Spare Parts for Ride on Cars

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If your child’s electric ride on car is in need of some repair, Electric Ride On Cars have all the spare car parts you could need, from replacement ride on car batteries to electric ride on car chargers and Bluetooth receivers.   Have your kids lost their remote control and require a replacement? Or perhaps you simply want a spare kids’ ride on car remote for peace of mind. You can find the exact remote control you need for your little one’s favourite toy online at Electric Ride On Cars.    If your kid’s vehicle's battery life is starting to shorten, you'll want to get ahead before the vehicle stops running - that can save you a lot of tears and tantrums in the long run! We have spare batteries, remote controls, or anything else you need in stock to get your kid’s electric ride on car working just as well as it once did.   With all of these spare parts on hand, you never have to worry about your kids' ride on car running out of juice or getting damaged beyond repair. Simply head to the Electric Ride On Cars website and check out the range of spare parts we have to offer.   If you're unsure about which products or ride on car accessories are right for your child's electric ride on car, simply reach out to us - we can help you find the spare parts you need for your little one’s guaranteed satisfaction.

FAQs about spare parts for electric ride on cars

Do you have spare parts for electric scooters?

Yes! We also sell spare parts for electric scooters. From spare or replacement batteries to chargers and wheels, you’ll be able to get your kids’ electric scooter or adults’ electric scooter in tip-top condition again. 

Can I buy a replacement ride on car steering wheel?

Electric Ride On Cars has many replacement steering wheels, complete with car branding. Whether you are looking for a replacement steering wheel for an Audi, Land Rover, Mini or Mercedes, we have the spare parts you need.

Is it easy to fit a replacement part for an electric ride on car?

With the extensive range of spare parts that we sell for electric ride on cars, there will be a varying degree of complexity. A new steering wheel might be easier to replace than a new ignition barrel or brake levers, so make sure to refer to the user manual whenever fitting a replacement part for your little one’s electric ride on car.