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Disney Bikes

Marvel and Disney are two of the most popular brands that kids of all ages are sure to appreciate! Our range of Marvel and Disney ride on toys are great for young adventurers. We have a range of kids bike models available covering any child’s favourite Disney or Marvel characters, from Spiderman bikes to Frozen bikes. Alongside this, we offer free UK mainland delivery on all of our bicycles for kids, so you can surprise your child for their birthday, at Christmas or any time of the year!

What ages are Disney & Marvel kids bikes suitable for?

Our kids bike models are for children of all ages, but most of our Disney and Marvel options are designed for kids aged between 3 and 9 years old. Our 12" and 14” kids bikes are ideal for younger kids, but older kids are better suited to our larger 16" and 20" models. A great idea is to get your child to try out a few different bike sizes as this will help you find the best bike for their age!

Marvel & Disney bike features and safety measures


Stabilisers are a fantastic way to introduce your child to the cycling world. They help prevent the bike from falling over and offer you a safe way to teach your child how to balance their bicycle whilst they are training. Our kids balance bikes are a great option to consider if your little one is new to cycling. We even have plenty of Disney and Marvel themed balance bikes for them to choose from! Most of our training bikes offer removable stabilisers, so once your kid is confident, you can remove the stabilisers from the bike!

Front and rear brakes

Front and rear brakes are important when it comes to bike safety. They help to safely slow down a bike and keep your little ones safe as they play.

High-quality construction

The tyres, the frame, and the handlebars are all incredibly important parts of any bike. Our kids bikes are made from the highest quality materials and are designed to be your child’s favourite toy for years.

What are our Disney and Marvel bestsellers?

Disney Princess bike

Our Disney Princess bike range covers all of your child's favourite characters and are perfect for any Disney princess lover. Each of our Disney Princess bikes has been designed to emphasise what makes your child's favourite princess so great!

Spiderman bikes

Spiderman is easily one of the most popular superheroes out there. His hilarious personality and drive to always do the right thing is undoubtedly an inspiration to any child who loves superhero stories. We offer a range of fantastic Spiderman bikes such as our 12" Marvel Spiderman Bike suitable for 3 to 5-year-olds.

Frozen bikes

Although Frozen is a reasonably new addition to the world of Disney, it has quickly become one of the most popular franchises out there. Elsa is a powerful Disney princess, so it's no wonder that children of all ages look up to her. Your little one will love our collection of Frozen bikes, especially our 12" Frozen Bike that includes a handy Disney princess doll carrier and durable training spoked wheels!

Star Wars bikes

We have all tried to lift something from a distance using our force powers, which is just a sign of how popular Star Wars still is today. Whether your child prefers the older trilogy or loves Grogu as much as we do, our Star Wars bike collection offers something for everyone. One of our most popular designs is this 12" Star Wars training bike that features a delightful Baby Yoda design. The removable stabilisers and pneumatic tyres are ideal for a majority of terrains!

How to choose the right bike for your child

Choosing the right bike for your child can be tricky, which is why we offer as many designs as possible. The first thing you need to consider is what sort of design would your child like? Do they love everything to do with their favourite Disney Princess, or do they regularly imagine themselves web-slinging from building to building? You will also need to consider what safety features you can find on your bike and whether or not your chosen bike can be adjusted to suit your child as they grow. An adjustable saddle and removable stabilisers are fantastic additions to child bikes!

Discover our range of Disney bikes for kids

Explore our full range of bikes for girls and bikes for boys to find the perfect Marvel or Disney bicyle for your little one. Why not take a look at our kids electric cars and kids electric scooters for even more options for playtime!