Foot to Floor Ride On Cars for Kids

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Foot to Floor Ride ons

Foot to Floor Ride ons

Ride of your kid’s dream. As a child is growing up, he sees his dad and big brothers driving around, he not only wants to ride but to fly. Being a parent it is our duty to fulfill most of our kid’s wishes if you have an ability to do so. Get your hands on to amazing products by “Foot to floor rides”.

Product Quality: The products made by them are reliable and has all the amazing features. The car is made of high-quality plastic which is very aesthetically pleasing and perfect for your child. This product by “Foot to floor rides” is designed keeping the safety of child in mind. The toy car comes in variety of colors which are vibrant and elegant. The tires are also made of high-quality rubber which is durable and will last for a very long time. Not only are the tires long lasting, but also aid in giving a smooth ride. The tires are also designed in such a way that they prevent from slipping on slippery surface, the size of tires makes it easy for the ride to be used on any kind of surface or in any area. Every part of the toy car is carefully painted and polished to give it a realistic look which your children will love and appreciate, giving them experience of driving an actual car at a young age.

Product Design: The design of the toy car by “foot to floor rides” created to mimic exactly its original version which you will not find anywhere else. The seat is also made of high-quality leather and is comfortable for sitting for long periods of time. The car also has 3 high-quality gauge clusters which give the car an authentic look and gives your child a real driving experience. The steering wheel is made of high-quality leather and has a wide steering angle allowing for extensive maneuverability. A high-quality logo is placed at the center of the horn which gives it a more extraordinary look. The toy car is also designed with keeping safety in mind and is designed to support the weight of children up till 8 years. The toy car’s seat is not only comfortable but also spacious; its shape is designed in such a way which prevents kids from tripping and getting injured. The toy car has artificial breaks which give it a real car like look. Not only is this car an amazing present for younger ones, but it is also the best way to express your fondness to them. These amazing cars are available in different models such as porch, Ferrari, and Mercedes. They are designed in such a way that they mimic the real cars, the selection of colors are made carefully, which is aesthetic and radiant, keeping in mind the colors kids love. This toy car would make an amazing gift on different occasions since not only it is designed carefully keeping safety in mind but also fun toy for kids and an amazing past time. Each toy car has a unique design and style.

What would a kid love more than a fancy dream ride? Obviously, a toy car which is fun can be used on any surface.
• In various attractive and radiant colors.
• It is safe for your kids.
• It is very reasonable to buy as it is low cost and light on the pocket.
• It can be an exciting present for the kids who love cars.
• Available in different models and designs.

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