Kids Electric Ride On Trucks

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12v Electric Ride On Cars With Remote Control

Volvo Kids Ride on Excavator 12V With Leather Seat and Parental Remote

From £339.99

12v Electric Ride On Cars With Remote Control

Kids Construction Truck 12V Electric Ride-on Vehicle

From £449.99

There’s nothing quite like cruising down the highway in a truck, and now your kids can replicate that joy themselves. A kids ride on truck can give your children hours of fun, and offer something completely different to our other kids' electric cars or ride on tractors. We have official Mercedes-Benz electric ride on kids trucks, plus a collection of ride on trucks inspired by Transformer’s very own Optimus Prime. There’s a trailer available too and a number of other features, like MP3 players, card readers and leather seats.

Are ride on trucks safe?

While all of our ride on cars are incredibly safe, our kids electric ride on trucks are some of our safest. With an enclosed cab and sturdy base, your kids will be incredibly safe. As with many of our other ride on toys, the ride on lorry for kids has a low max speed of about 3mph. They have rubber wheels for added traction too, and a remote control so you haven’t got to worry about them getting out of control. We’d always recommend adult supervision while your child plays on a kids electric ride on truck.

What ages are these ride on cars suitable for?

All of our ride on lorries are designed for children aged 3 to 6. At these ages they’ll still be able to fit into the cab of the ride on truck and get full enjoyment from them. Children younger than this can still safely enjoy the electric kids trucks, but we’d strongly recommend use of the parental remote control. If you're looking for the perfect electric kids' car for your little one, we've selected the best choices for each age:

Where can ride on trucks be used?

We’d always recommend using your kids ride on trucks in on private property. You’ll find best results when your kids ride these trucks on flat even surfaces, like a driveway, garden or indoors. Never use kids ride on lorries on an actual road, and we’d recommend not using them on the pavement.