Kid’s Electric Motorbikes & Dirt Bikes

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Are your kids ready to take their play to the next level? Our kids electric motorbikes are perfect for your little adrenaline-seekers who want something with a little more zip than our ride on cars. Your kids can indulge in a little more speed with our ride on electric bikes, that have been designed with kids 8 and above in mind. We also offer three-wheel ride on bikes for younger kids aged 18 months to 3 years. Now put on your helmet, kick back that stand and find the best electric motorbike or mini dirt bike for your kids.

250w kid’s electric dirt bikes

Our 250w kids electric motorbikes are the perfect bike for beginners. Designed with slightly younger kids in mind, they’re perfect for anyone aged 10 and up. Each 250w kids dirt bike is designed to hit top speeds of 20km/h, with front & rear suspension to make off-road biking a reality.

500w kid’s electric dirt bikes

For slightly older children, we’ve got our 500w range of kids motorbikes. These electric motorbikes are ideal for kids aged 14 and over. They have top speeds of 25km/h and sit a little higher off the ground than the 25w models. With full front and rear suspension, they’re perfect for your budding motocross enthusiast.

Biking with a difference

Remember when you were a kid? Whizzing around on your bike, pretending it had a motor and you were jumping over small mounds of dirt in the field? Now you can make that dream come true for your own kids. Whether they’re inspired by motocross or simply want an electric dirt bike of their own to play with their friends, we can help. All our kids electric motorbikes are packed with features to give your children both the thrill of an electric dirt bike and the safety we know you, as parents, want them to have. Each bike, whether you grab a 250w ride on electric bike or a more powerful 500w electric dirt bike, comes complete with:
  • Twist ‘n’ go throttle
  • Chain drive
  • Rechargeable batteries that take around 8-9 hours for a full charge
  • Front and rear suspension for rough terrain
  • Disc brakes operated by a handlebar lever
  • Kick stand to prop it up
  • Leather seats for maximum comfort and endurance

A safety-first experience

We always have your kid’s safety in mind. Whether you’re one of our electric ride on cars or something a little more exciting like a kids electric motorbike. We’d always recommend helmets, safety clothing, and adult supervision when your kids are riding, but a number of features have been added for additional safety. Each mini motorbike and dirt bike includes:
  • Limited top speeds
  • Disc brakes
  • Full suspension
  • Stabilisers for more unsure children
  • Tyre tread with enhanced grip
  • High quality body build designed to be robust

Break up your payments

Now you can shop now and pay later with Clearpay. We understand that not everyone has the money to buy a mini electric bike right now, but with Clearpay you can pay for your kid's dirt bike in manageable installments. When you choose to check out with Clearpay your payments will be broken down into 4 installments taken every 2 weeks. Clearpay is a credit agreement and as such shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are a number of requirements you may need to meet and we’d encourage you to use Clearpay responsibly.

Kids Electric Motorbike FAQs

What ages are a kid’s electric motorbike suitable for?

These bikes are not designed for younger children and should only be used by those aged 10 and over. All kids electric bikes will have their own restrictions and you should check before buying.

Are electric ride-on motorbikes safe?

Electric dirt bikes for kids are designed to be as safe as possible, complete with brakes and suspension. We would always recommend the use of an electric kids bike to be supervised. Each bike comes complete with a number of safety features like brakes and speed limiters.