Bikes for Boys

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Learning to ride a bike is one of the biggest achievements in a young boy's life. Regardless of whether he's your son, grandson, nephew, godson, or brother, it's important that he has a set of wheels that gives him the confidence he needs to get pedalling! This is why our range of bikes for boys has something for everyone, so you're sure to find the one that'll take him from beginner to Bradley Wiggins in no time.

Brilliant bikes for boys!

With an amazing selection of bikes for boys aged 3 and up, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect model! We have options to suit all skill levels and interests, including boys’ bikes with balance support for beginners and themed bikes based on popular films and characters. Looking for a bike for a girl instead? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Check out our complete range of bikes and selection of awesome girls' bikes to find one that’ll make your little girl’s day.

Themed bikes for boys 

For boys who are wild about superheroes, Disney characters, and comic books, we have themed bikes that will make them the coolest kid on the block! For younger riders, there's the Spider-Man balance bike. This allows boys aged between 2 and 5 to find their balance whilst getting used to how it feels to be on a bike.  Once they’re ready for something a bit more advanced, the Spider-Man 14" boys’ bike is perfect. This bike has 14" wheels and stabilisers in case your child needs a little extra support in the beginning. As they grow, you can raise the height of the comfortable padded seat to make sure they can keep riding in style.  If Spider-Man isn’t their thing, don’t worry - our selection of boys’ bikes includes Disney’s Cars and Star Wars bikes, too. The 12" Disney Pixar Cars boys’ bike comes with training wheels to help your little one get started. Once he's confident, you can take off the easy-to-remove stabilisers and watch him go! Our Kids' Star Wars Bike is the best bike for intergalactic youngsters! It features an exciting Star Wars print and a Star Wars-themed seat for extra, Jedi-level comfort.

Boys’ BMX and mountain bikes

For more advanced cyclists, our collection of boys’ BMX and mountain bikes are great next steps. These specialist bikes are perfect if your son, grandson, godson or nephew is keen on hitting the trails or learning some tricks. The Huffy Extent 20" Junior Mountain Bike, for example, has front disc brakes and suspension forks to absorb bumps for a smooth ride regardless of the terrain. 

FAQs about boys' bikes

What height does my child need to be to ride a 16" bike?

It's recommended that your child should be between 106cm and 121cm in height to ride a 16’’ bike.

Can I return a boys' bike?

Yes, we have a 14-day return policy. You'll receive a full refund for the bike as long as it's in sealed packaging and its original condition.

Do you have boys' and girls' bikes?

Yes, as well as our range of boys' bikes, we also have plenty of kids' bikes for girls including Disney Frozen bikes and Disney Princess bikes. Any of our themed bikes will be suitable for both boys and girls, though, so go ahead and choose the one that you know your child will love the most!