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Electric Ride on Cars

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  • The Benefits of Outdoor Play

    Remember the days of going to the park, climbing trees, riding a bike, playing hopscotch with your friends and splashing in puddles on rainy days?

    We do! And as parents we want our kids to get the most out of playing outdoors. There are so many benefits, especially when it comes to your child’s development.

    Physical and Mental Wellbeing

    Children are often more active outside, and an increase in fitness levels will help their muscles and bones grow as they do. Plus, the fresh air and sunshine even during the winter seasons, enables them to absorb vitamin D and release endorphins that lead to a happier and healthier mind.


    To adults, a stick is a simple object but to a 6-year-old it’s a magical wand, or a pen to draw pictures in the sand with. Outdoor play and objects are shown to stimulate a child’s imagination and creativity – freeing them from the physical boundaries of a room and opening a world of opportunities.


    Being in a big open space gives kids the chance to meet people, make new friends, and are more likely to participate in games and outdoor activities. Teamwork, learning to share, and have empathy towards others are all vital skills towards their growth as people in the future.


    By using outdoor equipment such as climbing frames, sandpits, and play trail puzzles kids are quick to solve problems, know how to work with unfamiliar objects, and learn to process information outside of the classroom in a fun way.


    According to Andy Simpson (chairman of The Wild Network), "The tragic truth is that kids have lost touch with nature and the outdoors in just one generation," with the influence of the media, online gaming, phones, and TV continuing to glue kids to a screen.

    Unfortunately, this domineering shift in technology has had a negative impact on children’s connections to the world, as well as affecting their communication and health.

    With outdoor play, kids gain an appreciation of nature and its many wonders! Discovering new things, taking risks, and having the confidence to be independent away from adult supervision is all part of growing up.


    If you want your kids to be more active outdoors, we suggest taking them to the park, arranging play dates at least once a week, using your garden as a safe enclosed space, and buying outdoor toys like electric ride-on cars to keep your kids happy!

  • It’s Birthday Time!

    What do birthdays mean?

    Cake, party hats, music, balloons, friends, games, or possibly the biggest perk of all: Toys!

    No doubt birthdays are the best time for kids to have fun, enjoy their day spent with friends and family, whilst also receiving new and exciting gifts to play with!

    According to most studies, more people are born in late September and early October than any other month of the year.

    And since this is the season to be celebrating, especially with Halloween and Christmas just around the corner, Electric Ride-on Cars are here to help.

    A party on wheels

    If your kids are one of the lucky few to be born in October, then make your kids birthday extra special for this year and the next with an electric ride-on car.

    Children as young as 3 can experience the thrill of driving both outdoors and indoors with their very own Jaguar, Lamborghini, Audi, or Ford car in a range of colours – looking like the coolest kids on the block!

    Each car is modelled after the smooth and sleek design of their real counterparts, but at a fraction of the price (guaranteed to not break the bank of mum and dad.) All our products feature working LED lights, a soft or push button start, a seatbelt for added safety, and foot operated pedal with a twin motor powered by a 12v battery.

    We also supply electric ride-on 4x4s, SUVs, including electric ride-on Land Rovers and Range Rovers. A big birthday bash deserves a BIG gift after all!

    Or, for your 10-year-old with an adventurous streak, why not view our collection of electric scooters, and mini moto dirt bikes operated by a twist and go throttle just like a real bike.

    This month treat your toddler to a birthday gift they’ll never forget. Visit Electric Ride-on Cars for details.


  • Electric Ride-on Cars – How do they work?

    As a customer and parent, you want to get the best for your kids so they can enjoy speeding off on their own little adventure!

    One of the best things about electric cars is how they provide all the fun without lacking in the safety department. Whenever you buy one of our electric cars, you can be guaranteed that all our products are fully checked and tested for approval.

    We buy our products with maintenance, style, and design in mind, equipping them with features that will make your children jump for joy! LED lights, real engine and horn sounds, seatbelts, and leather interior seats for comfort – the list goes on!

    But ever wonder what’s underneath the hood?

    What makes these mini wheels tick?

    This article is here to show you!

    Components and motion

    Every car has a rechargeable 12V battery installed, (depending on the specification some are 2 x 12v making it a 24v Car)

    These can not only be used in electronic toy cars, but also in power boats and alarms etc. When charged, an electrical current passes through a copper commuter to the electromagnet parallel to the permanent magnet inside the motor of the structure.

    Our twin motors are what we call the beating heart of the car, and they come in a variety of sizes, depending on whether you desire a sporty Mercedes or a rugged Buggy. The bigger the vehicle, the bigger the motor.

    Due to a continuous positive and negative force between the magnets, this touches the rods connecting to the wheels; allowing the car to move at the touch of a button or the turn of a key and a vrooom!!

