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Kids E-scooter 120 watt With Seat


All children love zooming around on toys outside with their friends so why not surprise them with something unique like a kids' electric car or electric scooter that will provide them with endless hours of fun. Our electric scooters with seats for kids and for adults are great additions to outdoor playtime for all of the family.

What is the best electric scooter with a seat?

This depends on whether you’re looking for a kids electric scooter or an electric scooter for adults. If you’re looking for a kids electric scooter for your little ones over the age of 8 years old, we have a variety of electric scooters with seats that will see your kids whizzing around up to 12km/h depending on the model. We offer electric scooters for boys and electric scooters for girls with a padded seat, both of which are ideal if you’re looking for your little one’s first electric scooter. For older kids and adults though, our electric scooters for adults can go the distance, taking you on a maximum range of 15-20km on a full battery before it needs charging again. This means you can easily keep up with the kids during playtime, truly making it possible for many family memories to be made. Once playtime has finished, with our foldable electric scooters you can easily store your little ones' favourite toy. You also need to check the weight capacity of the scooter before purchasing. Each scooter has a different weight capacity, ranging between 45kg and 60kg for kids e scooters and 100kgs for adult e scooters.

Is it legal to ride an electric scooter in the UK?

Yes - it is legal to ride an e scooter but only on your own private property. So this means you can legally ride your electric scooter in your own garden, driveway or any private land that you own, but it would be illegal for you to ride your electric scooter on roads or pavements. For a complete breakdown of the legality of riding electric scooters in the UK check out our blog on electric scooters for adults & kids, are they legal in the UK?

How fast do electric scooters go?

Depending on whether you’re riding a kids electric scooter or an adults electric scooter with seat, how fast you can go will vary. A child’s electric scooter can hit a max speed of between 10 to 12km/h depending on the model while an adult’s electric scooter has a top speed of 25km/h.