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  • Top 5 Benefits of Educational Toys for Kids

    If you have been around children, you must’ve noticed that they are very curious about the world around them. Children love to explore, ask questions and learn new things about their surroundings.

    Kids are inquisitive creatures and that is a good thing. And while it might seem to you that your child is having fun while playing (and looking adorable while at it!), playtime is actually a lot more than fun and games.

    According to research, playtime provides children an unprecedented opportunity to learn new things, develop problem-solving skills, and exercise creativity. Playing also fosters a sense of autonomy in children and makes them self-reliant. It helps children develop and hone their communication skills.

    So what can parents and caretakers do to ensure that their little ones are having a productive (and super fun) playtime? One of the ways you can help your baby grow and understand the world around them is by getting them educational toys.

    Educational toys are specially designed to stimulate learning in children. Most educational toys either help your child develop a particular skill or enhance their knowledge about a particular subject. For instance, educational games such as puzzles are great for helping your child develop problem-solving skills while outdoor toys such as kids ride on cars can help kids develop and enhance their coordination and motor skills.

    Educational toys have countless advantages to offer. If you’re wondering what educational toys can do for your child, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will be discussing the top 5 benefits of educational toys for kids.

    So, here are 5 things educational toys can do for your child:

    • Boost Their IQ

    Children are eager to learn and encouraging them with the right kind of toy can do a lot. Educational toys such as storybooks can increase your child’s literacy and teach them new things. Other toys such as electric ride on cars and foot to floor ride on toys can improve their hand-eye coordination, build their motor skills and teach them how to navigate. Puzzles and think-games (another class of educational toys) can enhance a child’s memorization and identification skills.

    When your little one picks up on all these skills, their overall intelligence quotient or IQ level is going to rise. The best part is that educational toys are designed to be exciting and fun, so this detailed learning process happens organically during playtime.

    • Develop Their Senses

    There are many different educational toys out there and some of them are specifically designed to help your baby develop their core senses such as the sense of touch, sight and hearing. Bright and colourful toys, for instance, are ideal for toddlers because they help enhance their sense of sight.

    On the other hand, toys that provide tactile stimuli such as texture books and scrapbooks are a great way to introduce children to different materials. Then, there are toys that produce different sound effects and target your child’s sense of hearing.

    According to research, young children learn best through experiencing things firsthand. So, if you want to explain to your baby what ‘soft’ means, do not explain it to them using words. Simply, dig out that cuddly soft toy, make them touch it and they’d pick up on it.

    Educational toys are all about children experiencing things firsthand and learning through their experiences. That’s why they work best if you’re trying to teach your young one something.

    • Enhance Their Problem-Solving Skills

    Most educational toys including puzzles shut the box games and even kids electric cars are designed to challenge children. Puzzles, for instance, teach your child how to follow a step-by-step sequence to find solutions to a particular problem.

    Similarly, games such as shut the box, require basic mathematical skills to solve a problem. Toys such as kids electric cars take the problem-solving game outdoors! When in a ride on toy, a child gets a chance to explore and solve problems that arise during the ride e-g bumpy tracks.

    • Get Their Creative Juices Flowing

    Imaginative play, also called ‘'make-believe play’  fosters creativity in children - and educational toys make imaginative play possible by giving children a chance to exercise their creativity and make playtime plotlines.

    Educational toys also allow children to experiment and explore the world around them. When your baby gets a chance to build new things and indulge in creative design, not only are they learning new things but also using their creative skills to make playtime fun!

    • Improve Their Focus and Concentration

    Children generally have short attention spans. That’s why they lose interest and move on so quickly. You must have noticed your child toy around during study sessions. It's not like your child doesn’t want to learn, they are just lacking the right kind of motivation.

    Fun educational toys such as electric ride on cars are designed to engage children in a productive and wholesome manner. They make playtime exciting and retain the interest of children, improving their focus and concentration during play sessions. So, if you want to motivate your child to improve their attention span, getting them an educational toy is a brilliant idea.

  • Best Foot to Floor Ride on Toys for Your Toddler 2020

    Children love foot to floor ride on toys. Foot to floor ride ons offer curious toddlers a chance to explore their surroundings in a fun way and develop a sense of independence and self-confidence.

    Benefits of Foot to Floor Ride On Toys

    Foot to floor ride on toys have a long list of amazing benefits to offer. When your child gets in their gorgeous foot to floor ride on and goes on another thrilling adventure, they are learning a lot of new things about their environment.

    Foot to floor ride on cars do not only improve your child’s coordination skills and enhance their spatial intelligence, they are also pedal powered which means that your little one is exercising without even realising it!  Since they need to be propelled forward by feet, foot to floor ride on toys also strengthen your toddler’s leg and arm muscles.

