Toddler Bikes

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Toddlers need a kids bike that is the right size for them to ride in comfort and style. Not only does their new bike need to fit them and their needs, but you also want it to be fun. We have an amazing range of bicycles for kids which are the perfect size for toddlers! Your little one will have loads of fun riding their new bike as they continue to develop their skills.

Learning to ride with a toddler bike

If your toddler is just starting to learn how to ride a bike, then they can use one of our kids balance bikes to build confidence while becoming more stable on two wheels. A balance bike helps your child to learn how to balance before they move on to a pedal bike. However, if your little one is comfortable with pedals, then a toddler bike with training wheels might be the best choice. Another option is to consider kids trikes - these fun bikes offer a little more stability and can help kids to develop their gross motor skills.

FAQs about bicycles for toddlers

At what age do children start riding bikes?

Typically, kids start riding pedal bikes when they're around 2 years old. Before this, children will often use balance bikes to get used to balancing before they learn to pedal. Pedal bikes are heavier than balance bikes and are sometimes difficult for children younger than 2 years old to handle. Once a toddler has learned to balance, they can then move on to a bicycle that requires pedalling.

When will my toddler stop using stabilisers?

Usually, a child is ready to stop using training wheels or stabilisers between the ages of 5 and 6. However, children develop at different rates and some will be ready to take off the stabilisers earlier than this. How young they are when they first start learning to cycle may also affect the age they take off the stabilisers.

Is a balance bike good for a toddler?

A balance bike is an excellent way to help toddlers develop their gross motor skills. Coordination and balance are important for self-regulation and injury prevention in children within the toddler age bracket.

Find the perfect toddler bike for your little one

Our collection of toddler bikes is perfectly designed for kids aged between 2 and 4 years old. We even have Spiderman bikes, Disney bikes, and Marvel bikes which are ideal for toddlers who love superheroes!   If your kid feels more confident on 4 wheels, our range of toddler ride on cars might be a better choice for them.  For older children, we have a range of exciting bikes to choose from, including kids electric motorbikes, kids electric quad bikes and dirt bikes for kids.