12v Ride On Cars

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12v Electric Ride On Cars With Remote Control

Kids Ride on Audi R8 Car with remote control HL1818 Model


12v Electric Ride On Cars With Remote Control

Kids Bumper Car Dodgem 12v Ride on Waltzer S611


At Electric Ride On Cars, we offer a wide range of different power ride on cars. One of our most popular power levels is the 12v ride on car, especially 12v electric ride on cars with remote controls. A 12v kids car offers plenty of power without too much risk. Your kids will still be able to enjoy independent rides without high max speeds.

Whether you’re after a Lamborghini ride on car or simply a VW Beetle kids car, there’s something in our kids 12v ride on range for you. Offering decent power and long charge times, our 12v kids cars are perfect for your kids to have plenty of safe fun.

Are kids 12v ride on cars safe?

12v electrical cars are a safe way for your kids to play. As long as they are used in the right places, and under supervision from an adult, your kids can have plenty of safe fun. Many of our 12v cars come complete with a remote control so that you can maneuver the vehicle yourself too.

Each model is slightly different, but they all come packed full of safety features, from seat belts to bumpers.

What ages are 12v ride on cars suitable for?

Each 12v electric ride on car may have a different age it’s best suited for, so always check the specifications for the exact model you are buying. Our 12v electrical cars are generally suitable for kids aged 3-6, and the remote control allows for parental control for younger ages.

With that being said, some of our 12v ride on cars are suitable for older children too.

Where can kids 12v cars be used?

Our 12v cars should be used in safe environments, ideally on private property. They are not suitable for use on a road and are best ran on smooth flat surfaces. They can be used indoors, in driveways or in gardens.

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