Disney Ride On Toys

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Electric ride on cars are unique but fun toys for kids of all ages. They offer little ones a way to imagine themselves racing alongside their favourite Disney characters without the need to leave the safety of your back garden! With a range of added functions, including multi-coloured lights and iconic sounds from your kids' favourite Disney films, our Disney ride on toys truly let your kids' imaginations run wild! Browse our range of Disney ride on cars and bikes to find out more about the complete range!

Capture your child’s imagination with a ride on car

As kids, we all imagined ourselves as a range of famous characters. A kids electric car can offer your child a way to enhance their imagination by offering a unique but fun way to travel around. Our unique ride on cars and kids bikes come in a range of designs. From Frozen characters to Cars, lots of Disney franchises are included. We understand how important safety and durability are when it comes to kids toys. Because of this, all of our cars and bicycles for kids are made from the highest quality of materials. Free mainland UK delivery is also available, so you don't need to pay a fortune just for your purchase to arrive!

Types of Disney ride on toys

Disney ride on cars

Ride on Disney cars are one of the best gifts your child could receive. Whether you choose a fully-kitted electric model with lights or a traditional design that requires a slight push, toy cars are sure to be the highlight of any kid's birthday. Our Disney electric cars for kids have a low maximum speed of 2.5mph, so you don't need to worry about them being too fast for a younger child. They also feature a range of safety features, such as high-quality tyres, to provide your kid with a safe but exciting way to play! Alternatively, you may want to extend the magic of Disney to the funfair with a kids electric waltzer bumper car for your little ones to race around in.

Disney ride on bikes

Bikes have always been a reliable way for your kid to travel in style. Our Disney bikes collection has a fantastic array of eye-catching designs to impress Disney fans of all ages. On top of this, some of our bikes come with stabilisers. This offers your child a safe way to familiarise themselves with the cycling world!

FAQs about Disney ride on toys

What ages are Disney ride on toys suitable for?

We offer a range of ride on cars for kids of all ages, so you won't need to look far for the ideal birthday or Christmas gift! We have options for younger children, including our toddler ride on cars, all the way up to older children who are 12 years or older. See our collections of 12v ride on cars and 24v ride on cars for more options.

What Disney films are the ride on toys based on?

We have a wide range of Disney ride on toys based on many popular Disney characters and films. No matter what your little one’s favourite Disney film is, they’re sure to find an exciting new toy in our collection.


Frozen has quickly become one of the most exciting Disney franchises of recent years, with kids loving each and every character found in these enchanting films. Our Frozen range offers a wide selection of unique models suitable for children of any age, including kids balance bikes for younger children.

Star Wars

Whether your child imagines riding alongside the Mandalorian and Grogu in their ship or escaping the clutches of the Empire with Chewie and Han, our ride on toy vehicles are the perfect gift!


What better inspiration for ride-on toys than the Cars franchise? Our speedy Lightning McQueen ride on car offers kids a way to re-enact their favourite scenes from the Cars franchise, from Lightning saving Doc to driving backwards with Mater!

Disney Princess

Disney Princesses are timeless. But with new fan favourites being released each year, kids are sure to have one they love the most. Our range of unique kids' car models, such as this Disney Princess Horse and Carriage, are excellent for rides to the ball! Discover more of our kids ride on cars, from childrens electric cars with remote controls to kids ride on police cars.