5 Fun & Educational Springtime Activities for Kids

This year, spring arrived unusually early in most parts of the UK – and after a harsh and stormy winter, we were ready to welcome it with open arms. Springtime has a pleasant effect on everyone, be it children or adults; its balmy outside, the sun is shining, and life is blossoming all around.

Spring season is also an excellent time to enjoy exciting outdoor activities with your little one. With trees regaining leaves, little saplings shooting up, little animals and birds crawling out of their hideouts and beautiful flowers blooming all around, springtime also present children the perfect opportunity to explore their surroundings, experience new things and learn how the world works.

Here are the top 5 fun and educational activities you can try to celebrate the spring season with your children:

       1.Scavenger Hunt Time!

The UK, during springtime, is absolutely spectacular so you don’t want to miss out on a chance to explore nature with your baby. While taking a leisurely walk down the meadow might be your style, it gets a little complex if you add a preschooler or a toddler to the mix.

So, here’s what to do; make your nature walks more interesting for your children by turning them into scavenger hunt sessions. All you need is a clipboard, a piece of paper and a route. List the items you want your baby to spot on the walk, hand them a pen and ask them to cross off the item they spot. Feel free to use lists with pictures for toddlers and young preschoolers who don’t know how to read yet.

The best part about scavenger hunts is that they completely transform outdoor walks into an exciting and educational chance to explore nature. The game itself is super versatile so you can easily tweak it according to place and time. For instance, a spring season list could include the sun, clouds, rosebuds, seasonal flowers, frogs, squirrels, mallard ducklings, bumblebees, badger cubs and migratory birds like cuckoos and swallows.

      2.Try Camping

Pick a clear and sunny weekend to take the family on a camping trip! Camping is a family activity that most kids enjoy to the fullest. It’s a win-win for both parents and children.

Camping trips are a win for you because you get to escape the bustle of the city and settle in a camping ground to spend quality time with your babies. They’re a win for your children because they get to explore nature, learn more things, sit by firelight and roast yummy marshmallows.

While there are plenty of camping sites in the UK, you can even execute this activity close to home or even in the backyard. Just set up a tent, stoke a little fire and enjoy!

     3.Make a Spring Sensory Box

According to research, young children learn best through experiences. Toddlers, in particular, use their senses to explore their environment, try things and learn from their surroundings. A spring sensory box is a great idea because its experiences and exploration all rolled into one!

A sensory spring is a wonderfully experiential way of introducing your baby to springtime. A sensory spring box can be any box that you can decorate with leaves, stickers and a bit of glitter glue. You can even decorate a sensory spring box with your baby and turn it into a fun activity of its own!

The next step is to collect spring-related items and artifacts for your box. If you have toddlers or preschoolers, take them out on a walk through a playground or a meadow and let them find natural souvenirs themselves.

However, if your baby is too young to explore on their own, you can collect items for their spring sensory box. Some of the things you can easily collect include a baby-safe fragrant flower bud (we recommend primrose), a silky bird feather, a patterned piece of bark, cherry blossom petals and a brightly coloured flower.

      4.Go for a Spin on an Electric Ride on Car

Another way to make outdoor time more fun and super exciting for your baby is to get an electric toy car for kids. Not only would a ride on toy develop your child’s motor skills, but it will also make them fall in love with the outdoors!

Kids’ electric cars are available in a wide range of colours, models, and sizes. At Electric Ride On Cars, you can easily find an age-appropriate and safe ride-on toy for your child. Kids electric cars work best on varied terrain. They’re battery-powered so your child can explore a larger area. However, if you want your child to get physical activity, you can look into our range of pedal-powered foot to floor ride-ons  too.

      5.Save Sundays for a Trip to the Farmer’s Market

Here’s how you teach your child the importance of eating healthy and get done with groceries at the same time; a Sunday trip to the farmer’s market!

Spring season is also the best time to visit the farmers market because most local markets are stocked full of fresh produce and seasonal fruits during this season.

Make your trip fun by asking your children to help you shop by making a rainbow grocery list (include 7 fresh veggies and fruits in the list and explain their benefits to your baby) and encouraging them to talk to the local farmers and learn more about where their food comes from and how it’s grown.