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  • How online gaming affects kids

    We're proud of the fact that our electric ride-on cars get kids outside and active, and away from sitting in front of a screen for hours on end.

    Concerns about children's consumption of screen-based media are nothing new, but there are more ways than ever for kids to slip into a sedentary lifestyle.

    Back just a generation ago, most households would have had a family TV and possibly not much else.

    Nowadays, kids are more likely to have their own TV in their bedroom, a computer, laptop or tablet, a smartphone, and perhaps also a portable DVD player for the car.

    It's changing the way kids play, and the amount of time children spend on online gaming, videogame consoles and smartphone gaming apps.

    How long do we spend on computer games in the UK?

    According to the Limelight Networks State of Online Gaming report published last year, people worldwide spend an average of just under six hours a week on computer games.

    In the UK this figure increases to 7.15 hours, more than any of the other countries surveyed, which were France, Germany, Japan, South Korea and the US.

    The survey only asked over-18s, but there was a direct link between younger age groups and more time spent gaming in this way.

    So, it's only likely that the current generation of children will spend even more time than that playing digital games.

    How does this affect kids?

    There are direct privacy and social risks to children who spend all their free time on computer games.

    It's a mixed picture - for example, researchers at the University of Oxford Department of Computer Science found that children are good at using fake names to protect their identity, but not so aware of how their online activity can be tracked and targeted for in-game promotions.

    A study published this year by the University of Glasgow also found that autistic children were able to form relatively good friendships while playing Minecraft online; however, those with mental health challenges were less able to do so.

    Getting out

    While present-day children are part of a digital generation for whom screens will form an integral part of their life journey, we think it's still important to play, be active and get some fresh air.

    That's why we're proud to see children enjoying our electric ride-on cars, which give a valuable first taste of another of life's important skills: driving.

    If your child has shown an interest in driving simulators or car racing games, or you just want them to put down their smartphone or tablet and go outside instead, an electric ride-on car could be the solution you need.


  • Our foolproof guide to Christmas presents

    With fewer and fewer shopping days - and even fewer shopping weekends - left to go in the run-up to Christmas, more of us will be looking to tick off some of those big-ticket items from our Christmas present shopping lists.

    If you have kids, the panic might be starting to set in, but don't worry, because our foolproof guide to Christmas presents for children is here to help you out.

    We're going to look at when people buy Christmas presents for kids, how much to spend on kids' Christmas presents, and how to choose the best Christmas presents for young children.

    When do people shop for Christmas presents for kids?

    According to Statista, in 2018 the largest number of people said that they expected to do the bulk of their Christmas gift shopping in November.

    More than a third (37%) said that they expected to complete most of their Christmas present shopping before December arrived.

    Fewer people are leaving it to the last minute - last year just one in eight people (12%) said they would do most of their Christmas present shopping in the final week before Christmas itself.

    In 2019 December 25th falls on a Wednesday, so it's worth placing orders online for kids' Christmas presents to be delivered in the previous week, to avoid any last-minute problems on the Monday and on Christmas Eve Tuesday.

    How much do people spend on Christmas presents?

    Nearly two thirds of people last year said they expected to spend over £300 on Christmas presents in total.

    That left 37% spending under £300, nearly as many (31%) spending between £300 and £500, and the rest spending even more according to Statista.

    An eighth of people (13%) planned more than £700 of spending on Christmas presents, and it's a fair bet that many in this category have larger families to buy for, including Christmas gifts for young children.

    What to buy kids for Christmas

    Electric ride-on cars make an amazing Christmas present for kids who are young enough and small enough to ride them.

    If you don't want to go electric, we also have a great range of balance bikes and foot to floor ride-ons, both of which are powered just by pushing along the floor like a scooter.

    Alternatively, for something a bit more rugged with room for a passenger, our larger ride-on SUVs and electric ride-on 4x4s are perfect Christmas gifts for multiple kids.

    They suit a wide range of budgets too, with prices from only just over £100 to £300 and above for a top-end model that will really make for a memorable Christmas morning.