    Top 3 Foot to Floor Ride On Cars

    Ride on toys are available in all models, designs, and sizes. With so many options on the shelf, choosing the right ride on for your toddler can get a bit overwhelming.

    We understand that so we have compiled a list of toy recommendations for you. These foot to floor ride-on cars can offer an exhilarating and safe experience for toddlers of all ages:

    mercedes kids car

    • Mercedes Foot to Floor Car

    Recommended age: 18 - 36 months

    Mercedes AMG foot to floor ride on  car is a detailed push-along toy for active toddlers who love adventure and exploration.

    The sleek ride on car resembles the original G63 AMG jeep series by Mercedes. It is a licensed Mercedes ride on toy made out of durable and high-quality plastic.

    Mercedes AMG foot to floor ride on car is available in three exciting colours; electric blue, glossy black and elegant white.

    ferrari foot to floor

    • Ferrari Foot to Floor Ride On Car

    Recommended age: 18 months and above

    Ferrari foot to floor ride on car  is the best present for toddlers aged 3 + years. This Ferrari licensed car, made out of safe and quality plastic is great if you are looking for a toy for outdoors.

    Ferrari foot to floor ride on car was designed keeping in mind children’s exercise requirements. It features a steering wheel and must be pushed along by foot by the little driver.

    One of the best things about this ride on toy is the keen attention to detail involved in model design. It boasts the official Ferrari logo on the hood and realistic details like plastic headlights. Ferrari foot to floor ride on car is available in warm yellow  and booming red.

    Porsche foot to floor ride on car

    • Porsche Foot to Floor Ride On Car

    Recommended age: 24 months and above

    A ride on our red Porsche is an absolute delight for most toddlers. The licensed car, featuring official Porsche insignia on the hood, is popular amongst children because it is a simple ride on car that can be easily maneuvered using steering wheel and foot power.

    The one-seater Porsche has a bold exterior manufactured from safe and durable plastic. It also features high-quality plastic wheels that do not wear out easily. The car has added highlights like replica front and rear headlights that look real.

    Porsche foot to floor is a push-along toy which means that your little one will be getting enough exercise (and fun!) during playtime. Mini-luxury Porsche ride on car is a fun and affordable present for toddlers. It is available in pastel white  and booming red colours.


  • The Undeniable Urgency of Outdoor Play for Children

    Within the childhood education and development fields, the principle that free play is one of the best methods whereby children learn and develop is widely accepted. Free play occurs most spontaneously in outdoor settings where little adult supervision is required. It is important that children have the opportunity during the day to experience spontaneous play where they can utilize their creative potential and safely explore the world around them. During outdoor play, children have the freedom to yell and run, and they are encouraged be more enthusiastic and energetic. Outdoor play allows children to experience the world in which they live through sounds, textures, smells, and hands-on interaction. Research indicates that playing outdoors can enhance both the psychological and emotional well-being of children.

    Children reap many benefits from outdoor play. Not only do they expend energy and exercise their bodies, but they also learn, grow and develop through outdoor play. Outdoor play is essential to motor skill development in children. During outdoor play children practice physical skills such as running and climbing. While adults often have to remind children of the hazards of certain actions, it is often the case that children will have to learn through mistakes. Children learn risk management while participating in various types of outdoor activities. With practice, the child can learn to master the skill and experience the satisfaction of overcoming a previously difficult task.

    The Evidence of BENEFITS

    According to pediatric occupational therapist Angela Hanscom, schools are feeling pressure to limit free play to comply with growing demands for academic readiness that is expected by the time kids enter kindergarten. According to experts, this may be leading to an increase in social and sensory issues.

    "If children were given ample opportunities to play outdoors every day with peers, there would be no need for specialized exercises or meditation techniques for the youngest of our society. They would simply develop these skills through play. That's it."

    Hanscom says parents are obsessed with wanting to give her children an edge before they even enter formal schooling. Academic success becomes the focus, even at the expense of social development which can result in trouble controlling emotions, anxiety and sensory issues, and trouble with solitary play. Consequently, even when children test above average in regard to academic skills, they may be missing out on important life skills and basic social skills like sharing and taking turns.

    "Let the adult-directed learning experiences come later. Preschool children need to play!"

    One 5th grade teacher, Robbi Giuliano, took a drastic step - eliminating traditional desk chairs completely - in order to improve focus and behaviour in his class.

    Instead, the kids sit on yoga balls. Why? The sitters work to stay balanced, the balls force students to use muscles and increase blood flow, making them more alert. The only rules: kids must always keep their bottoms on the balls and feet on the floor (they can bounce and bob to their heart's content).

    "[Sitting on the balls] made students better able to focus on lessons while improving their balance and core strength."

    According to John Kilbourne, professor at Grand Valley State University in Michigan, there is evidence that linking activity with education helps kids learn better. Methods from yoga balls to footrests to standing desks allow children to be active while learning, without disrupting the class.

