Kids Lamborghini & Porsche Electric Ride on Cars

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Lamborghini & Ferrari Ride on Cars

Get your kids a Ferrari they are dreaming of. Boys at a very young age develop the special interest in sports and sports cars. They are not fully grown up but still at the age around 5 they ask their dad to get them the four-wheeler to drive around. Can you fulfill your kid’s insane wishes? Here is how you can surprise them. This innovative company “ELECTRIC RIDE ON CARS” has the solution to every problem. They develop the standard quality electric sports car for your kids. They take care of not only the quality of products used in its manufacturing, but also the comfort level of its consumers. These sports cars are designed in such a way, that your kids can’t get their eyes off this fascinating electric product.

• The fascinating Ferrari F12 electric sports car is finely detailed with perfectly working front lights, horn sounds, steering wheel, leather seats, seat belts and MP3 player.
• Ferrari F12 ride on car is manufactured with 12Volts rechargeable powered battery provided with the charger and all the necessary accessories.
• This sports car has both the options, either your child can drive this sports car by pressing the accelerator themselves and it also provides full functioning remote control for parents known as “Parental remote control” in case your kid’s legs don’t reach the accelerator or if they cannot control the car themselves.
• Ferrari F12 sports car can reach the maximum speed up to 3mph that is most suitable for the kids 3-5 years old.
• This Ferrari F12 provides movements in most directions that are in forward and reverse as well as left and right.

APPEARANCE, The most thrilling FERRARI F12 electronic sports car is the exact copy of the original car Licensed by Ferrari. This sports car has been designed with such dedication that manufacturers have focused on every single detail. It not only has the exact appearance but it is also symbolized with logos of Ferrari that makes it look exactly like the original sports car. Its red appearance and shape give it a stunning look which is the key role in gaining the attraction of kids towards it.

QUALITY, Many companies are designing it, some of them being successful and some of them are failing miserably due to their poor quality products. We assure you the quality of the product. This sports car has been made with not only considering the design, but special attention has been given to the comfort and quality of the products that are used in its manufacturing. Most importantly, safety measures have been taken. The seat belt is included as well parental remote plays the major role as parents can keep their child under their supervision. It can bear up to 40kgs of maximum weight. Its dimensions are 111cm in length, 57cm in width and 46cm in height. It has been adjusted accurately for a kid aged 3 to 6. Definitely, your child’s preferences remain the main target and this stunning Ferrari Sports car would definitely be up to their mark.

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