    The external body of the car is made from plastic, which is built not only for durability, but to also mimic the slick and smooth brands of real cars. Plus, its rounded design ensures no sharp edges or corners will harm your little ones as they’re on the move.

    Things to consider

    Finding the one that’s right for your kid is worth noting, as one car might be good for a 5-year-old, but not a 2-year-old. Cars have different features, specifications, weight limits, and speed levels so it’s always best to read the information first before deciding.

    Of course, keeping your electric car in top working order becomes a priority as time goes by. Part of what makes Electric Ride-on Cars a service you’ll love is our own spare parts shop. No kid wants to be sat stuck in one place forever, so be sure to turn that frown upside down and don’t hesitate to get your car fixed today!

  • Learning to drive with electric ride-on cars

    Childhood is an exciting time for kids as not only are they discovering things about the big wide world, but about themselves too! Whether that’s learning our ABC’s in school, an instrument, or wanting to play football – the fun never stops!

    However, as young teenagers and adults, we begin to think about where life will take us, or more specifically, how we will get there – that’s where driving comes into play.

    For most, it’s an important life skill which helps us travel from A to B, but learning doesn’t have to begin at 17. Why not start age 3, 6, or 10? Well now you can with Electric Ride-on Cars!

    Electric ride-on cars are a brilliant introduction to get your kids on the move and experience the fun of driving. They’re safe, affordable, and built for hours of amusement for your little ones.

    With plenty of options to choose from via our website selecting the perfect car couldn’t be easier. We supply electric cars based on real brands such as Ford, Bentley, BMW, Mini, and Audi; and in terms of colour and design remember to always look at the specifications and features before you buy so it’s the right one for them.

    Once this is done, it’s time to teach the rules of the road!

    So, here are some of our top tips on how to get your kids involved with driving and train them up for a car of their own in the future.

    Tips and tricks

    Find a safe and spacious location to explore and play in such as the garden, park, or even your own driveway (provided it is empty). Anywhere that is accessible to you, and void of objects that could potentially cause injury is a plus.

    Read the instruction manual and learn as with any electronic device about its basic functions and tools before starting to get in gear. You could also refresh your memory on the highway code itself which leads to our next point.

    Get crafty by making your own traffic signs and lights out of cardboard and colouring pens. This way they can visual the images and symbols better when out on their next road trip, whilst also learning about their meanings along the way. As an added bonus, use chalk to make parking bays and road markings on the ground – helpful when it comes to learning certain manoeuvres and the alignment of lanes.

    We’ve all got to start somewhere, and by giving clear and simple instructions, this will allow your kids to understand directions easier and familiarize themselves with their car – they’ll be naturals in no time!

    Finally, as parents, be your child’s cheerleader as you encourage them to do their very best! And if they make a mistake or find things troubling, motivate them to try again and again.

    If your ready to give your kids a gift and lesson they’ll never forget, don’t hesitate to visit our website to find out more.

  • 100 Days until Xmas!

    The countdown to Christmas has officially begun!

    It is 100 days left until we hear the jingle of bells, smell a hot roast turkey, see all the festive decorations, but most importantly, give gifts for all the family to enjoy!

    Afterall, it’s no big secret that this is the most exciting time for kids everywhere to receive a gift all the way from the North Pole and Santa himself!

    As parents, if you’re planning on what to get your children for Christmas, then look no further than Electric Ride-on Cars.

    A Magical Toy

    With the help of Santa’s little elves, we aim to bring you presents that kids will love not just for Christmas, but for the rest of their childhood! Imagine them waking up Christmas morning and seeing their very own car under the Christmas tree – wrapped and ready to go!

    Our ride-on cars are fantastic toys for your little ones to get out and about outdoors as they ride in a winter wonderland of snow for a truly magical experience.

    Modelled from real cars such as Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Mercedes, Bentley, and Land Rover, you have plenty of choice when it comes to picking the perfect gift. These are the kind of cars kids can only dream of, and as Christmas arrives you can make it a reality!

    Each car comes in a variety of vibrant colours as well as being equipped with both front and rear working LED lights, engine sounds, and an MP3 port to play those rocking Christmas tunes!

    Also, if your child fancies going on a rugged off-road adventure, then take a look at our SUV, 4X4, and electric quad bikes range too with high-quality inflatable tires for grip on rougher terrain, and responsive steering that ensures your child will have a safe and sound journey.

    So why wait?

    Bring home something special this year and order a mini car for your kids in time for Christmas!


  • Seasonal toys for the whole family

    It’s officially the end of the summer holidays, but there's usually still plenty of good weather during the autumn months, and even on bright, crisp winter days.

    For all of those seasons right through into the warmer, sunnier days of the following spring, electric ride-on cars are a fun, family-friendly way to make some memories together.