    "It's the future of education," - John Kilbourne, Grand Valley State University.

    And according to Giuliano, it's working - one more piece of evidence in the case that keeping active really does help kids learn. Many teachers like Giuliano and paediatric occupational therapists like Angela Hanscom seem to agree that a lack of this type of active play does seem to stunt development in critical ways - without it, kids are missing out on learning important life skills and basic social skills - and it's important for all ages.

    The bottom line: what children need most is rapid vestibular (balance) input on a daily basis. In layman's terms, this means go upside down, spin in circles, and roll down hills. The activity does more than help them exercise, stay in shape, and learn to lead active lives; it also helps their brain development and encourages them to learn. You don't have to be a teacher or paediatric occupational therapist to see the immediate benefits.

    Encouraging more Outdoor Play

    If you've thought about this before but you're not sure on how to tackle the issue then you might begin by looking at your own garden. Is it a fun place for your children to spend time? It's likely that there are improvements that could be made to attract them to spend more time playing outdoors. Would such improvements involve you spending a lot of money? Not necessarily. Children have such vivid imaginations that even the simplest toys, games and objects can provide them with hours of fun.

    There are plenty of stores that do sell games and toys that are suitable for outdoor use. There are even some real bargains to be found online. Take advantage of this to create an outdoor space that is an exciting place for your children to play in. By ensuring that you have active kids you can help them to stay healthy.

    A great option would be to invest in electric toy cars for kids which are fun yet very safe. They provide an incentive for adventurous kids to move into the outdoors more often. So it might help to check them out!

  • Top 5 Electric Toy Cars for Kids [2020 Edition]

    Here’s a simple truth: kids adore electric toy cars and ride on vehicles of all sorts. Electric ride-on cars are fun but they also have a long list of educational benefits to offer - and that’s why parents love them too!

    Besides, there’s just something contagious about your child’s smile when they buckle up and head off to another outdoor adventure on their electric toy car.

    Electric toy cars have become popular outdoor toys for kids - and for a very good reason; they inculcate a sense of autonomy in children, nurture their creativity, boost their confidence levels and help them learn new things about their surroundings.

    There is a catch though! Picking the perfect ride on car for kids can be challenging for parents. That’s completely understandable. With so many vehicle types, makes and models available in the market, the process of choosing a cool electric car for your kid can become a little overwhelming.

    That’s exactly why we compiled our 2020 list of top 5 electric toy cars for kids. Read on to find out which electric ride on cars are worth investing in:

    12v White Licensed Bentley EXP12 Concept Ride on Car with Parental Remote Control

    1) Bentley Ride on Car [12 v]

    Based on the original Bentley Concept Car, Bentley EXP 12 ride on car  is great for sports car enthusiasts aged 3-5. This 12-volt battery-powered toy car has two 30-watt motors and can achieve the maximum speed of 3-4 km/h.

    Features such as a forward and reverse gear lever, foot accelerator, and a functional steering wheel make it super easy for young children to steer the car around and navigate on their own. There is also a 2.4 G parental remote-control system installed in the car, which means that you can easily supervise your baby from 20-30 meters away. A functional seat belt makes the ride on toy very safe for young children.

    Bentley Ride on Car also comes with life-like features such as realistic sound effects, working lights, latched doors and realistic alloy wheels. A glossy white paint finish adds to the grace of this elegant ride on toy.

    Ride on cars

    2) BMW Kids Electric Car [12 v]

    BMW GT 6 Series Coupe ride on car  is an absolute beauty. The 12-volt battery car can achieve a safe speed of 3 km/h because it has two powerful 18 W motors to power it.  Complete with a push start button, BMW ride on car is the perfect gift for little drivers aged 3-5.

    BMW kids electric car features a sturdy exterior with a glossy black finish. One of the best things about this ride on toy is the sheer attention-to-detail involved in designing it. The car has realistic features such as functional headlights, LED lights, opening doors, and various sound effects. It also has an MP3 and USB port.

    BMW ride on car is also a safe ride for young children because it comes with a state-of-the-art parental remote-control system. It also comes with add on security features such as a seat belt.

    kids ride on cars

    3) Mercedes Ride On Car [12 v]

    Mercedes Ride on Car  is a stunning licensed replica of Mercedes G63 AMG SUV. Suitable for children aged 3-5, this life-like jeep has a 12 v battery and can achieve a max speed of 3 km/h. The jeep is powered by two 20 w motors.

    Not only would your child fall in love with this majestic jeep, but they would also find it very easy to steer it around and drive over a wide variety of terrains. The jeep also has a convenient push start button and soft-start function. Mercedes ride on car also has several functional features like opening doors, working LED lights and an embedded music player.

