Mini Cooper Ride on Cars

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Kids Mini Cooper Electric Ride on Cars

The Mini Cooper is one of the UK’s favourite cars. Now your kids can discover the thrill of driving their very own electric ride on Mini Cooper. The fully licensed Mini Cooper kids car comes in a range of colours, with all the features you could possibly need, like leather seats, working lights and a remote control. Your child will love driving around in their new Mini Cooper ride on car.

Are ride on cars safe?

Ride on cars for kids are a great fun and safe way for your kids to play. The Mini ride on car has a max speed of just 3km/h, enough to give your kids a sense of freedom and excitement but not so much you’d be worried about their safety. Plus, the cars come complete with a remote control, allowing you to stay in complete control of their movements and speed. It couldn’t be safer. While this is the case we’d still advise that all car should be used under the supervision of an adult and that helmets and pads are worn.

What ages are these ride on cars suitable for?

The officially licensed Mini Cooper kids cars are perfect for young children. We’d advise that these kids electric cars are not suitable for kids under 2 and they are best aimed at kids between the ages of 2-6.

Where can Mini ride on cars be used?

Electric Mini Cooper ride on cars are best used in safe, flat areas. A driveway or private garden are the ideal locations for these Mini ride on cars, although they’d also work indoors if you’ve got enough space. For safety reasons, please do not use them on an actual road and avoid any areas with traffic.