Kids Ride on Police Cars and Fire Engines

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Kids Police Cars and Fire Engines

Kids love to play by imitating their emergency services heroes, and investing in the toys that can help them do that is a great way to boost their imagination and get them thinking about their future careers. Kids Fire Engines and Police Cars are perfect for doing just like how police and firemen drive responding to an emergency, kids can imitate their heroes driving around the garden, drive or local park. With a number of realistic features such as working lights, seatbelts and even an MP3 player so they can listen to their own driving songs, these kids electric cars are fantastic birthday or Christmas gift for kids.

Are Ride On Cars Safe?

Safety is of the utmost importance to us so all of our Emergency Services Kids Police Cars and Kids Fire Engines are designed with safety in mind. Each one is equipped with seatbelts and comes with a parental remote control which can override your child as they ride in their car, ensuring that you can make sure that they stay safe at all times. The cars can travel at a maximum speed of 5km/h and you should make sure to supervise your children when they are playing with a ride on car at all times.

What Ages Are These Ride On Cars Suitable For?

Our Kids electric Police cars and Fire Engines are suitable for children between the ages of 3-6 years and can carry a weight of up to 40kg, depending on the model. Make sure you take a look at the product page to ensure that the model you choose is suitable for your child.

Where Can Kids Ride On Police Cars and Kids Fire Engines Be Used?

You can ensure that your kids get the best out of their new Police Car or Fire Engine ride on car when they ride on a flat surface such as a driveway or garden. If you have enough space, you can even bring them indoors - perfect for playing on a rainy day. Our kids cars are designed to be used with parental supervision and should never be taken onto a road or area with traffic.