    Mercedes ride on car was designed to be sturdy and safe. It features foolproof security features like the latest 2.4G parental remote-control system through which you can easily supervise your child and keep them out of danger during playtime. The jeep has a seat belt for reinforced safety.

    Red lamborghini

    4) Lamborghini Ride On Car [12 v]

    Lamborghini Aventador SVJ ride on car  was tailor-made for children who love a pop of color. Boasting a sleek and stylish exterior with a glossy red finish, this electric ride on the car was designed especially for children who love color, adventure and outdoor exploration.

    Complete with a 24 v rechargeable battery and two high power (45 W!) motors, this one-seater car can achieve a max speed of 6 km/h. It is an awesome ride on toy for children aged between 2-5.  The car comes with several enthralling features like working lights, realistic sound effects, horns, and a convenient push start button.

    Safety comes first, even with this sporty Lamborghini ride on car. The car has an in-built parental remote-control system, using which you can control the car and keep your baby safe. This feature is especially helpful with toddlers and very young children.


    5) Camo Quad Renegade Buggy [24 v]

    This list of kids cool electric cars would’ve been incomplete without a powerful 2-seater quad. Camo UTV Renegade Buggy  is an option for parents who are looking for 2-seaters electric ride on cars.

    Inspired from a real ATV, this UTV renegade buggy is for kids who love experimenting and exploring. It is a vehicle well-suited for rough terrain such as grass due to its genuine EVA rubber tyres and shock-absorbing springs. The buggy has a 24 v battery and two powerful 200 W motors.

    The exterior is glossy black with eye-catching red and grey detailing and the vehicle exudes power, strength, and prestige. It also boasts a UTV logo on the side doors. In-built features include an accelerator pedal, a convenient steering wheel, an MP4 player, a TV screen, voltage display, USB & MP3 ports (everything your little ones can possibly need to enjoy their trip!)

    The UTV quad buggy also features two ergonomic leather seats, complete with seat belts. Its 2.4 G parental remote-control system allows parents to join in on the fun and supervise their children from afar (20-30 m) and make sure they are driving safely.

  • 5 Reasons You Should Get an Electric Toy Car for Your Kid

    If your child is pining over an electric ride on car, the best thing you can do is get them one. Electric toy cars for kids took the UK market by storm - and for a very good reason; from fostering creativity to nurturing a sense of independent play in children, there’s a lot an electric toy car can do for your kid.

    Granted kids electric cars generally bring huge smiles to children’s faces but when your kid gets into their cool electric car, there’s a lot more happening than them just ‘playing’ or ‘driving around’. They are learning to move about, explore and become more responsible.

    Electric toy cars for kids have a lot to offer and we cannot sum their benefits up in a day - but that doesn’t mean we will give up. Here are the top 5 reasons you should get an electric toy car for your kid:

    1) They Develop Your Child’s Motor Skills

    When your child takes that stunning car out for a spin, they are having fun, sure but they are also becoming more aware of their surroundings and learning the basics of navigation. Electric ride-on cars can help your child fully develop and tune their motor skills.

    Electric toy cars for kids are designed to look and work like real cars. That’s why they come with in-built features such as latched doors and steering wheels. When children drive these cars, they learn to use these features. By using a steering wheel, they can maneuver their car around and control it.

    That means a child has to figure out how to swerve to avoid that hurdle or to slow down on a rough terrain, which is a valuable learning experience. Electric ride on cars also help children understand the concept of space and that builds their spatial intelligence.

    2) They Encourage Outdoor Activity

    With tablets, phones and video gaming on the rise, kids these days seldom go out to play. Playing outdoors is a super important educational experience for children in developmental stages. They get physical activity, explore and learn new things about their surroundings.

    In addition to motivating children to go outdoors and play, ride on toys also make physical activity fun for children which is a huge plus. Foot to floor ride on toys  or peddle cars won’t move until a child uses his or her feet and they won’t turn until your child steers them. This strengthens your child’s leg and arm muscles.

    Even electric ride on cars for kids require leg and arm action. Your child might not realise it on a battery-powered toy but they are getting enough exercise. Children use their legs to accelerate and their arms to steer the vehicle around so they are still exercising!

    3) They Give Your Child a Sense of Autonomy

    It is extremely important for your child (especially if you have a toddler) to develop a sense of autonomy and independence. Babies are highly dependent on their parents, but toddlers are different; they are only beginning to explore the world on their own. Gifting them kids ride on car at this stage can be very beneficial.

    A kids ride on car can make your child more observant and self-reliant. When they take that stunning Audi out for a drive, they are learning how to tackle obstacles and deal with problems they encounter on the path in a proactive manner. Once a child overcomes an obstacle or successfully completes a challenging ride, they have a sense of accomplishment which is great for their self-esteem, confidence, and self-image.

