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Some of the electric scooters for adults that we offer come complete with a seat, too, so you don't have to worry about standing the whole way. Sometimes the seat can be removed, and we also have foldable electric scooters for easy storage. Look at our full range of electric scooters with seats and adult electric scooters with seats for more details. The electric adult scooters we sell offer fast recharge capabilities, 350w of power, and are able to fully charge within 4-5 hours. Most fully charged e-scooter can take you 15-20km before they need charging again.

What are the benefits of an adult electric scooter?

An adult electric scooter can offer some incredible benefits. When you find the best electric scooter for you, you’ll never look back. Gets you outdoors Getting outdoors is important to both your physical and mental health. Even on adult e-scooters, it's still a great way to get outdoors. The fresh and clean air is sure to cheer you up! Environmentally friendly Electric-powered vehicles are healthier for the environment than most other motor vehicles. An e-scooter generates no exhaust fumes, so you can purchase this with a guilt-free conscience. On many models, you can travel upwards of 20km on a single charge, so you can be sure that charging your scooter isn't going to cause extortionate electric bills! Cost-efficient An adult e-scooter is cost-efficient because of its great battery life, saving money you would otherwise spend on public transport or even running a car. Repair costs are going to be minimal with one of these scooters - nothing like having to get your car serviced every year!

Electric Scooter Law in the UK

When it comes to UK law, private electric scooters can currently only be used on private land, and not on public roads. However, as part of the Department for Transport, legislation was introduced in July 2020 enabling rental e-scooter trials for public roads and cycle lanes across the UK. This scheme will take place until the end of 2022 when it will then be reviewed and possibly extended. Find out more details about electric scooter law in the UK in our guide.

Adult Electric Scooter FAQs

Are adult electric scooters safe?

While our adults' electric scooters are pretty fast, with a max speed of 25km/h, they're still incredibly safe. As long as they are used responsibly, they are a safe alternative to a road bike. Just make sure you're aware of your surroundings, wear the right safety gear and use your electric scooter responsibly. Always double-check the laws for electric scooters too. We also have a range of electric scooters for boys and electric scooters for girls available if you're looking for kids electric scooters.

Are electric scooters legal in the UK?

Electric scooters are legal in the UK as long as they're used on private land. Rental scooters, though, can be used in public.

Will I need a licence to ride an electric scooter in the UK?

You'll need a driving license in order to use a rental scooter and be over the age of 16 here in the UK. These regulations may change in the future.

Where am I allowed to ride adult e-scooters in the UK?

As mentioned, you can ride them legally on private land. Recently, local laws came into place meaning that only rental electric scooters can be used in public places.

What exercise benefits can I enjoy with riding an electric scooter?

Surprisingly, there are exercise benefits that come with riding a scooter. It increases core strength and gives your legs a workout. It can also improve your mental health and wellbeing.

Which adult scooter is ranked the best?

All of our adult electric scooters are a popular option, giving you lots of choices. One of our best-selling e-scooters is the M1 350W electric e-scooter which comes with a powerful battery and is foldable.

Can you tell me which is the lightest adult e-scooter?

The lightest electric scooter for adults which we stock weighs 12kgs, making them light and easy to move around.

What is the top speed of these scooters?

The speed limit in the UK for electric scooters is 25km/h. This is the maximum speed you'll be able to drive on your scooter. Top speeds of 25km/h make them practical while remaining safe. While not as fast as a car, this is excellent for getting you from A to B in no time - your commute will be so much more fun, too!