Blaze Storm Nerf Style Blasters

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A Blaze Storm foam blaster is the ultimate toy for indoor play for older kids. Coupling all the fun of a quickfire shooting game designed to improve your kids cognitive skills with safe indoor play. We have a range of battery-powered Blaze Storm blasters available that shoot either foam balls or foam darts, all designed for safe indoor play. We offer a selection of mini toy guns and toy rifles with scope.

Are Blaze Storm blasters safe?

Foam blaster toy guns like Blaze Storm are incredibly safe. With either foam balls or foam darts loaded into these toy blasters, you don’t have to worry about injuring yourself or your kids hurting themselves while they play. The Blaze Storm soft bullet guns are designed with your kids safety in mind.

What ages are Blaze Storm blasters suitable for?

While these nerf style Blaze Storm toys are absolutely safe, they are generally designed for children aged 8 and up. We’d not recommend the Blaze Storm soft bullet guns for children younger than this as they could cause injury.

Where can Blaze Storm blasters be used?

These Blaze Storm foam blasters are best used indoors. We’d always advise using these on private property in a safe controlled environment.