Kids Mini Cooper Electric Ride on Cars

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Mini Cooper Ride on Cars

Boost up your kids with this incredible electric ride on mini cooper. Whenever you wish to regard your kids for their achievements or you think of rewarding them something unique and special or you plan to buy them something precious on their birthdays, electric toys are best-loved by kids. Especially when it comes to the boy, electric cars are something they would drool over, it is the thing they’ll love to have.

There are various brands offering various types of electric cars but I would suggest you, have a look at this mini cooper electric car, the special creation of “Electric ride on cars”. They are reliable and they will provide you the type of electronic car toy you have been looking for.
FEATURES, All the exciting features you need to know about this product;
• This mini cooper electric car is featured with parental remote control that means kids will always be under parents’ supervision.
• This mini cooper electric car offers a safe drive in almost all directions that is, right and left, forward and backward.
• This captivating mini cooper electronic car has been designed beautifully considering minor details like; leather seats, horn and car sounds, lights, and attractive car body.
• It has long-lasting 12Volts rechargeable (10ah) battery along with the charger and necessary accessories.
• This mini cooper electronic car can speed up to 3km/hr. - 6km/hr. that is safe and suitable for a 2-5-year-old kid to enjoy the fullest.

DESIGN DESCRIPTION, The most enthralling mini electric car is as incredible as it looks. It is designed professionally by well-read engineers. Every part has been deliberately designed by taking care of minute details. The manufacturers have focused on every detail from the seat design and wheel design to the comfort it provides. The manufacturers have neither compromised on its shapes nor on the colors. This spectacular mini cooper electronic car is available in an exciting shape to attract the kids. It also has a variety of vibrant colors like white, black, blue and red. Its shapes and colors give an exciting look to this electronic automobile that draws the attention of the kids.

PRODUCT QUALITY, It can carry up to 40kgs of maximum weight. It is officially licensed and bears 2x30 Watt Motors. This mini cooper electronic car can be driven by kid themselves as well as a special attention to the safety has been given as it can also be controlled by parents through parental control remote that is very important for the children under 3 years. It is available in two sizes distinctively, one of them is 130cm in length, 71cm in width and 57.5cm in height and the other is 110cm in length, 63cm in width and 35cm in height. It can be one or two seated according to the type of car you choose.
This mini cooper electric car has been manufactured with such a captivating design that it attracts the kids in one glance; it’ll be perfect for a present. The package will consist of all the accessories mentioned above. It is a complete package of happiness.

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