Kids' Electric Ride On Car Covers

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Just like anything else you value, your kids' ride on car needs protection from the elements. If you've bought your kid a snazzy Porsche or Bentley ride on car, you definitely want to keep it protected when left outside for a short amount of time or in the shed/garage for long periods. So what’s the best way to protect your kids' wheels? By investing in a showerproof electric ride on car cover. Thanks to the protection of a cover, your kid's electric car will last longer.

What is an electric ride on car cover?

Out of all the electric ride on car accessories, the rainproof cover is one of the most popular for little speedsters. An electric ride on car cover is designed to keep your child's ride on car protected when not in use. Our own-brand cover is made from showerproof material and comes with an adjustable cord around the bottom edge. Not only does this cord prevent rain from touching any of the car's surfaces, but it also ensures that the cover is packed tightly enough to be wind-proof. Although adjustable, it's important to get the right size. Our showerproof cover for ride on cars comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large. These three cover sizes from our range can fit any of our electric ride on cars. Whether your little one has a small ride on car, like an Audi TT or a bigger model such as a toddler Range Rover ride on car, you can pick the right size to suit small, medium, or large toys.

Why use an electric ride on car cover?

Ride on cars are great fun, but only if they're kept in good condition. A waterproof cover is a perfect solution to keeping your child's car as good as new. Electric ride on cars aren't exactly big, but you shouldn't have to keep them in your home when not in use. Therefore, you're likely to keep it outside or in an outdoor storage space. However, leaving it out of your home means it's exposed to the elements. Specifically, light rain, dust, and debris. If you must leave the car outside, these weather covers also protect the electronic parts found within the car. Being open-top, you need something to prevent rainfall and any other rubbish from entering the car or else you might need to shop for spare parts for ride on cars if they become damaged. We wouldn't recommend leaving a ride on car outside for prolonged periods. A cover is not 100% water resistant and is, therefore, unsuitable for heavy rain. It's always best to store the car in a shed, garage, or another sheltered area. To keep the car in top condition, we'd recommend putting the cover on the car - even when sheltered - to prevent dust and debris from building up on the surface.

Ride on car covers at EROC

Electric Ride On Cars offers a variety of ride on car covers for small, medium, and large ride-on cars. So you can guarantee your little one will love taking care of their own vehicle. Be the envy of your street with the shiniest ride on car in the neighbourhood. The fun doesn’t stop there - your kids can really enjoy personalising their new wheels with number plates, stickers and decals for ride on cars, and other accessories on our site that they can use to upgrade a ride on car.


Can you store ride on cars in a shed?

The best place to store ride on cars (when not in use) would be indoors or in a garage, as long as it's adequately protected from the elements. Ride on cars are best suited to staying in consistent temperatures, as they do not deal with fluctuating weather conditions well.  Therefore, a garage with an insulated door would be the best option.

Should you keep a child ride on car inside during the winter?

If you've got space inside, you should definitely keep your child's ride on car indoors during the colder months. Like any electric car, cold weather could cause irreversible damage to ride on cars.