Best Kids’ Off Road Ride on Toys

Although early prototypes of off road ride on toys date back over 100 years, they’ve continued to take strides to become better, safer, and a more complete experience for children. Not to mention the range of exciting, shiny, and colourful vehicles available nowadays! Whether you’re looking for a classic kids’ electric car, an off road […]

The Electric Ride On Cars 2023 Kids’ Christmas Gift Guide

As parents, we know the magic that lights up our little ones’ eyes when they unwrap the perfect present on Christmas morning. That’s why, here at Electric Ride On Cars, we’re thrilled to present the ultimate guide on Christmas gifts for kids, where we’re putting the pedal to the metal with the ultimate kids’ electric […]

The Best Black Friday Deals for Toys and Kids’ Ride on Cars

Whether you’re Christmas shopping, grabbing a bargain birthday gift or just want to surprise your kids with a special treat, we’ve got some exciting news for you…Black Friday is right around the corner! And boy, do we have some incredible Black Friday toy deals lined up, especially for you.  From a luxury Kids’ electric car […]

The Best Electric Ride On Sports Cars Kids Will Love This Christmas

Rev up the excitement this Christmas with a ride on sports car! The holiday season is fast approaching, and there’s no better way to gift your little ones the thrill of a lifetime than with a kids electric car. Imagine the joy on their faces as they zip around the neighbourhood in their very own […]

The Best Garden Ride On Toys For Kids

When the sun bathes the garden in a warm glow, there is no greater joy than hearing your children’s laughter filling the air as they take part in outdoor play. There are some great options for your little ones to make the most of the outdoors, and among the array of outdoor toys, garden ride-on […]

Benefits of Ride On Cars for Toddlers and Children

Are you thinking of surprising your little one with a kids electric car, but want to know they’ll get more out of it than the initial squeal of excitement? Look no further! These pint-sized vehicles aren’t just adorable; they’re packed with benefits for toddlers and young children. From honing their motor skills to firing up […]

Green kids car for toddlers

What Are the Best Toys for Gross Motor Development?

You might not realise, but gross motor skills are central to how we lead our daily lives; from walking to the office to working out at the gym, our gross motor skills support us to move around. To effectively develop gross motor skills in children, it’s important to encourage free play and organise activities that […]