Car Designers of The Future – Competition Winners

What would your dream car look like? Would it have wings? Be able to fly? 

Last month, Electric Ride On Cars called upon the children of the UK to submit a design of their dream car of the future, to be in the chance of winning their own electric ride on car, with the 2nd and 3rd place designs also being brought to life by our professional designers! 

So here are the future of cars, according to children…

Muhammad issas, Aged 6 – The M & M

The winning design, was designed by Muhammad issas, aged 6, who designed a car which has LED projections of the car logo, when you open the doors, LED lights underneath for those winter rides home, a cup holder to hold his sippy cups and wipers that swish on a rainy day. 

Commenting on his design, he says “I am very proud of my design and have named my car the “M & M” for it will be for both my little brother Musa and me, as he is my ride or die partner. 


Billy, aged 9 – The Eco-Friendly Bus

As a runner-up, Billy aged 9 years old, designed an eco-friendly bus that instead of releasing pollution into the air, shoots out perfume and air freshener. 

A cool car, plus great for the environment?! We’re sold.

Toby, aged 5 years 11 months – The Rocket Car

When asked for one outstanding feature of his car of the future, Toby, aged just 5 years and 11 months old, said “The rocket boosters, because they blast fire out of the back and make it go really fast.” 

Toby’s design also incorporated practical tyre grips, and doors that open up, as well as a super-useful secret area for nunchucks and swords.


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