  • How to raise a child’s confidence

    "You're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." - A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

    Confidence is one of the most important lessons for kids to learn.

    To some this can come naturally, but to others it takes time, especially if your young daughter or son are shy when it comes to meeting new people or trying new things.

    As adults, we want to help build a child’s self-esteem for them to live a happy and successful future.

    But how?

    Building confidence doesn’t have to feel like a challenge. In fact, it can be fun, and we’re here to share some of our top five tips to get your little one’s feeling like they’re on top of the world.

    The Role Model
    Well, first and foremost, it starts with you! The parent, the teacher, the friend, the family member - anyone!

    Think of yourself as a mirror - what kind of reflection do you want your child to see in you and themselves?

    Being a good role model is all about teaching right from wrong. By showing simple acts of kindness like offering to help carry the shopping bags, or saying ‘sorry’ when doing wrong can instil in children the confidence to make good decisions and become more proactive as people.

    Encouragement and Praise
    Encouragement and praise are a sure-fire way to help boost a child’s confidence. It makes them feel proud of their efforts and achievements, whether they are big on winning a contest, or small in answering a difficult question in class.

    Plus, if they fail, remember, when one door closes another one opens!

    Talk to them about ways to improve and how to make socialising, school, or activities easier to face.

    Feeling insecure or sad? Find a comfortable environment where they can express their emotions. One tip is using characters from some of their favourite stories, or even toys to help them understand their feelings and situation.

    As always, be your child’s biggest cheerleader as they pursue their passion in art, music, football, or swimming!

    Plus, for those with an adventurous streak, our electric mini dirt bikes and ATV quad bikes are a great option for young riders and beginners alike, especially if they have expressed a keen interest in sports such as motocross, racing, rally, or simply love being outdoors.

    Taking a Step Back
    Just as praising your child is good, allowing them to make their own choices and take responsibility is equally beneficial.

    After all, relying on mum and dad can hinder their independence and ability to learn through trial and error. Therefore, doing chores around the house, assigning them special jobs like feeding the dog, or asking them what clothes they would like to wear today shows a level of competence and sense of appreciation.

    Finally, as mentioned before, toys are another great source of help, in raising a child’s confidence and problem-solving skills.
    Puzzles, jigsaws, constructional games like Jenga, even ride on cars, scooters, and balance bikes provided by us help sharpen their level of intelligence, teamwork, and control.

    If you want to raise your kid’s confidence or are simply searching for the perfect Christmas present this year, browse our website for electric ride on cars for kids today!

  • What to do this Autumn

    Colour changing leaves, muddy puddles, toasted marshmallows by the fire – Autumn is one the best seasons!

    With so many fun activities, and places to see around the UK this year, your kids will be spoilt for choice when it comes to getting in the festive mood for Christmas!

    As a parent, if your looking to give your 3-year-old or 5-year-old a day out that they will never forget, or simply do something that will spark their curiosity – Here is a list of things to do for kids this Autumn season!

    Visit a National Trust Park

    Of course, no Autumn is complete without a trip to the park!

    The UK has hundreds of National Trust places, such as Lyme and Tatton park, where your little ones can play games, jump into a big pile of leaves, collect conkers, go for a woodland walk in their wellies, and maybe even spot a deer or two.

    Rainy Day Activities

    A little rain shouldn’t stop you from having fun!

    Arts and crafts are a great way for kids to be creative whilst also learning to be resourceful. You could make paper flowers, masks, paint pictures, mould clay toys – the possibilities are endless!

    Or, get the popcorn ready for a family movie day, and watch their favourite films all snug as a bug on a rug together.

    Hot Chocolate and Baking

    Cosy up and get warm with a mug of hot chocolate in the cold weather, and if you’re a GBBO fan, get baking with a range of yummy autumnal baking projects for delicious treats!


    Autumn is all about festivals, and this season is no different!

    Check out the Manchester animation festival this November, celebrating all things cartoony, with workshops and special screenings.

    Light up your kids’ faces by going to Longleat’s light festival, and see their amazing lanterns be brought to life as they dance the night away!

