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Audi TT Kids ride on Car

Licensed 12v Audi TT RS with Parental Remote Control - Red


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Licensed 12v Audi TT RS with Parental Remote Control - Red

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Quick Overview

Red 12v Licensed Audi TT RS kids ride on car parental remote control with working LED lights and opening doors.

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Red 12v Licensed Audi TT RS kids ride on car with working lights and opening doors. The design and build of this ride on car is absolutely stunning and very close to the real thing! It has functionalites such as horn, car sounds, etc. The ride on car has 12V rechargeable battery with a full functional remote control for parents who's kids cannot reach the accelerator pedal or cannot control the car, so the car be controlled by the parent remotely and the child rides in the car. If necessary the parent can overide the child's driving using the remote control. Comes complete with the battery charger and all necessary accessories. Please note that some self assembly is required.


  • Drives forwards, backwards, left, right
  • Push button start
  • Parental full function Remote Control
  • MP3 Connection
  • Doors Fully open
  • Seat Belt
  • Front and Rear Working LED lights
  • Engine and horn sounds
  • Rechargeable 12V battery (2 x 6v) and mains charger
  • Speed: 5Km/Hr
  • 2 x 30W Motor
  • Max. Load 40Kg
  • Suitable for age 3-5
  • Assembeled Dimensions: 103cm x 62cm x 43cm

Whats included?

  • 1 x 12v ride on car
  • 1 x Remote Control
  • 1 x UK Charger for the car battery
  • 1 x 12V (2x6v) Rechargeable battery for car
  • 1 x User Manual

If you’re looking for something different to buy your kids, because they have enough stuffies, books, and dolls already, a red 12v Audi TT ride on car is something that they’re going to find intriguing. It’s a car that looks exactly like a grownup’s car, but is considerably scaled down in size to fit a toddler or youngster. Once you get your kid into this vehicle, they aren’t going to want to leave it. The red 12v electric ride on Audi TT may be one of your more exciting choices for kids, as not only is it bright red, but it’s in sports convertible style too! Even if you can’t afford to buy the real deal for yourself, your kids are certainly going to have fun riding around in their own Audi TT!

Everything about this licensed 12v Audi TT RS is realistic. There are many different options and choices once you’ve decided to buy your kid a ride on car. This vehicle has a super sporty appearance. Even the windscreen is tinted a dark grey colour. There are two doors that really open up on either side of the vehicle. In the middle is a comfy grey seat for your child to sit on. Once they’re safely in the car, there is a seatbelt to secure them.
The red 12v electric ride on Audi TT even has real running headlights LED lights. The car is powered by two electric motors. The car can be plugged in for recharging, just like your usual electric vehicles today. This is teaching your child to be environmentally conscious at a early age!
The red 12v Audi TT ride on car includes a charger in the box, and this fits into any standard electric outlet. The rechargeable battery in the vehicle is also included, so you don’t have to buy anything extra to complete assembly of your car kit. Assembly is minimal and is only to provide the most affordable method for shipping purposes. Parents will appreciate the red 12v electric ride on Audi TT as they can use a remote control unit to control the car. If your child is still super young, but old enough to enjoy fun and games, then you can take control of the driving.
This is like a toy that grows with your child. When they’re old enough and can understand the concept of how the steering wheel and the accelerator work, they can drive the car themselves. They can drive up to speeds of five kilometres per hour. When you’re shopping around for a ride on vehicle as a gift for your child or other family member, the red 12v Audi TT ride on car is a fun and unique gift that goes beyond being a toy. The red 12v Audi TT ride on car is priced affordably and has a bold red colour that is sure to dazzle your kids and keep them occupied for many hours of outdoor fun

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    Love It review by Tina on 05/01/2018

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    Really Good! review by Anna on 05/01/2018

    This car is really good great value for the money and our grandson absolutely loves it

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