    4) They Are Safe

    The best electric cars for kids offer a fun experience to your child without compromising on their safety. Safety should be your number one priority when you shop for a toy of any kind.

    Ride on toys are build out of durable material so they are super safe. In-built features such as parental remote-control system, seat belts, and locking doors act as a safety check for your child, effectively minimising any chances of accident or injury.

    Still, you need to take steps to ensure your child has a wholesome and productive playday. Make sure that your child fastens the seat belt and wears a helmet prior to going for a ride. Also, ensure that there is an adult around to supervise your child as they play with their ride on car.

    5) They Fuel Your Child’s Imagination 

    Children are very creative and imaginative. When you give them their very own vessel, there is no limit to their creativity. With electric ride on cars, children slip into this world of fantasy and make-believe where they create their own adventures.

    Whether they outrace the “Dad Bear” or run a make-believe farm errand, whether they rush someone into the emergency room or drive their friends around, electric ride on cars get your child’s creative juices flowing.

    Kid's electric cars inspire them to create make-believe situations, scenarios, and plotlines. This pretend-play might seem cute and silly to you but they actually play a crucial role in developing your child’s problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

    Looking for Kids Electric Cars?

    Ready to add fun and joy to your child’s life? Browse our extensive collection of kids ride on cars and pick the perfect present for your child now!

  • A Need for Balance Between Indoor Gaming and Outdoor Activities.

    As your kids grow up, they are discovering all kinds of new skills both physical and social. The playtime is intended to give your child a chance to practice new skills away from the influence of parents. When you think about it, you teach your children how to be polite and use the proper utensils when eating. Then within days, your child is having a tea party, teaching their teddy bear to say please and thank you, and how to drink properly from a cup. Through their imaginative play, your child is practicing the new skills they have learned. So, playtime for kids really provides them with a safe and indulgent way and a place to practice new skills that they are learning.

    Playtime is important for a child's development. But the bad news is that child development experts say that free playtime of children has been reducing over the past 3 decades.

    Indoor games and their effects.

    Today we see that many kids are staying indoors and playing video games or watching TV. Some of those children will do both at the same time. Their kids' attention span was very limited. Now, our society may be creating ADD/ADHD qualities in children because of these activities.

    It is time for parents to take some responsibility for their children's health and fitness levels. Now is the time to start enjoying the outdoors again. Start doing some of the activities that were done a couple of generations ago.

    But this surely does not mean that you ban kids from their everyday activities that include the use of electronic devices that, in the long, run harm their health. However, you can certainly find a way to balance the activities, so your child gets the best of both worlds.

    Outdoor activities and their benefits.

    We as a species, are biologically designed to be outdoors. But now, most people in society spend at least 80% of their time indoors. We need the sunlight to provide Vitamin D. We need fresh air. Being outdoors helps us concentrate better, balances our hormones, promotes weight loss, and resets our circadian rhythms. Connecting with the rhythms of nature help us to de-stress and rejuvenate. So let us take a look at a few other benefits for kids and outdoor activities.

    1) According to a 2009 study, children who spend more time in the playground behave better than those who do not.

    2) According to research published in the Early Childhood Education Journal in 2007, both free play and adult-guided play teaches a child to be more aware of other people's feelings. It also helps regulate their own emotions.

    3) Playing makes a child active and an active child grows into an active adult, thus reducing the risk of heart diseases and other ailments emerging from a sedentary lifestyle.

    4)Games have a great impact on sensory perception at a number of different levels. It also contributes a lot to social development. Games help children develop both fine and gross motor skills.

    5) Physical activity boosts physical development. Different plays help promote different skills. For instance, skipping takes balance, sports activity involves coordination, climbing monkey bars build strength. The dexterity your child develops overplay carries on to his/ her everyday life.

    6) Play also help children work through stress and crankiness. In fact, lack of adequate play can make your child grumpy and tense.

    7) Last, but not the least, games promote family fun and togetherness. Children love it and reciprocate when parents interact with them and play with them.

    Finding the balance.

    -Making your child adapt

    if your child winces from the idea of playing with the school playground equipment, find the cause and try to provide him with a replacement that he enjoys. A replacement like electric cars for kids but if you introduce a new activity, make sure that you help your kids adapt to it gently not forcefully. Do not take away their gaming devices; making kids do things by force only provokes them. That may cause them to become more rebellious.

    -Learn about Your Child

    Regardless of how well you think you know your child, there is always something) that your child keeps from you. There are few parents who develop a strong bond with their children and, so, know more about their children's lives. But not everybody enjoys the same bond. It is necessary to learn what sort of things your child likes to do.

