Kids Ride on Police Cars and Fire Engines

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12v Electric Ride On Cars With Remote Control

Kids Police Car 12v Electric Ride-on Car with Parent Remote

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Pretend play is a massive part of your child’s growth and development, so why not feed their imagination with one of these electric ride on cars? This selection of kids’ ride on police cars and fire engines lets your little one imitate their emergency service heroes and may inspire their future career path.

These kids’ ride on emergency service vehicles make excellent toys as they open up your child to a world of possibilities, like speeding around the garden extinguishing imaginary fires or arresting baddies.

This collection of kids’ fire engines and police cars come with lots of realistic features, including:

  • Working lights
  • Seatbelts
  • MP3 players

Ride on police cars let your little ones fully immerse themselves in their pretend play as they strap themselves in to respond to various emergency situations with the blues and twos on.

Perfect for celebrating a whole host of milestones and events or even just as a treat, a kids’ ride on police car or fire engine opens them up to a whole new world of imaginary play and fun.

Also available are ride on tractors and kids ride on trucks, so whatever your little one’s interested in, there’s something to put their imagination into overdrive.

Are kids’ ride on fire engines and police cars safe?

Like all of the ride on cars we sell, our kids’ ride on emergency service police cars and fire engineers are designed with safety in mind. Every ride on police car and fire engineer is equipped with seatbelts and comes with a remote control, so you take charge of your kids’ speed as to ensure their safety.

Each kids’ ride on emergency services car is limited to a maximum speed of 5km/h (3.1mph), so while they’ll be fast enough to catch the bad guys, they won’t be able to get far away from you.

As parents, you’ll know kids can be unpredictable, which is why you must supervise them at all times when they’re using electric ride on police cars and fire engines.

What ages are kids’ ride on police cars and fire enginers suitable for?

All of our kids’ electric ride on police cars and fire engines are suitable for children aged between 3-6 years and can carry up to 40kg, depending on the model you choose.

Before you buy your child a ride on fire engine or police car, you should review the relevant product page to ensure the model is suitable for your child. We also sell a variety of products for different ages, so why not check out our ride on cars by age group:

Where Can Kids Ride On Police Cars and Kids Fire Engines Be Used?

Kids’ ride on police cars and fire engines should be used on flat surfaces, like driveways or gardens. You could even bring your kids’ crime and fire fighting play indoors, which is perfect for keeping your little ones occupied on rainy days.

Wherever your kid uses their ride on emergency vehicle, they must be supervised at all times and should never be taken onto roads or be used close to traffic.