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Teach your little ones how to balance with a kids balance bike. Not only are lightweight bicycles great fun for kids, but they also provide a simple solution to keeping healthy and active. A bike is a must-have for every child. So why not start your little one on a balance bike to make it easier for them to move on to a kids bike when they're ready?

Benefits of kids balance bikes

There are plenty of benefits to balance bikes - not just for kids, but for parents, too! These include:

Development of gross motor skills

Balance bikes allow children to work on their gross motor skills. As they figure out how to manoeuvre the bike, their brains develop to help them use these skills again in the future.

Building strength and coordination

Balance bikes encourage kids to get their legs and arms moving. Cycling mainly uses the legs but also incorporates upper-body muscles and helps them gain strength and power.


Thanks to the compact and lightweight frame, your little one's balance bike can be easily transported and stored. Trips to the park and family days out are much easier with a quality balance bike from Electric Ride On Cars.

No more stabilisers

By starting your little one on a balance bike, the hard work of learning to ride a bike is complete! Balancing is often the main struggle, so once they have mastered this, they'll be ready to move on to a regular kid's bicycle without stabilisers. For more information on the benefits, discover our guide - the benefits of balance bikes.

What are the features of balance bikes for kids?


Kids balance bikes are lightweight, making them easy to push along. And when your child decides they've had enough for the day, you can easily carry their lightweight balance bike.

Wide tyres

Balance bikes are designed with wide tyres to make balancing much easier. They provide stability, comfort and control whilst on the move.

Easy to use

Without pedals, balance bikes are easy to use. Simply adjust the seat to a suitable height for your child, and they'll be on their way. Your toddler will learn how to balance with their new balance bike and be ready for a regular bicycle for kids before you know it.

Low frame and adjustable seat

The adjustable seat featured in kids' balance bikes means you can find the perfect seat height for your child. The low, durable frame is designed for your child's feet to easily reach the ground for stopping.

Variety of colours and styles

At Electric Ride On Cars, you'll be sure to find the best balance bike for your toddler. From a selection of colours to various styles like Frozen, Disney Princess and Spiderman, there's something to suit every child.

FAQs about balance bikes for kids

What is the best age for a balance bike?

Two years old is the perfect age to start a toddler's cycling journey. Introducing them to two wheels at this age sets them up nicely for riding independently. Balance bikes from Electric Ride On Cars are perfect for children between the ages of 2 and 5.

What size bike is right for my child?

When choosing the best bike for your child, you'll need to consider a few factors, including height and inseam. For a deeper insight into choosing the right bike for your child, take a look at our guide on how to measure a kids bike.

Do balance bikes help children walk?

A balance bike is a great gift for a child learning to walk. Balance bikes help to develop fine motor skills and confidence. So, incorporating a balance bike into your child's life won't just build their confidence on two wheels but also on their own two feet!

Are balance bikes better than a tricycle?

If you're stuck between choosing a balance bike or a tricycle for your toddler, age is likely the biggest determining factor. A balance bike is perfect for younger children who are learning to walk. Once they've mastered balancing and are ready to coordinate pedals, they can move onto a tricycle or regular kids bike.

Discover our range of kids balance bikes

Electric Ride On Cars has a great selection of kids balance bikes for every toddler wanting to build confidence on two wheels. Or why not take a look at our collection of ride on cars, kids electric scooters, kids electric motorbikes & dirt bikes for kids for more fun ways to get kids out and about? We have a wide selection of kids electric cars, so why not take a look and find your little one's next favourite toy?