    -Form a schedule

    After you have learned about what your children would like to do when they are not burning their eyes in front of a screen, make sure that you do everything in your power to find the time for their activities. Community playgrounds and outdoor playground equipment are a great way to engage kids with outdoor activities. However, kids do not appreciate the same kind of jading playground equipment. So try something new.

    The role of parents.

    Finding a balance can be an excruciating task, especially with children who are set in their ways. But you have to find that equilibrium if you want your child to spend a healthy, proactive life. Use the above-mentioned ways to make your child's life more active and productive.

    Give your child the liberty to decide what to play and how to play but within the limits of safety. This helps to build up his power of judgment and you get an idea of what delights him the most. Join your child's play but only when you are invited. The attention you show to your child during playtime in important in building his self-esteem. Both indoor and outdoor games have equal contribution to the child's development.

    To encourage more outdoor activities, check these cool kids electric cars.

  • 5 Tips on How to Maintain Your Kids Electric Car

    Beep Beep!

    Our exclusive guide on how to properly maintain your kid’s electric car is here. Today, we are discussing 5 ways you can make your children’s ride-on toy last longer. Buckle up and enjoy the read!

    Let’s face it; children simply love electric ride on cars and they cannot get enough of them. Electric ride-on cars are more than just toys; they’re portals to a make-believe world full of fun, smiles, and adventure.

    Kid's electric cars are designed to be safe and durable. But that doesn’t mean that wear and tear do not take its toll on them. Sleek and sturdy as your kids electric car is, you still need to maintain it and store it properly if you want it in good shape.

    Here are 5 easy tips on how to maintain your kids electric car:

    1) Go Through the Instruction Manual

    Say, your child has settled for the perfect electric ride on car. It’s sleek and elegant with a glossy paint coat but what next? We bet your child wants to just climb inside and take it for a spin but STOP.

    Before you begin assembling the car or your child takes it for a ride, it is important for you to educate yourself on kids ride-on cars.

    Always start by reading the instruction manual that comes with the toy package. That way, you can understand how to set your toy up and use it safely. Once you have understood the do’s and donts, explain them to your little one in simple terms.

    Tell your child how the car works and set some basic rules for its usage. The point is to make your child feel like they are equal parties in the car adventure.

    2) Wheel Maintenance is Crucial

    Begin your routine maintenance check with the wheels. Inspect the wheels and check for signs of wear and tear. With all kids ride on cars, wheels are the first part to get damaged.

    Wheels are designed to withstand pressure but most electric ride on cars should be driven on smooth surfaces. Wheel damage occurs when children drive on rough terrain, in high grass or wet ground.

    To make sure that your kids continue enjoying comfortable and safe rides on their new electric car, check the condition of the wheels and oil them on a regular basis. Ensure that the vehicle is balanced and the tyres are in prime condition. If they aren’t, don’t take any risks and replace them with new ones.

    Cleaning rims and wheels routinely prevents dust, dirt, and rust from accumulating on them. In order to clean the wheel rims, dip a damp cloth in water and wipe them gently until all stains disappear.

    3) Take Care of the Battery

    When it comes to kids’ electric cars, batteries are the one component you should be extra careful with. Most electric ride on cars are battery-powered, so if the battery stops working so does the toy car - and that means tears and tantrums.

    So how do you make your batteries last longer? It’s not that difficult. All you have to do is follow a few simple guidelines and stick to the exact battery charging time. Undercharging or overcharging can damage your car batteries and shorten their lives, so avoid doing that.

    In case you have to replace your car batteries with new ones, make sure you are picking batteries that are compatible with your toy car. If your electric ride on car is not going to be in use for a long time, unplug the batteries before stowing it away to avoid battery corrosion.

    4) Clean the Car Regularly

    Clean the car regularly - or better yet teach your children to clean it with a damp cloth after every drive. That way, you can teach your children how to responsibly care for their belongings.

    You can set up a cleaning cabinet, stock it up with all the necessary supplies and show your child how to properly wipe their new electric ride on toy clean. Establishing a post-playtime car cleaning routine is also a great idea.

    Also, tell your child that if they want their new car to look stunning and new, they should avoid scratching its body at any cost. Scratches can cause the body paint to peel. Also, avoid putting any stickers on the car since they can also damage its paint coat.

    5) Store it Properly

    Storing your electric ride on car properly is important if you want it in good shape. When your kids' electric car is not in use, cover it with a canvas or a sheet to prevent dust from settling on it.

    You should store your kids electric car indoors, especially during wet weather. Identify an appropriate storage space in your house. Make sure it is big enough to move your car in or out safely.


    Good Luck!


  • Investing time in your Child’s Character Building

    A child’s character building begins at an early stage in their lives. It is a common belief that the most impressionable age is during their kindergarten years. Learning character traits in such an impressionable age can lead to lifelong effects. These traits are dependent upon the child’s living environment. Hence, it is of the utmost importance as a parent to provide safe, secure and generally peace inducing environments at home. For children, learning about character can be as simple as remembering a rhyme or a poem. It can also be done through songs, games, and activities whether in school or at home.

