Bugatti Electric Ride on Cars

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12v Electric Ride On Cars With Remote Control

Kids Car Bugatti Divo Ride On Car 12v

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Kids Bugatti Electric Ride on Cars

Bugatti cars are some of the most beautiful and high-performing automobiles in the world and they’re also pretty rare, so you’re fairly lucky if you spot one out on the roads. However, you can bring a Bugatti to your own front-drive and make the dreams of your little ones come true with our selection of licensed Bugatti ride on cars! With their iconic bodywork and incredible attention to detail, our Bugatti ride on cars are just like the real thing but made for smaller drivers, available in multiple different colours.

Are ride on cars safe?

Some people have safety concerns when it comes to kids electric cars, but as long as you follow some simple precautions, there’s no need to worry! Manufacturers go to great lengths to ensure that their toys are safe for children to use and will publish safety information alongside the vehicles, which it’s important to read up on. To ensure your child is as safe as possible, they can wear safety equipment such as a helmet and make sure that they stick to a safe area such as the garden or driveway, staying away from roads.

What ages are these ride on cars suitable for?

It’s also important to make sure that you’re buying a ride on car that’s age-appropriate to your child, as some of the faster, electric-powered cars will not be safe for younger children. Our Bugatti ride on cars are all perfect for children ages 3 to 5 years old and have a weight limit of 30kg.

Where can Bugatti ride on cars be used?

While the real thing is the envy of the roads, our Bugatti ride on cars should not be used on real roads. Remember that they are just a toy and should only be used in a garden or yard or in the house, or perhaps in a safe space like a park making sure that they stick to a smooth, flat surface such as grass or tile.