    In the garden, at the park or anywhere else, electric ride-on cars are a fun way to give the kids an adventure and make great photo opportunities for mum and dad too.

    Just like mum and dad

    Thanks to our extensive range of branded ride-on cars, you can find miniature versions of most major marques and manufacturers.

    We have Audi, Bentley, BMW, Ferrari, Ford, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz and Mini ride-on cars, giving your kids a chance to be just like mum and dad as they take their very own wheels out for a spin in the summer or winter sunshine.

    And our electric ride-on SUVs and 4x4s give the look and feel of some of the larger family models from Ford, Mercedes, Land Rover and Range Rover for an even more rugged ride.

    Tough terrain

    If you want to let your little one drive off-road over bumpier terrain, then again our electric ride-on 4x4s and SUVs are a good idea.

    Alternatively, our electric quad buggies and UTVs can handle even rougher ground, with two seats so a passenger can go along for the ride too.

    If you have more than one child, or you want to offer rides to their friends without putting them directly in the driver's seat, this is a great way to give kids a ride as long as they're small enough to fit the seat - typically up to about age five or 40kg.

    Safe to steer

    Finally if you're worried about letting your little ones loose on an electric ride-on car in a public park or around a lit barbecue, you can keep close control over their steering.

    Our ride-on cars come with parental remote controls, so at any time you can safely steer the vehicle or bring it to a stop from a short distance away.

    This makes them an even more ideal option for a family and friends social setting, giving your kids some freedom to drive around under supervision, but with you in total control at all times in case you need to step in and steer them away from the crowd.


  • Hop on back to school with Electric Ride-on!

    If you drive any of the brands listed, forget about matching clothes, match cars instead! Check out our website to discover the perfect make and model match for you.

    Work hard. Play hard.

    Here at Electric Ride-on Cars, we believe play is just as important as work for a child’s development, and with our exciting range of electric vehicles in a variety of colours to choose from, including SUVs, 4X4s, Scooters, Go Karts and Quad bikes – It will drive their imagination crazy!

    As parents what could be better than to see your little ones geared up for their own road trip adventure, whether it’s a rugged off-road expedition in the garden, a glamourous cruise around the house, or even staging a hot pursuit with our electric ride-on police cars – the possibilities are endless.

    So, whilst play is at the heart of our business, we can surprisingly teach important skills that may come in handy for the future along the way.

    How you may ask?

    Well, for their first car, children get the chance to enhance their level of coordination, direction, and judgement when driving. This helps to fuel their creative juices, whilst also set early motor-skills into motion.

    Secondly, the recent rise in electric cars manufactured, and the ever-increasing awareness of the dangers of pollution have led to cleaner, more environmentally friendly driving.

    As a result, a whole new generation can learn to understand the benefits of electric cars. And all you need are batteries and a charger to get your pint-sized vehicle back on the road again.

    So, it’s no wonder safety is one of, if not, THE biggest priority when it comes to choosing ride-on cars that have been fully tested and approved for kids and parent’s wellbeing. Each are light and gentle enough to avoid any bumps or injuries.

    Plus, all are fitted with top safety features such as seatbelts, parental control via remote, and with a minimum speed of 3mph they’ll be on the go for hours without breaking the speed limits!

    If you think your child will love their very own police car to run a riot in, purchase one today from our website using this link!

  • Benefits of a balance bike

    A balance bike is a great introduction to some of the skills your child will need when they come to learning to ride a bicycle.

    Not all children learn to ride a push-bike at the same age - and there are several stages along the way, including:

    • Riding a tricycle (age 2-3)
    • Riding a bicycle with stabilisers (age 4-5)
    • Riding without stabilisers (age 6-7+)

    Before riding a tricycle with pedals, it's normal for most kids to ride a foot-to-floor bike or a pushalong bike, but a balance bike is specifically designed to help them move towards pedalling without stabilisers.


    What is a balance bike?

    A balance bike is designed to be closer to an adult bicycle in shape, but without pedals - instead, the child scoots along the ground using their feet, and lifts them off of the floor to coast along.

    They are typically more grown-up looking than the pushalong bikes you're used to seeing for toddlers, and many kids are excited to get their first grown-up bike, without having to learn to use pedals just yet.


    What age is a balance bike for?

    Despite their resemblance to adult bicycles, balance bikes can be used from an early age - ours are recommended for ages 2+.

    At this age your child's fine motor skills are developing and a balance bike helps to support that, while also being good fun for your little one to play on.

    Of course a foot-to-floor bike needs your child's feet to reach the floor. Our NEO training bikes have adjustable seats for a perfect fit and to keep your child at a comfortable height as their little legs grow.


    How does a balance bike help?

