Electric Scooters for Kids

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Upgrade the fun to a kids’ e-scooter today! An electric scooter is the perfect way to give your kids some freedom. There are a number of different colours available, whether you’re looking for a pink electric scooter, a blue electric scooter or anything in between you’re sure to find an electric scooter for boys or girls.

We offer have 120w electric scooters for children and many of them come complete with a seat. Each child’s electric scooter is equipped with a 24v lithium battery and we also offer electric scooters with seats. Electric ride on scooters come with 5 or 6inch tires, a kickstand and a rear drum braking system.

They’ll absolutely love whizzing around on one of these kids’ electric scooters.If you’re after a more powerful 350w electric scooter, check out our adult electric scooters.

Are child electric scooters safe?

Depending on the type of mini electric scooter you go for, you’ll find a max speed between 10 and 12km/h. You may find that an electric ride-on scooter is more suitable for slightly older children.

We’d always advise safety gear to be worn when a kids’ electric scooter is being used and suggest parental supervision too. The high tension steel frame is designed to make them sturdy and durable.

If you want to be sure that you’re getting the safest possible scooter for your child, we’d recommend the electric scooter with seat, so they have the option of sitting while they ride.

What ages are these ride on scooters suitable for?

These scooters are designed for children aged 8 and over. They can hold a max weight of 60kg or 80kg depending on the model. We would not advise these scooters for younger children. At Electric Ride On Cars, we have electric scooters for boys and electric scooters for girls available for ages 8 and over.

Where can electric ride on scooters be used?

Electric ride on scooters can be used on flat surfaces in safe areas. We’d advise keeping them away from the road and using them in gardens, yards or on private land instead. With a max speed of 12km/h, it’s important to use a kids’ e-scooter in a safe environment away from traffic.