Kids Electric Quad Bikes and Buggies, and UTVs

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Kids Electric Quad Bikes and Buggies, and UTVs

1000w Electric Ride on ATV Quad Bike – Black


Kids Electric Quad Bikes and Buggies, and UTVs

Kids Electric 6v Ride On Mini Quad


If you’re after something a little more adventurous for your kid, then an electric quad bike is perfect for them. Our electric ride on quad bikes are here for when your kids have gotten a little older and want to take things to the next level. The ride on quad bikes are designed for kids aged 10+ or 12+ and as such have a much higher max speed and proper suspension. They’re perfect for more adventurous children and teenagers, those looking for a bit of a thrill when they’re playing. If your child loves the outdoors, but isn’t quite ready for a quad bike, you could consider our range of ride on tractors. We have a range of different power levels aimed at different ages including 350w, 500w and 1000w electric quad bikes. Find the perfect kids quad bike for your little adrenaline-seeker.

350w quad bikes

Our 350w kids quad bikes are our entry level option, for kids who are ready to move on from an electric two-wheel drive buggy. Each 350w kids quad bike is powered by a combination of a 24v rechargeable battery and a 350w motor. They have a max speed of 20mph and we’d recommend they are only used by children aged 10 years and up. As an all terrain bike you can use kids quad bikes off road in fields and other safe environments, but they cannot be used in public spaces like roads or pavements.

500w quad bikes

For kids aged 12 and up we’ve got a collection of 500w kids quad bikes too. Each 500w motor runs off a 36v rechargeable battery. Max speeds top out at 22mph and suspension, coupled with rubber wheels, gives a smooth riding experience. As with other models we’d always recommend using these kids quads off-road and on private property. They’re perfect for giving your kids a sense of adventure.

1000w quad bikes

The most powerful quads in our range are the 1000w kids quad bikes. Perfect for teenagers aged 12 and above, these are quad bikes for kids who are ready to take off-road driving to the next level. Offering a max speed of 22mph but with a little more oomph to go with it. These kids quad bikes, while more powerful, are still only to be used on private property or off road. You cannot use them on a road or pavement and should limit use to private property, fields, gardens and specialised off-roading sites.

Petrol vs electric kid’s quad bikes

With full sized cars you’ll find petrol engines are more powerful than electric but, for kids quad bikes, this doesn’t come into play. There are a number of reasons an electric quad bike is a better choice for your kids. Electric quads offer: Power that’s suited to the age and ability of your kids. Safety features petrol quad bikes can’t match, like built in speed limiters. Noise reduction from battery powered engines. Cheaper running costs with a lower cost to buy and rechargeable batteries saving you on fuel. A better environmental impact. Electric quad bikes simply don’t pollute as much as petrol. Give your kids a sense of adventure with an electric ride on 4x4 buggy. These ride on 4x4 buggies offer the perfect blend of adventurous freedom and controlled safe play. Your kids will love whizzing about your house or garden in an electric kids quad buggy. Some of our ride on 4x4 buggies are two seated as well, so you can have more than one kid riding around at a time. Ride on 4x4 buggies come complete with MP3 and USB capabilities to play music, plus rear suspension springs and working lights, for added realism.

Break up your payments

We’ve teamed up with Clearpay to help you spread the cost of a mini quad bike out into manageable chunks. If you select pay with Clearpay at checkout you’ll be able to split the cost of a kids quad bike into 4 instalments paid every 2 weeks. To use Clearpay you must be a permanent resident of the UK and aged 18 or over. We would always encourage you to use Clearpay responsibly.

Spare parts available

We sell a range of spare parts for children’s quad bikes, so you don’t have to worry about a breakdown to your engine or a flat battery. Quad bikes are designed to endure bumps and scrapes from off-roading but with persistent use they’ll still need a service. Find new electric quad bike batterieschargerswheels and important spares for your ignition, switches, keys & gear sticks available on Electric Ride on Cars.

Electric Quad Bikes & Buggies FAQs

What age can a child ride a quad bike or Buggie?

We offer a wide range of quad bikes for kids. Our range of 350w quad bikes are ideal for children aged 10 and up, but our more powerful 500w and 1000w quad bikes are suitable for children aged 12 and up.

Are mini quad bikes legal?

Mini quad bikes are legal as long as they are used responsibly and on private property. They can be used either in your own garden or else on private tracks or somewhere you’ve received permission to use them.

Are mini quad bikes road legal?

You cannot use your mini quad bikes on the road or pavement.

Are ride on buggies safe?

Electric ride on cars and buggies are safe for your kids to drive around in. Complete with parental remote controls for additional safety, these ride on 4x4 buggies have a number of safety features. They come with seatbelts, rear suspension, rubber tyres for grip and frames that are specifically designed to minimise impact.

What ages are these ride on buggies suitable for?

Our ride on 4x4 buggies are suitable for kids aged 3-5, but some products may vary, so make sure you check the individual product specifications.

Where can ride on 4x4 buggies be used?

We would always advise your children to use ride on 4x4 buggies in the supervision of a parent or another adult. They should not use them on a road, but instead keep to safer environments like the garden, a yard, driveway or inside a house.

What are your delivery options?

All our electric quad bikes are sent out with free delivery. They will be dispatched on the same day if the order is placed before midday.

What’s the top speed of an electric quad bike?

Our 350w electric quad bikes have a top speed of 20mph and our more powerful 500w and 1000w quad bikes have a top speed of 22mph. This top speed is built into the design of the bike.

How long does the battery last?

The batteries last for around 40 minutes and recharging takes around 6 to 8 hours