    Historical sites and Museums

    Why not take a journey to the past, or discover the wonders of the world?

    Travel back to medieval times and let your children live out their fantasies as a brave knight or princess at Warwick Castle, or visit the Bolton Steam Museum and learn all about the industrial revolution and machines that powered Britain.


    Speaking of machines, hop aboard on the East Lancashire Railway to experience the thrill of travelling on a steam train, and admiring the scenic views of the countryside.


    If your 3-year old’s birthday is coming up, or you’re looking ahead on what to buy for Christmas, Electric Ride On Cars supply a huge selection of ride on cars, SUVs, 4X4, and Buggies so they get the chance to ride in style!

    Visit our website for more details!



  • Halloween

    It’s Halloween!

    A time to carve pumpkins, dress up, play games, watch scary movies, and of course, eat lots of yummy sweets!

    But, if you’re looking to entertain your kids for a thriller night, or simply make their Halloween experience even more spooktastic, then get ready for the scariest season of the year with Electric Ride On Cars!

    Trick or treat your little witch, werewolf, or even zombie to a gift that will dazzle friends and family with their very own electric ride on car, SUV, or 4X4.

    We offer a range of ghoulish delights to get your kids screaming for joy, with cars mimicking real brands such as Mini, Audi, Jaguar, and Mercedes in variety of designs and colours to choose from.

    Plus, each are fitted for safety, with seatbelts, no sharp edges, and parental remote control –keeping your little monsters safe and secure!

    New Tricks and New Toys

    Speaking of monsters, have we got a car that’s both frighteningly LARGE in size and fun, with our latest addition of Ford Ranger Monster Trucks available in both black and white.

    Rampage through rough and grassy terrain with its chunky rubber Eva tyres, complete with chrome style alloy wheels, bright LED lights, tailgate and a design set to impress your three or six-year-old for Christmas, or any upcoming birthdays.

    Plus, with MP3 connectivity and an all new MP4 TV included, kids can cruise around as they listen and watch to their favourite tunes and show!

    Here’s a good tip: Haunt the streets by dressing up your ride on car with cobwebs, fake spiders, bat wings and other decorations – so you can travel in style whilst on the hunt for some delicious Halloween candy!

    Or, why not match costume and car together?

    Switch on the siren, flash those police lights, turn the key and get ready to chase robbers with our all new 12v Electric Police Ride on Car for your wannabe policeman or woman!

    This is a one of a kind ride on, with real engine sounds, forward and reverse gears, and LED dashboard to rev up your kids play time.

    Get your kids in gear for Halloween! Browse our website today for more information or get in touch via our contacts page.

  • Driving in adverse weather during autumn and winter

    Ride-on electric cars make great gifts for autumn birthdays and excellent Christmas gifts for kids of all ages - just check the product description for age and height guidelines.

    Naturally your little petrolhead will want to take their new wheels out for a spin, so if you're giving an electric ride-on car as a gift this autumn-winter, here are our top tips for safer driving.

    1. Parental supervision

    It goes without saying that parental supervision at all times will help to keep your child safe.

    Electric ride-on cars are designed for toddlers and up, and make great toys for a 3 year old or a 10 year old alike, but it's always good to have a grown-up looking on just in case.

    2. Safety first

    Seat belts are common as standard on ride-on electric cars, and they're there for a reason.

    Make sure your little one belts up every time they drive their car - it not only keeps them safe on rough terrain, but it's a useful life lesson for when they have a 'real' car when they are older.

    3. All terrain ride-on cars

    Our kids' electric 4x4s and ride-on electric SUVs are built for rugged terrain, making it even easier to enjoy driving them in autumn and winter.

    From rugged tyres that offer better grip on fallen leaves and wet ground, to powerful engines that can handle wet grass and softer surfaces, they make superb Christmas gifts for kids in rural areas or if you're planning to hit the park to try out their new toy.

    4. Remote control

    Parental remote controls are another standard feature, so keep the batteries fresh and you'll be able to step in and take over the steering if necessary.

