Electric Range Rover & Land Rover Ride on Cars

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Land Rover is an iconic car manufacturer, known for their 4x4 cars. You’ll find Range Rover kids cars and ride on Land Rovers perfect for kids who want to explore on an electric ride on car. The cars support music through MP3 compatibility as well as realistic car noises. There are small differences between different models of the ride on Range Rovers and the Land Rover kids cars, but each will make your kid feel like they’re really driving their own car.

Are ride on cars safe?

The Range Rover kids cars and electric Land Rover cars come with seat belts and parental controls, so you’ll always be able to make sure your kid stays safe. They have 3 different speed settings so you don’t have to worry about your kid losing control. We’d always recommend only allowing your children in their ride on Range Rover and Land Rovers under parental supervision.

What ages are these ride on cars suitable for?

The Range Rover and Land Rover ride on cars are designed for kids aged 2-5, but check each model’s product specifications for more detailed information.

Where can Land Rover and Range Rover ride on cars be used?

Land Rover and Range Rover are known for their SUVs and the electric ride on versions are no different. While we’d always recommend driving in a safe, flat area, like a garden, driveway or indoors, these kids ride on cars can cope with grass and rockier terrain. We’d always advise no driving them on actual roads.