2 Seater Kids Electric Ride on Cars

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If you’re looking for something stylish that will fit two younger children, our 2 seater kids electric cars are for you. They’re specifically designed for either two young children together, or one older kid driving solo. They’ll absolutely love having a 2 seater electric car of their own. Being able to share the adventure with the best friend or sibling will make it even more special. Our 2 seater ride on cars are available in different varieties, including 2 seater Mercedes ride on cars and 2 seater Bentley kids cars! Most of our 2 seater electric ride on cars come with a full range of accessories like opening doors, seat belts, front and rear LED lights, engine & horn sound effects, MP4 players and remote controls.

Are 2 seater ride on cars safe?

Our 2 seater kids cars are all very safe. Not do they come complete with seatbelts and bumpers, but our 2 seater cars have remote control capabilities. This means that older kids can drive the car at their leisure, but an adult can step in if they get out of control. It also means that adults can fully control if younger kids are driving.

What ages are 2 seater ride on cars suitable for?

Our 2 seater kids cars are predominantly designed for kids aged 2-5. Children at the younger end of that age bracket will be able to share the vehicle with another child of a similar age, but older children will be able to use it alone.

Where can 2 seater ride on cars be used?

We would always recommend using any ride on car, whether it’s 2 seater or otherwise, somewhere safe and private. The best surface would be smooth and flat and away from obstacles. Never use a 2 seater kids car on a road. Places they work best include driveways, yards, gardens and indoors.