Kids Bicycles

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Bikes offer incredible freedom for your children. Our collection of kids bikes is designed to help children who are just starting cycling all the way through to kids who need a bigger bike. We have balance bikes for younger kids as well as quality children’s bikes with stabilizers and bikes for larger kids. We’re pleased to stock Disney and Marvel bikes too, so your children can play on bikes themed on their favourite characters. Shop our extensive range of bicycles for kids today.

What ages are your kids bicycles for?

Our children’s bicycle collection is broken down into different bike sizes, each of which is aimed at a different age group and level of experience. Not sure which is right for you? We can help.

Balance Bikes

A balance bike is perfect for younger children who are just starting to learn to both walk and cycle. They can help toddlers improve their balance as they potter around your house. Shop our whole collection of kids balance bikes.

12” & 14” Children’s Bikes

Once your children are past the age for balance bikes, you’ll need something about this size. A 12” or 14” bike will likely be your children’s first bicycle. Each comes equipped with stabilizers for your child’s safety. A 12” or 14” kids bike is the perfect size for toddlers. We have a range of bikes for boys and bikes for girls in these sizes, including the Huffy So Sweet and the Huffy Pro Thunder. We even stock Disney bikes and Marvel bikes in these sizes. Each of these is aimed at children aged either 3 to 5 or 4 to 6.

16” Kids Bikes

Once your children get a little taller, your bike frame and wheel size will need to change too. Our 16” kids' bikes are designed for kids aged 5-7. We offer a range of Disney and Marvel 16” kids bikes as well as a collection of other bikes perfect for kids of this age. Bikes come with stabilisers as standard but they can be removed if your children no longer need them!

20” Kids Bikes

Once your kids are a little older they’ll be ready for one of our bigger bikes. We have a collection of 20” mountain bikes and BMX bikes for kids perfect for ages 6 to 9.

How are kid’s bikes measured?

As with any bicycle, the measurement stated is based on the size of the frame. To work out the perfect children’s bike size you just need to understand the basics:
  • Your child’s toes must be able to touch the floor when they are sat flat in the saddle
  • Your child should be able to stand with the feet on the ground over the top bar of the frame
Generally, the sizes we’ve listed above are suitable for the ages we have mentioned, but every child is different so you should always double-check. Growing kids may need something a little bigger as they get taller and we’d recommend getting a new bicycle.

Do you sell any branded bikes for kids?

At Electric Ride on Cars, we don’t just sell the biggest brands of ride on cars. We also stock amazing Disney and Marvel bicycles for children. We also stock Huffy Bikes children's bicycles, who are well known for their high-quality kids bikes. Each kids bike we stock has been manufactured to the highest standards and is safe for your child to play with.