    The Golden Phase

    This golden phase of children is vital in deciding who they become when they grow up. The research surrounding the golden age in children, clearly states that from ages 0-6 children can pick up and absorb tremendous amounts of information. The same researches also claim that children usually pick up and develop language during these years as well. This can continue up to the age of 13. That is why it necessary to provide children with a relatively easy language to communicate. Doing so helps them to grow physically, intellectually and emotionally. Easier communication language also means a child can interact easily with others.

    Usually, the child starts to pick up thins from their parents or those near to him by imitating his or her acts. For children to grow more, they need more knowledge. Instinctively, children have an urge to check out or be curious about everything in their surroundings. They will not cease to question everything and anything bluntly. It may vary from things that might interest them or those which they want to steer clear of. Usually, environments that are unhealthy to growth might start to pass on their negativity onto the impressionable children. That is also why children’s character building during their early childhood is needed.

    The Two Domains

    Early childhood education might involve character building in two different aspects. It may involve an area that covers morality and the other which covers emotions and social life. The moral domain usually deals with decision making revolving around good and evil. Or good or bad behavior in the same context as well. It deals with honesty, politeness, respectfulness, and responsibility. The other aspect regarding social and emotional character-building education is related to handling social and cultural norms mainly. Teaching tolerance, values, and expressing your emotions in a healthy manner is also part of this domain of development

    It might seem too much to deal with at a young age, but it isn’t that complicated when you are in the know about what to do. Here are some ways you can build your child’s character.

    1. Love

    Children often understand the affectionate and fun part of love, but do they really know what loving someone really means? They struggle with the aspect of sacrifice and compromise for loved ones. Teach your children the letting go part of loving someone. Teach them to let others go first when enjoying or having fun at home, school or at an amusement park.

    1. Kindness

    Instilling kindness may seem hard at first, but the key is to teach your children to be compassionate. If you want your kid to be kind to others, make him or she realize that to look around at others and make them see things from their perspective. That what would they do in that persons’ shoes, how life would be. It can be as easy as asking them to look on a playground or in a class to see who is sitting alone, left out or Is seeming without friends. Ask them to join in with you and your friends. Such gestures can help the child wrap their heads around caring and showing kindness to others. Tell them to share their toys with other kids ranging from jigsaw puzzles to kids electric car rides.

    1. Patience

    Teaching your child to be patient while seemingly things are not going as they expect is no easy task to accomplish. It gets only gets easier with age but the younger the child is, the harder it is to convince them to wait in line for a ride at the park without complaining or losing interest altogether. It is important that you teach your child to be resilient and persistent in the challenges that they may encounter. Such as a tough math problem or irritating homework. Give them encouragement to pull through. As far as waiting is concerned you can try to distract your child long enough through games or mental teasers. Another way for the usual adventurous kid would be to have him or her use a kids balance bike.

    1. Self-Control

    Self-control is an overlapping trait that has some common ground with patience. It is one of the more mature traits your child can possess and hone. Exercising self-control early on in life is advantageous as later in life, self-control may lead to success in relations and in life. A simple exercise may help in the development of self-control in your child. Which goes along the lines of having them count to a certain number before responding to a question or something which induces rage or excitement. You may think that taking away their toys such as kids electric car with remote might help discipline them but it actually detrimental to self-control

    So here were some key trait which can help nurture and guide a child in the right and proper direction. Adapting to life’s different swerves is key and all these traits will most certainly help kids later in their lives with almost any challenge that they may face.


  • Jingle Bells Special: Kids Electric Cars Are All The Rage This Christmas

    Christmas is just around the corner and we can already hear the jingle bells. Christmas is a very special occasion for children who wait around the year for the festivities, rituals and perhaps, most importantly, the presents Santa brings for them.

    This holiday season Santa seems to have new gift ideas and that’s why kids electric cars are all the rage this Christmas. That’s because kids electric cars make perfect presents for toddlers and children of all ages; they’re exciting, they’re fun and they have multiple developmental benefits for children.

    So this Christmas if you are looking for a fun and thoughtful present that would make playtime productive, you should definitely consider an electric toy car for kids. Here’s why:

     1) Electric Ride On Cars Build Your Child’s Motor Skills

    Electric ride-on cars can help your child tune and develop their motor skills and improve their spatial intelligence. Learning how to drive a ride on a car is an enriching and educational experience in and of itself.

    The best electric ride on cars are built to resemble an original vehicle. When children interact with toy cars, they familiarise themselves with the basics of driving and learn how to handle a vehicle. Learning how to use the steering wheel or a joystick to maneuver their vehicle around and avoid hurdles is an invaluable experience for a child.

