Kids Electric Ride On Tractors

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Give your kids the full farm experience with an electric ride on tractor. They’re designed for kids who won’t settle for just any kid’s ride on car, and like to add a little agriculture to their play. If your children want to follow in the footsteps of farmers and whiz around on an electric ride on tractor, you’re in the right place. Our children’s ride on tractors come complete with either a water tank or a trailer, so they can tow things around wherever they want. A ride on tractor and trailer is perfect for your kids to play with.

Are ride on tractors safe?

A kids ride on tractor toy is a great safe way for them to play. Our kids ride along tractors have been designed to offer a sturdy and stable ride, with four rubber wheels. The trailer and water tanks that can attach to the children’s ride on tractor are also designed to keep the vehicle as stable as possible. Each ride on tractor comes with a remote control too, so that parents can control the vehicle if they’re concerned about their kid’s safety.

What ages are these ride on tractors suitable for?

The children’s ride on tractors are designed for kids aged 2-8. As they are specifically designed for toddlers through to younger children, they may not fit older kids in the seat. They’re perfectly safe for kids aged 2 and up though, as long as they’re used under parental supervision.

Where can ride on tractors be used?

As with any of our ride on vehicles, the electric ride on tractors for kids should be used on flat even ground, ideally on private property. This means they’re best suited to tarmac, concrete or even grass. We’d always advise using them on private driveways or in private gardens. You could safely use them indoors if you have space. Do not use your ride on tractor on the road. Why not also check out our range of electric ride on trucks, for all those budding your lorry drivers!