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Number Plates, Stickers & Decals for Ride on Cars

Personalised Number Plate for Kids Car


Number Plates, Stickers & Decals for Ride on Cars

Traffic Light – Pretend Play Auto Switching


Steering Wheels for Ride on Cars

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Replacement Windscreens for Ride on Cars

Mercedes G63 Replacement Windscreen -BBH0002 MODEL


Number Plates, Stickers & Decals for Ride on Cars

Road Signs for Ride On Toys Pack of 5


Adding accessories can provide your kids with a way to personalise their ride-on toys. On top of this, stocking up on spare parts can save you a lot of money in the long run, just in case your kids' electric car wears or gets damaged. We offer a range of fantastic ride on car accessories that kids of all ages will love. What's more, you can enjoy free UK mainland delivery on all of our products!

Why buy accessories for your child's ride-on car?

Our kids' electric car accessories can transform any electric car into the toy of your child's dreams. We offer a range of accessories, including number plates, stickers & decals, kids electric car covers, and kids ride on car seats, to name a few. There are even a few accessories on the market to boost the performance of your kid's ride-on. From steering wheels to new tyres, the number of possibilities is truly endless.

Which types of accessories are available?

Number plates

Personalising your number plate is as fun for adults as it is for kids, which is why we provide a range of number plate accessories designed for electric ride-on cars.  Whether your kid wants to add their initials or a personal number, adding a number plate to a kid's vehicle can be extremely fun! We also offer premium number plates for electric ride-on cars, which are great if you’re looking for more personalisation options. With these number plates, you can choose up to 9 characters and a range of country flags. 


Seats come in all shapes and sizes, and the one that comes with your ride-on car may not be the option your child would choose. Thankfully, most toy cars will offer the ability to replace the seat with an option of your choosing to provide your kid with a little extra comfort. Before splashing out on a new kid’s ride-on car seat, always check which designs are compatible with your chosen vehicle. 

Steering wheels

Steering wheels are one of the most fun aspects of toy cars, especially if they offer a range of functions such as lights and an electronic horn. It is possible to install a new steering wheel on kids electric cars, but it will need to be completely compatible. We offer a range of new and replacement steering wheels, so your kid can find the perfect option for their toy car!


Stickers are the perfect accessory for kids to personalise their electric ride-on car. The options are truly limitless with stickers! On top of this, stickers can be placed anywhere and come in a range of shapes and sizes. Children are sure to love covering their electric car in a fantastic variety of stickers.

Wheels, tyres and rims

Over time it is natural for an electric kids car's tyres to lose quality due to friction. Rims can also get dirty, and their natural shine can begin to fade. Thankfully, you can find a selection of replacement wheels, tyres and personalised rims for our range of kids’ ride-on cars.

Other upgrades and replacement parts

Owning spare parts in case something happens with a kid's ride-on car is an excellent idea. Unfortunately, damage can occur when playing, and even the highest-quality electric ride-on cars can experience damage over time. By stocking up on a few replacement parts, you can potentially avoid buying a brand new electric ride—for instance, ride-on car batteries, ride-on car chargers, and remotes for ride-on cars

FAQs about kids' ride-on car accessories

Is it safe to install third-party accessories?

Depending on the accessory, it can be safe to install third-party options. However, not all parts are compatible with every vehicle available. Before buying any accessories or spare parts, check the details of your ride-on car.  For example, if your little one's electric car uses a remote control, then you may need to buy a specific model. This is because remote controls generally operate on a unique frequency to ensure they don't interfere with similar electrical devices.

How long do electric ride-on tyres typically last?

It is natural for an electric vehicle's tyres to wear down over time. On average, most toy car tyres will last for a while. However, this depends on the terrain they’re driven on and how often your kid drives their car!

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