Electric Go Karts & Quad Bikes for Kids

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Go Karts & Quads

Go Karts & Quads

Electric Go Karts for Kids and Electric Quad Bikes

Whatever age your kids are, there’s a go cart or quad bike that’s perfect for them.

Our electric go karts for kids are perfect for slightly younger children looking for that added sense of adventure. Unlike more standard ride on cars the electric go karts are low to the ground and are designed to make your kids feel like they’re in something a little more sporty and fun.

Our electric ride on quad bikes are here for when your kids have gotten a little older and want to take things to the next level. The ride on quad bikes are designed for kids aged 10+ or 12+ and as such have a much higher max speed and proper suspension. They’re perfect for more adventurous children and teenagers, those looking for a bit of a thrill when they’re playing. We have a range of different power levels aimed at different ages.

Are ride on cars safe? 

The kids electric go karts are safe, with low max speeds, a bucket seat and a smooth ride offered by rubber wheels.

The kids electric quad and ATV vehicles need a little more precaution. As they have a higher max speed and are designed for rougher terrain and older kids we’d recommend safety gear such as helmets and clothing designed for quad biking.

What ages are these ride on karts and quad bikes suitable for?

The electric go karts for kids are designed for children aged 3-6, but always check each individual product before ordering.

Our electric ride on quad bikes are designed for children aged 10+ or 12+. They are a more advanced electric ride on vehicle and as such are designed for much older children. We offer a range of different power levels and each is suitable for a different age range.

Where can go karts and kids quad bikes be used?

Kids electric go karts should be used on flat surfaces in safe areas such as a yard, garden or indoors. They should never be used on the road.

The kids quad bikes are effective on most terrains, but should also be kept off the roads for safety reasons. They would be perfect in larger gardens or yards or in fields.

Design and Appearance: The pedal go kart is made up of high-quality metals and comes in a variety of different colors, to experience a unique ride. The different range of color is unique proven to be appealing to kids. The kart is available in pink, ink blue, flaming red and neon green color. Each kart has a special color combination. On the other hand, the kart shape is very stunning; you cannot resist getting your hands on it. It has been designed considering all the safety measures and the special attention has been given to the comfort level by its manufacturers. Great importance has been given too little details while designing it, every product that is used in its manufacturing is of reliable quality. Electric go-karts are low maintenance; they require only the lead-acid batteries to be plugged into an array of chargers after each time you run the Kart. Since they are pollution-free and emit no smoke, the tracks can be indoors for kids in controlled environments and under their parent’s supervision

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