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Monthly Archives: December 2019

  • 5 Tips on How to Maintain Your Kids Electric Car

    Beep Beep! Our exclusive guide on how to properly maintain your kid’s electric car is here. Today, we are discussing 5 ways you can make your children’s ride-on toy last longer. Buckle up and enjoy the read! Let’s face it; children simply love electric ride on cars and they cannot...
  • Investing time in your Child’s Character Building

    A child’s character building begins at an early stage in their lives. It is a common belief that the most impressionable age is during their kindergarten years. Learning character traits in such an impressionable age can lead to lifelong effects. These traits are dependent upon the child’s living environment. Hence...
  • Jingle Bells Special: Kids Electric Cars Are All The Rage This Christmas

    Christmas is just around the corner and we can already hear the jingle bells. Christmas is a very special occasion for children who wait around the year for the festivities, rituals and perhaps, most importantly, the presents Santa brings for them. This holiday season Santa seems to have new gift...

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