How Long Does It Take to Charge a Kid’s Electric Car?

Kids love ride on electric cars, and they’re a great toy for them to play with while growing up. Nothing is worse than run-down batteries and upset children. 

Knowing how long it can take to charge 6v, 12v or 24v kid’s electric cars correctly saves tantrums and keeps a smile on everybody’s face. 

Our Electric Ride On Cars guide covers everything you need to know about how to charge an electric toy car. 

How long does it take to charge a child’s 6v, 12v, or 24v electric ride on car?

One of the most common questions parents ask is how long it takes to charge electric cars for children. Whether you’re new to toy electric cars or have had one for a while, you may still be wondering what the answer is. 

The time it takes to charge fully will depend on which volt battery the toy car has. Each battery capacity is different and will affect how much power usage you get from electric cars. If you’re still unsure, check the vehicle’s instructions for more details.

How long to charge a 6v ride on battery

It will take up to 8 hours for your new 6v to be fully charged during the initial charge. Once you’ve run the battery down, it will take around approximately 6 hours to charge fully. The battery capacity is lower at 6 volts meaning it will charge quicker than others.

How long to charge a 12v ride on battery

With a medium-volt capacity, a 12-volt battery needs to charge for around 8 hours for its first charge. After this, you can expect it to take around 6 hours to reach total capacity. 

How long to charge a 24v ride on battery

As the largest of the three batteries, you’ll need to charge electric cars with a 24v for an average of 6 hours. It takes 8 hours to charge when new.

Can you use a 24v charger on a 12v battery?

Don’t plug in a 24v charger to a 12v battery. Doing this is dangerous and could cause permanent damage. Chargers for ride on toys have limits on the current and voltage within the charger. Plugging in a 24v charger to a 12v battery will damage them rather than recharge. 

Your power wheels should come with a suitable charger for the different voltages. Those seen most often are trickle and smart chargers. If you ever need to invest in a replacement, check the manufacturer guidance to make sure you buy the most appropriate option.

Can you overcharge a kid’s car battery?

Yes, you can. It’s essential to avoid overcharging as this lowers the battery life and running time. By using the correct regular charge time for your battery, you can ensure the run time of the vehicle. 

You should also avoid removing the battery to charge it. Check ride on toy electric cars regularly to make sure all parts are working. Make sure this includes checking the plug, components and power cord before charging. 

If you need a replacement battery, make sure you choose the right one for your ride on car. If you pick one with too much power, you could damage the vehicle and create a health and safety risk for your little one.

Is it safe to leave a car battery charger on overnight?

It’s best not to leave your car battery charger on overnight so remember to disconnect it. Charging a battery for more than 24 hours will not only reduce efficiency but cause damage or result in complete failure. Always check the manufacturer’s guidelines on how to charge and maintain the battery life.

How long does a fully charged power wheel battery last?

In most cases, the playtime you get from electric cars depends on the battery voltage, usage time, and average speed driven. If your little one uses the car for a long time at a higher speed, there will be a higher power usage, which will run down the battery. Driving electric cars over trickier terrains like grass or up slopes will use up more power as well.

It also depends on whether you have a 6v, 12v and 24v battery. High voltage batteries will typically last longer in electric cars. With continuous use, 6-volt batteries will last for up to an hour. 12-volt and 24-volt batteries have more voltage and usually run for between one and two hours. 

In 24v electric cars using two 12v batteries, your little one will have more ride time. The 24v motor can use power from both batteries, leading to longer battery life. 

How to extend the life of a child’s electric car battery

Improving the life of electric car batteries is relatively easy to do if you know the basic steps. Taking the time to protect the car battery may stop you from buying a new battery to replace it. 

Keep the right temperature

Trying to keep a toy car battery cooler reduces the chance of corrosion internally. Doing your best to keep the battery at a cooler temperature improves lifespan in the long run.

Avoid higher speeds

Driving at a more average speed reduces battery drain in electric cars. Encourage your little one to stick at a speed of between 2 and 3 mph. 

Don’t overcharge 

Even though an initial charge will take a longer time, subsequent charges won’t take as long. Only ever charge when you need to, and don’t disconnect the battery before it’s fully charged. It might be worth investing in a spare battery in case anything happens. 

Is it possible to boost the battery life of a kid’s ride on car?

Electric cars are a fantastic toy for kids. But you might want to improve the battery life to increase power usage. With the proper knowledge, you can modify and upgrade electric cars to add more power and boost the battery. 

Taking the time to maintain a ride on toy car may also improve battery capacity. Driving at lower speeds and regularly checking batteries, the plug, charger and other parts prevents any problems from developing. Sometimes the best thing to do is to buy a spare battery. 

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