Foot to Floor Ride On Cars for Kids

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Foot to Floor Ride ons

Foot to Floor Ride ons

Foot to Floor Ride On Cars

Foot to floor ride on cars are perfect for those younger children who perhaps aren’t quite ready for an electric ride on just yet, but they’re still a great way to encourage active play.

They can either be powered by your little one’s feet, or by being pushed along by a grown-up and are a safer and cheaper alternative to our full-sized electric models.

And just like the electric versions, we have licensed foot to floor ride-on cars from all kinds of top real-life manufacturers such as Mercedes and Ferrari.

Are ride on cars safe?

If safety is a concern when looking for a ride on car for your children, then our foot to floor models are ideal, because they’re perfectly safe to be used even by younger children and toddlers.

These vehicles move slower than the electric alternatives and have wide wheels to ensure that they don’t lose their balance, while some allow you to push the vehicle yourself so that you’re always in control.

What ages are these ride on cars suitable for?

It’s important that you choose a ride on car that’s age-appropriate for your child to ensure their safety.

Foot to floor cars are usually designed to be used by younger children, usually from 18 months and above, although some require the child to be at least two years old.

They’ll also have an upper weight limit and usually shouldn’t be used by children once they get past their third birthday.

Where can foot to floor ride on cars be used?

To ensure that there are no nasty accidents, it’s best to keep your foot to floor ride on cars to the back garden, driveway and on other surfaces that are flat and stable.

For this reason, as well as for safety, it’s recommended that you do not take them out on real roads or pavements.

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