Benefits of a balance bike

A balance bike is a great introduction to some of the skills your child will need when they come to learning to ride a bicycle.

Not all children learn to ride a push-bike at the same age – and there are several stages along the way, including:

  • Riding a tricycle (age 2-3)
  • Riding a bicycle with stabilisers (age 4-5)
  • Riding without stabilisers (age 6-7+)

Before riding a tricycle with pedals, it’s normal for most kids to ride a foot-to-floor bike or a pushalong bike, but a balance bike is specifically designed to help them move towards pedalling without stabilisers.


What is a balance bike?

A balance bike is designed to be closer to an adult bicycle in shape, but without pedals – instead, the child scoots along the ground using their feet, and lifts them off of the floor to coast along.

They are typically more grown-up looking than the pushalong bikes you’re used to seeing for toddlers, and many kids are excited to get their first grown-up bike, without having to learn to use pedals just yet.


What age is a balance bike for?

Despite their resemblance to adult bicycles, balance bikes can be used from an early age – ours are recommended for ages 2+.

At this age your child’s fine motor skills are developing and a balance bike helps to support that, while also being good fun for your little one to play on.

Of course a foot-to-floor bike needs your child’s feet to reach the floor. Our NEO training bikes have adjustable seats for a perfect fit and to keep your child at a comfortable height as their little legs grow.


How does a balance bike help?

A balance bike gives your child a chance to practise the motor skills involved in riding a bike, without also having to learn to pedal.

That means they get used to riding at speed, the feeling of sitting upright on a saddle and holding handlebars, and using those handlebars to steer.

Crucially, when they lift their feet from the ground, your child gets an authentic cycling experience – and when they’re used to balancing in this way, they can progress to a pedal cycle.


What about foot-to-floor cars?

If your child is all about cars, not bikes, that’s fine – we also have foot-to-floor cars in the style of major sports car manufacturers like Ferrari, Mercedes and Porsche.

These again give your child a first taste of ride-on cars and when they’re ready, you can progress them on to one of our electric ride-on cars with parental remote control.