine Go Kart is suitable for younger children between 3-5 years of age. In comparison, the Neo Outlaw Monster 1000w Electric GoKart for kids has a maximum speed of 18mph and is aimed at children above 13 years.  For more information, read our beginner's guide to go karting for kids.

Where can electric go karts be used?

Kids electric go karts should be used on flat surfaces in safe areas such as gardens or indoors. Similar to electric ride on cars, they should never be used on the road, but safe places with a tarmac surface are great, like a playground or unused basketball court.

Explore our range of kids go karts

At Electric Ride On Cars, we have a fantastic range of kids go karts available, including electric go karts and trikes. We also have a range of other toys, including kids bikes, toddler ride on cars, and kids electric quad bikes.