    A balance bike gives your child a chance to practise the motor skills involved in riding a bike, without also having to learn to pedal.

    That means they get used to riding at speed, the feeling of sitting upright on a saddle and holding handlebars, and using those handlebars to steer.

    Crucially, when they lift their feet from the ground, your child gets an authentic cycling experience - and when they're used to balancing in this way, they can progress to a pedal cycle.


    What about foot-to-floor cars?

    If your child is all about cars, not bikes, that's fine - we also have foot-to-floor cars in the style of major sports car manufacturers like Ferrari, Mercedes and Porsche.

    These again give your child a first taste of ride-on cars and when they're ready, you can progress them on to one of our electric ride-on cars with parental remote control.

  • Are you ready for the summer holidays? Get it right on a ride-on car!

    Electric ride-on cars are the perfect way to enjoy the summer holidays, giving the kids the chance to get out and about on a mini road trip adventure of their own.

    Our fully licensed range of ride-on electric cars recreate popular manufacturers, makes and models in miniature, battery-powered form.

    That means the kids can have their own child-sized version of mum or dad's car to take out for a spin whenever they want.


    12V ride-on convertibles for sunny day getaways

    If you want to be ready for the sunny days of summer, choose one of our 12V ride-on convertibles in the style of the Audi R8 Spyder, BMW GT 6 Series Coupe or the stunning Mercedes AMG G63 SUV with parental control.

    These electric ride-on sports cars come in authentic colours with genuine logos, perfectly reproducing the look and feel of the supercars they are based on.

    And thanks to their sturdy construction and powerful rechargeable 12V motor, you can expect them to be even more reliable than their full-sized counterparts over the course of a full summer season of use!


    Electric 4x4s for off-road adventures

    Our range of ride-on electric 4x4s adds a rugged look to the robust construction of these premium ride-on cars.

    Ride-on Range Rover models include 12V Evoque and Vogue vehicles, as well as ride-on Land Rovers like Discovery and the iconic Land Rover Defender.

    For something with a little more grunt - twice as much, in fact - choose the two-seater 24V Ford Ranger Pick Up, with functioning tail gate and LED headlights.

    Or to give your kids a real ride-on off-road vehicle, take a look at our 24V quad buggies which again come equipped with two seats.


    Why to choose a quality ride-on car this summer

    One thing all of our electric ride-on cars have in common is quality - we stock licensed electric cars for kids of different ages and driving abilities.

    That means you can expect your child's ride-on car to make it through a summer season of heavy use in one piece.

    With parental remote controls you can take the wheel whenever you need to and prevent a collision if your child is headed towards an unseen obstacle.

    And if you need replacement batteries, spare chargers, a new steering wheel or even extra wheel alloys, just check our Spare Parts department to see what we've got in stock, and your child will soon be on the road again enjoying their precious summer holiday.

  • Motoring like mum and dad on matching ride-on cars

    If you drive a major-brand car, 4x4 or SUV, there's nothing cuter than getting matching ride-on cars for the kids so they can drive like daddy or motor like mummy!

    Our wide range of electric ride-on cars includes most of the major brands from Audi, BMW and Bentley, to Ferrari and Ford, MINI and Mercedes.

    We also have electric ride-on 4x4s and SUVs including some of the brands already listed, plus electric ride-on Land Rovers and Range Rovers.

    If you drive any of those brands and want matching ride-on cars for the children, just take a look around our website and we're sure to have a close match for your make and model.


    Why do kids love matching ride-on cars so much?

    Let's be honest, literally ANY ride-on car is bound to go down well with the kids, so when you get them a ride-on car that matches mummy and daddy's, it's even more special.

    Kids love to be able to do the same things as their parents, and lots of young children also like to feel grown-up, so climbing behind the wheel of their own electric ride ticks both boxes.

    We even have electric ride-on police cars, so if either (or both!) of the parents are police officers, the kids can stage their own hot pursuit in the back yard.

    (Don't worry - with a safety seatbelt, a top speed of 3 mph and a remote control for a parent to take over the steering, this is one car chase that can always end safely!)


    How to find matching ride-on cars

    It's easy to find matching ride-on cars on our website, whether you prefer to search or just click/tap your way around.

    The search box at the top of the page is the easiest way to find something specific - you can just type in the make and model of ride-on car you want, and it will give you results in order of relevance, so even if there's no exact match, you can see the next nearest option.

    Alternatively, we have electric ride-on cars by make and model on our main menu, with separate pages for the main models of ride-on SUVs and 4x4s, so just click through to the manufacturer you're looking to match, and see if we have the model you need.

    We try to cover all the bases so if your family car is a major make and model, there's a very strong chance we have a good match for it, so your kids can drive just like mummy and daddy do!

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