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Electric Ride on Cars

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  • Benefits of a balance bike

    A balance bike is a great introduction to some of the skills your child will need when they come to learning to ride a bicycle.

    Not all children learn to ride a push-bike at the same age - and there are several stages along the way, including:

    • Riding a tricycle (age 2-3)
    • Riding a bicycle with stabilisers (age 4-5)
    • Riding without stabilisers (age 6-7+)

    Before riding a tricycle with pedals, it's normal for most kids to ride a foot-to-floor bike or a pushalong bike, but a balance bike is specifically designed to help them move towards pedalling without stabilisers.


    What is a balance bike?

    A balance bike is designed to be closer to an adult bicycle in shape, but without pedals - instead, the child scoots along the ground using their feet, and lifts them off of the floor to coast along.

    They are typically more grown-up looking than the pushalong bikes you're used to seeing for toddlers, and many kids are excited to get their first grown-up bike, without having to learn to use pedals just yet.


    What age is a balance bike for?

    Despite their resemblance to adult bicycles, balance bikes can be used from an early age - ours are recommended for ages 2+.

    At this age your child's fine motor skills are developing and a balance bike helps to support that, while also being good fun for your little one to play on.

    Of course a foot-to-floor bike needs your child's feet to reach the floor. Our NEO training bikes have adjustable seats for a perfect fit and to keep your child at a comfortable height as their little legs grow.


    How does a balance bike help?

    A balance bike gives your child a chance to practise the motor skills involved in riding a bike, without also having to learn to pedal.

    That means they get used to riding at speed, the feeling of sitting upright on a saddle and holding handlebars, and using those handlebars to steer.

    Crucially, when they lift their feet from the ground, your child gets an authentic cycling experience - and when they're used to balancing in this way, they can progress to a pedal cycle.


    What about foot-to-floor cars?

    If your child is all about cars, not bikes, that's fine - we also have foot-to-floor cars in the style of major sports car manufacturers like Ferrari, Mercedes and Porsche.

    These again give your child a first taste of ride-on cars and when they're ready, you can progress them on to one of our electric ride-on cars with parental remote control.

  • Are you ready for the summer holidays? Get it right on a ride-on car!

    Electric ride-on cars are the perfect way to enjoy the summer holidays, giving the kids the chance to get out and about on a mini road trip adventure of their own.

    Our fully licensed range of ride-on electric cars recreate popular manufacturers, makes and models in miniature, battery-powered form.

    That means the kids can have their own child-sized version of mum or dad's car to take out for a spin whenever they want.


    12V ride-on convertibles for sunny day getaways

    If you want to be ready for the sunny days of summer, choose one of our 12V ride-on convertibles in the style of the Audi R8 Spyder, BMW GT 6 Series Coupe or the stunning Mercedes AMG G63 SUV with parental control.

    These electric ride-on sports cars come in authentic colours with genuine logos, perfectly reproducing the look and feel of the supercars they are based on.

    And thanks to their sturdy construction and powerful rechargeable 12V motor, you can expect them to be even more reliable than their full-sized counterparts over the course of a full summer season of use!


    Electric 4x4s for off-road adventures

    Our range of ride-on electric 4x4s adds a rugged look to the robust construction of these premium ride-on cars.

    Ride-on Range Rover models include 12V Evoque and Vogue vehicles, as well as ride-on Land Rovers like Discovery and the iconic Land Rover Defender.

    For something with a little more grunt - twice as much, in fact - choose the two-seater 24V Ford Ranger Pick Up, with functioning tail gate and LED headlights.

    Or to give your kids a real ride-on off-road vehicle, take a look at our 24V quad buggies which again come equipped with two seats.


    Why to choose a quality ride-on car this summer

    One thing all of our electric ride-on cars have in common is quality - we stock licensed electric cars for kids of different ages and driving abilities.

    That means you can expect your child's ride-on car to make it through a summer season of heavy use in one piece.

    With parental remote controls you can take the wheel whenever you need to and prevent a collision if your child is headed towards an unseen obstacle.

    And if you need replacement batteries, spare chargers, a new steering wheel or even extra wheel alloys, just check our Spare Parts department to see what we've got in stock, and your child will soon be on the road again enjoying their precious summer holiday.

  • Motoring like mum and dad on matching ride-on cars

    If you drive a major-brand car, 4x4 or SUV, there's nothing cuter than getting matching ride-on cars for the kids so they can drive like daddy or motor like mummy!

    Our wide range of electric ride-on cars includes most of the major brands from Audi, BMW and Bentley, to Ferrari and Ford, MINI and Mercedes.

    We also have electric ride-on 4x4s and SUVs including some of the brands already listed, plus electric ride-on Land Rovers and Range Rovers.

    If you drive any of those brands and want matching ride-on cars for the children, just take a look around our website and we're sure to have a close match for your make and model.


    Why do kids love matching ride-on cars so much?

    Let's be honest, literally ANY ride-on car is bound to go down well with the kids, so when you get them a ride-on car that matches mummy and daddy's, it's even more special.

    Kids love to be able to do the same things as their parents, and lots of young children also like to feel grown-up, so climbing behind the wheel of their own electric ride ticks both boxes.

    We even have electric ride-on police cars, so if either (or both!) of the parents are police officers, the kids can stage their own hot pursuit in the back yard.

    (Don't worry - with a safety seatbelt, a top speed of 3 mph and a remote control for a parent to take over the steering, this is one car chase that can always end safely!)


    How to find matching ride-on cars

    It's easy to find matching ride-on cars on our website, whether you prefer to search or just click/tap your way around.

    The search box at the top of the page is the easiest way to find something specific - you can just type in the make and model of ride-on car you want, and it will give you results in order of relevance, so even if there's no exact match, you can see the next nearest option.

    Alternatively, we have electric ride-on cars by make and model on our main menu, with separate pages for the main models of ride-on SUVs and 4x4s, so just click through to the manufacturer you're looking to match, and see if we have the model you need.

    We try to cover all the bases so if your family car is a major make and model, there's a very strong chance we have a good match for it, so your kids can drive just like mummy and daddy do!

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