Number Plates, Stickers & Decals for Ride on Cars

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Number Plates, Stickers & Decals for Ride on Cars

Personalised Number Plate for Kids Car


Number Plates, Stickers & Decals for Ride on Cars

Traffic Light – Pretend Play Auto Switching


Number Plates, Stickers & Decals for Ride on Cars

Road Signs for Ride On Toys Pack of 5


Number Plates, Stickers and Decals for Ride On Cars

Congratulations! You've got a new ride on car for your little one and they're going to have a blast, but how can you spruce things up and make this toy even more enjoyable?  We have the solution with our range of number plates, stickers, and decals for ride on cars. Take the regular ride-on experience to a whole new level and add flair to your child's new set of wheels!

Decals for ride on cars

Car stickers for kids can take their imagination on a fantastic journey of fun and adventure. Stickers can make the car look authentic, for one thing, which is exactly what young drivers want.  Whether you want to spruce up your child’s existing vehicle with some added decoration, or to replace the stickers your ride on car already came with, these accessories will help your little one feel like they’re riding the real deal - just like a grown up!

Number plates for ride on cars

Another fun way to make things a bit more unique is the personalised number plate for kids' cars. This works fantastically well if you've got two kiddos that ride around in the same model car, allowing them to share the vehicle, but still feel special and like it’s all their own.  Also, it takes the boring car detail from generic to personalised. This is a wonderful addition to a birthday or Christmas gift - to let your little one know this is their personalised car, just like all the adults have. 

All the ride on car accessories you’ll need

If you’re looking to fully customise your child’s ride on car experience, you’re in the right place. Similarly, we also stock plenty of spare parts for electric ride on cars, to make sure your kids stay on the go.   There’s no need for you to replace your whole vehicle if one small part of it isn’t quite right. If you think the exterior could do with a bit of a refresh - go for some brand-new ride on car stickers. And likewise, if your car doesn’t want to start, spare batteries for your electric ride on car might be just what the doctor ordered.

Ride-on car accessories 

So what are you waiting for? Shop our range of number plates, stickers and decals for ride on cars today and watch your kids’ faces light up. These fun accessories can truly bring your child's ride on car experience to the next level. 


Why should I put decals on my kid's ride on car?

When you add decals to a ride on car, it makes the vehicle look more authentic. Plus, if you've had the car for a while and want to spruce it up without breaking the bank, decals can make it look brand new.

Are number plates for ride on vehicles worth it?

We certainly think so - a ride on car is such a fantastic gift. But one way to make your kid feel extra special is to add a personalised number plate, so they can show all their family and friends that they’re the proud owner of an electric ride on car.

Will stickers damage my kid's ride on car?

No, the stickers are made specifically for the vehicles and shouldn't damage the body. Always read the instructions before applying any decals.

What if I don’t want to customsie my kid’s ride on car?

If parents don’t wish to customise their child’s ride on car with number plates and stickers, that’s completely fine! We have plenty of ready-to-ride vehicles available for an equally exciting gift to your little one. Children a free to choose from anything from Disney ride on cars and Ferrari ride on cars, all the way to kids electric go karts!