    Spatial intelligence is a child’s ability to understand three-dimensional space and the objects contained within it. When a child learns how to control an electric ride on car, they develop a concrete understanding of the space around them. When a child turns the steering wheel to avoid hitting an obstacle, they are demonstrating spatial intelligence.

    Some ride-on cars also come with inbuilt moveable features and accessories like compartments and carriage doors that can be opened and closed. Children do not only enjoy this attention to detail but also learn because of it.

     2) Kids Electric Cars Encourage Outdoor Activity

    A lot has been written about the importance of outdoor physical activity for children. It is truly alarming that nowadays most children lead a sedentary lifestyle.

    If your children spend most of their time indoors, do not worry. Children are impressionable and it takes only the right kind of motivation to help them form healthy habits - and what can serve as a better form of motivation than kids electric cars?

    Electric cars are meant to be driven outdoors and they motivate children to enjoy outdoor exercise. There is also a significant amount of physical activity involved in handling a ride-on toy. Driving a ride on a toy requires leg muscle dexterity and steering it around requires arm muscle strength.

     3) Electric Toy Cars for Kids Help Children Explore

    Children have an innate sense of curiosity and one thing they absolutely love is exploring the world. Electric toy cars provide kids an opportunity to interact with their environment and explore it.

    When children use a ride-on toy, they realize that they are mobile and they can move around. Cars also enable children to cover more space and explore better. Ride-on toys also make children more aware of their surroundings. For instance, a child learns that a paved path offers a smooth drive while lawns mean a bumpy drive.

    Think of it this way: if you gift a child an electric toy car, you are not just gifting them a toy to play with but also a quest for adventure and discovery.

     4) Electric Ride On Cars Encourage Independent Play

    It is very important to foster a sense of independence in children and electric ride-on toys do that by offering kids a chance to take charge and make decisions.

    Going outdoors in electric ride-on cars also nurtures a sense of confidence in children and makes them more self-reliant, which is especially important for toddlers who are just beginning to explore the world on their own.

    Not only is an electric ride on car a fun Christmas present, but it also presents kids with a chance to tackle the obstacle. Dealing with challenges like a bumpy ride also reinforces children’s confidence and boosts their self-esteem.

     5) Ride In Electric Cars for Kids Spur Creativity

    All parents would nod in agreement when we say that children love make-believe adventures. But do you know that make-believe is essential for creativity and imagination?

    When kids get in a ride in electric cars, they weave stories and engage in make-believe play which makes them think critically and builds their problem-solving skills.

     Wondering Where Santa Buys Kids Electric Cars?

    From prestigious Audi ride-on cars to kids ford rangers, we have got them all! Browse our extensive collection of safe and durable kids electric cars, electric quads, scooters, balance bikes and other rides on toys on Electric Ride On Cars.

     Merry Christmas!

  • How online gaming affects kids

    We're proud of the fact that our electric ride-on cars get kids outside and active, and away from sitting in front of a screen for hours on end.

    Concerns about children's consumption of screen-based media are nothing new, but there are more ways than ever for kids to slip into a sedentary lifestyle.

    Back just a generation ago, most households would have had a family TV and possibly not much else.

    Nowadays, kids are more likely to have their own TV in their bedroom, a computer, laptop or tablet, a smartphone, and perhaps also a portable DVD player for the car.

    It's changing the way kids play, and the amount of time children spend on online gaming, videogame consoles and smartphone gaming apps.

    How long do we spend on computer games in the UK?

    According to the Limelight Networks State of Online Gaming report published last year, people worldwide spend an average of just under six hours a week on computer games.

    In the UK this figure increases to 7.15 hours, more than any of the other countries surveyed, which were France, Germany, Japan, South Korea and the US.

    The survey only asked over-18s, but there was a direct link between younger age groups and more time spent gaming in this way.

    So, it's only likely that the current generation of children will spend even more time than that playing digital games.

    How does this affect kids?

    There are direct privacy and social risks to children who spend all their free time on computer games.

    It's a mixed picture - for example, researchers at the University of Oxford Department of Computer Science found that children are good at using fake names to protect their identity, but not so aware of how their online activity can be tracked and targeted for in-game promotions.

    A study published this year by the University of Glasgow also found that autistic children were able to form relatively good friendships while playing Minecraft online; however, those with mental health challenges were less able to do so.

    Getting out

    While present-day children are part of a digital generation for whom screens will form an integral part of their life journey, we think it's still important to play, be active and get some fresh air.

    That's why we're proud to see children enjoying our electric ride-on cars, which give a valuable first taste of another of life's important skills: driving.

    If your child has shown an interest in driving simulators or car racing games, or you just want them to put down their smartphone or tablet and go outside instead, an electric ride-on car could be the solution you need.


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