    Ride-on cars for kids have a max speed of a few kph so a skid or spin-out is unlikely to be too dramatic, but the remote control means you can always steer them away from any puddles or icy patches they haven't spotted.

    5. Safe and seen

    Last but by no means least, realistic ride-on cars have many of the same features as their full-sized versions - often including working LED headlights.

    Again, this helps to make electric ride-on SUVs and mini 4x4s excellent autumn birthday gifts for kids as the lights help to keep them visible to you and any passers-by on darker autumn and winter evenings, or on a dark morning 'drive' to school.

  • The Benefits of Outdoor Play

    Remember the days of going to the park, climbing trees, riding a bike, playing hopscotch with your friends and splashing in puddles on rainy days?

    We do! And as parents we want our kids to get the most out of playing outdoors. There are so many benefits, especially when it comes to your child’s development.

    Physical and Mental Wellbeing

    Children are often more active outside, and an increase in fitness levels will help their muscles and bones grow as they do. Plus, the fresh air and sunshine even during the winter seasons, enables them to absorb vitamin D and release endorphins that lead to a happier and healthier mind.


    To adults, a stick is a simple object but to a 6-year-old it’s a magical wand, or a pen to draw pictures in the sand with. Outdoor play and objects are shown to stimulate a child’s imagination and creativity – freeing them from the physical boundaries of a room and opening a world of opportunities.


    Being in a big open space gives kids the chance to meet people, make new friends, and are more likely to participate in games and outdoor activities. Teamwork, learning to share, and have empathy towards others are all vital skills towards their growth as people in the future.


    By using outdoor equipment such as climbing frames, sandpits, and play trail puzzles kids are quick to solve problems, know how to work with unfamiliar objects, and learn to process information outside of the classroom in a fun way.


    According to Andy Simpson (chairman of The Wild Network), "The tragic truth is that kids have lost touch with nature and the outdoors in just one generation," with the influence of the media, online gaming, phones, and TV continuing to glue kids to a screen.

    Unfortunately, this domineering shift in technology has had a negative impact on children’s connections to the world, as well as affecting their communication and health.

    With outdoor play, kids gain an appreciation of nature and its many wonders! Discovering new things, taking risks, and having the confidence to be independent away from adult supervision is all part of growing up.


    If you want your kids to be more active outdoors, we suggest taking them to the park, arranging play dates at least once a week, using your garden as a safe enclosed space, and buying outdoor toys like electric ride-on cars to keep your kids happy!

  • It’s Birthday Time!

    What do birthdays mean?

    Cake, party hats, music, balloons, friends, games, or possibly the biggest perk of all: Toys!

    No doubt birthdays are the best time for kids to have fun, enjoy their day spent with friends and family, whilst also receiving new and exciting gifts to play with!

    According to most studies, more people are born in late September and early October than any other month of the year.

    And since this is the season to be celebrating, especially with Halloween and Christmas just around the corner, Electric Ride-on Cars are here to help.

    A party on wheels

    If your kids are one of the lucky few to be born in October, then make your kids birthday extra special for this year and the next with an electric ride-on car.

    Children as young as 3 can experience the thrill of driving both outdoors and indoors with their very own Jaguar, Lamborghini, Audi, or Ford car in a range of colours – looking like the coolest kids on the block!

    Each car is modelled after the smooth and sleek design of their real counterparts, but at a fraction of the price (guaranteed to not break the bank of mum and dad.) All our products feature working LED lights, a soft or push button start, a seatbelt for added safety, and foot operated pedal with a twin motor powered by a 12v battery.

    We also supply electric ride-on 4x4s, SUVs, including electric ride-on Land Rovers and Range Rovers. A big birthday bash deserves a BIG gift after all!

    Or, for your 10-year-old with an adventurous streak, why not view our collection of electric scooters, and mini moto dirt bikes operated by a twist and go throttle just like a real bike.

    This month treat your toddler to a birthday gift they’ll never forget. Visit Electric Ride-on Cars for details.


  • Electric Ride-on Cars – How do they work?

    As a customer and parent, you want to get the best for your kids so they can enjoy speeding off on their own little adventure!

