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BMW Ride on Cars

BMW Ride On Cars for KidsIt can be tricky to encourage the kids to get outdoors for fresh air and sunshine. Many kids may not even know what to do when alone in the yard. A great way to entertain your children is to buy them a BMW electric ride on car. These vehicles are scaled down in size to our own BMW cars. Children will be so thrilled when they get to not only drive a car that looks like their parent’s car, but enjoy all the fun and exciting features that come with it.

There is also the BMW i8 ride on car in black or in white, with designer blue racing stripes and details. This series also has another option in black, with designer red racing stripes and highlights. Let’s take a closer look at these BMW electric ride on cars, as they’re anything but your grandparents’ old push-pedal style of Volkswagen they had back in the 60s. All of these vehicles are in coupe and convertible style. You’ll want to ensure that it’s a nice day out before you take the car out of the garage. The vehicles can also be driven inside the home, though you’ll want to ensure that kids have plenty of space for fun.
Each of these vehicles runs on an electric 12 volt rechargeable battery. Inside the vehicle are twin motors, to provide power to each of three wheels. These BMW ride on kid’s cars have some fun features. The 12v Black BMW Coupe comes with an MP3 player, so your kids can enjoy their favourite music while they cruise the paths and driveways. There is a functional parental remote control so parents can control the vehicle from a distance. This keeps your kids safe from crashing, or you can quickly stop the BMW i8 if your child suddenly loses interest.
There is also a seat belt to keep your child secure while they’re riding the car. The doors really open, and the vehicles can move left and right, and backwards and forwards. These luxury kids’ vehicles also have real working headlights, which adds to the realism of a real car. Kids can simply get started by pressing a push on button. The vehicle also makes real sounds and noises. If you want to get outside for fresh air and have some fun with your young child, the BMW electric ride on car is suitable for all ages from three to five years old.