Electric Ride On Car Batteries

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Replacement Batteries for Electric Ride on Cars

If your kid's ride-on car has stopped working as well as it once did, Electric Ride On Cars has got fresh replacement batteries in stock that'll get that car back in gear in no time. No need to panic-buy a new kids electric car just yet. It may just need a quality replacement battery to get your kids’ ride-on car back up and running!

Buying ride-on car batteries

The most important thing here is ensuring you purchase the correct replacement battery for your kids' ride-on car. Each vehicle comes with an existing battery with specific specs. Usually, you can look at the battery or check the user manual to determine which battery type it requires. For example, our Kids Mercedes G Wagon Electric Ride On Car requires a 12v 7ah Battery Replacement 6fm7 battery. Or we also stock the Replacement Battery For Ride on Car 6V 7AH 3FM7, which is suitable for a range of 6V ride on kids’ electric cars. But you’ll need to ensure the dimensions are suitable for the battery fitment in your specific model.  It's not only batteries that need replacing. It could be something else small, like replacement ride on car wing mirrors to help spruce up your kid’s ride or spare ride on car remotes to make sure nothing interrupts their play. 

Looking after your new replacement ride on car battery

When you get your new battery for your child’s electric ride on car, there are a few things to know about keeping it in tip-top shape. 
  • Keep the battery out of direct sunlight and high temperatures: It’s best to charge your electric ride-on cars in a shaded area like a garage. High heat can damage the toy battery. 
  • Unplug the battery when not in use for long durations: If you’re off on an extended holiday and know that your kids won't be using their electric car for a while, unplug the battery from the car to avoid corrosion.
  • Over over or undercharging: Unless your kids use their ride-on car every day, there is no need to keep the battery on 100% power. Let the battery run down, then charge it up before using it again. Over or undercharging can significantly reduce the ride-on car battery life. For guidance, stick to the exact battery charging times outlined in this guide - How Long Does It Take to Charge a Kid’s Electric Car? 
The great thing about batteries for ride on cars is that they last pretty long. Each will have its own running duration, so check what will work best for your kids.  Are they going on a 30-minute ride around the garden? Or off on a three-hour adventure with their friends? The voltage and size of the battery will determine how much time a single charge will take. If your little one spends hours on their ride on car, the battery is likely not the only thing needing a replacement. We also offer a range of spare ride on car parts to keep the car looking and working like new! It’s important to note the type of vehicle your kid has. A ride on car is different from a quad bike, so be sure to replace the correct battery.

FAQs about replacement batteries for electric ride on cars

How long do ride on vehicle batteries last?

This will depend on the size of the battery. Electric toy cars with a 6v battery can last up to 45 minutes fully charged. While with 12v and 24v electric toy cars, your little ones will have a bit more ride on time. 

Why do I need to replace the batteries for my kid's ride on car?

The battery in a ride-on car will eventually run out. This might be due to over or under-charging or exposing the battery to natural elements like rain or sunlight. However, properly caring for your batteries can make them last much longer.

Can I put a bigger battery in my child's ride on car?

No, we don't recommend this. The manufacturer provides guidelines and specifications for a reason. If you choose to change the battery size, you do so at your own risk. We provide detailed specifications on our product pages to help you find the right fit.