    One of the best things about electric cars is how they provide all the fun without lacking in the safety department. Whenever you buy one of our electric cars, you can be guaranteed that all our products are fully checked and tested for approval.

    We buy our products with maintenance, style, and design in mind, equipping them with features that will make your children jump for joy! LED lights, real engine and horn sounds, seatbelts, and leather interior seats for comfort – the list goes on!

    But ever wonder what’s underneath the hood?

    What makes these mini wheels tick?

    This article is here to show you!

    Components and motion

    Every car has a rechargeable 12V battery installed, (depending on the specification some are 2 x 12v making it a 24v Car)

    These can not only be used in electronic toy cars, but also in power boats and alarms etc. When charged, an electrical current passes through a copper commuter to the electromagnet parallel to the permanent magnet inside the motor of the structure.

    Our twin motors are what we call the beating heart of the car, and they come in a variety of sizes, depending on whether you desire a sporty Mercedes or a rugged Buggy. The bigger the vehicle, the bigger the motor.

    Due to a continuous positive and negative force between the magnets, this touches the rods connecting to the wheels; allowing the car to move at the touch of a button or the turn of a key and a vrooom!!

    The external body of the car is made from plastic, which is built not only for durability, but to also mimic the slick and smooth brands of real cars. Plus, its rounded design ensures no sharp edges or corners will harm your little ones as they’re on the move.

    Things to consider

    Finding the one that’s right for your kid is worth noting, as one car might be good for a 5-year-old, but not a 2-year-old. Cars have different features, specifications, weight limits, and speed levels so it’s always best to read the information first before deciding.

    Of course, keeping your electric car in top working order becomes a priority as time goes by. Part of what makes Electric Ride-on Cars a service you’ll love is our own spare parts shop. No kid wants to be sat stuck in one place forever, so be sure to turn that frown upside down and don’t hesitate to get your car fixed today!

  • Learning to drive with electric ride-on cars

    Childhood is an exciting time for kids as not only are they discovering things about the big wide world, but about themselves too! Whether that’s learning our ABC’s in school, an instrument, or wanting to play football – the fun never stops!

    However, as young teenagers and adults, we begin to think about where life will take us, or more specifically, how we will get there – that’s where driving comes into play.

    For most, it’s an important life skill which helps us travel from A to B, but learning doesn’t have to begin at 17. Why not start age 3, 6, or 10? Well now you can with Electric Ride-on Cars!

    Electric ride-on cars are a brilliant introduction to get your kids on the move and experience the fun of driving. They’re safe, affordable, and built for hours of amusement for your little ones.

    With plenty of options to choose from via our website selecting the perfect car couldn’t be easier. We supply electric cars based on real brands such as Ford, Bentley, BMW, Mini, and Audi; and in terms of colour and design remember to always look at the specifications and features before you buy so it’s the right one for them.

    Once this is done, it’s time to teach the rules of the road!

    So, here are some of our top tips on how to get your kids involved with driving and train them up for a car of their own in the future.

    Tips and tricks

    Find a safe and spacious location to explore and play in such as the garden, park, or even your own driveway (provided it is empty). Anywhere that is accessible to you, and void of objects that could potentially cause injury is a plus.

    Read the instruction manual and learn as with any electronic device about its basic functions and tools before starting to get in gear. You could also refresh your memory on the highway code itself which leads to our next point.


    Get crafty by making your own traffic signs and lights out of cardboard and colouring pens. This way they can visual the images and symbols better when out on their next road trip, whilst also learning about their meanings along the way. As an added bonus, use chalk to make parking bays and road markings on the ground – helpful when it comes to learning certain manoeuvres and the alignment of lanes.

    We’ve all got to start somewhere, and by giving clear and simple instructions, this will allow your kids to understand directions easier and familiarize themselves with their car – they’ll be naturals in no time!

    Finally, as parents, be your child’s cheerleader as you encourage them to do their very best! And if they make a mistake or find things troubling, motivate them to try again and again.

    If your ready to give your kids a gift and lesson they’ll never forget, don’t hesitate to visit our website to find out more.

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