Remote Control Ride on Cars

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12v Electric Ride On Cars With Remote Control



If you’re looking for an electric ride on car that can be driven by you, while your child enjoys themselves in a safe way, then a kids ride on remote control car is your best bet. They’ll be able to have the full experience of a ride on car, but you can either control it fully yourself or step in if you’re worried about their own driving. We’ve got an extensive collection of electric ride on cars with remote control, whether you’re after a BMW ride on car or a Mercedes-Benz kids car. We’ve even got a great selection of 2 seater ride on car with remote control capabilities too.

Are remote control ride on cars safe?

Remote control children’s ride on cars are a wonderfully safe way for your kids to play. They’re specifically designed to add an extra level of safety to kids ride on cars. A ride on car with parental remote control gives you complete control over how your child drives their ride on car. Along with seat belts, padded seats, bumpers and other features, this remote control means they are a great safe, but fun, option.

What ages are these remote control ride on cars suitable for?

Our kids ride on remote control car are designed for younger children and toddlers, although as many of them work without the remote control too, they can be great for growing children who are going to be ready for independent play soon as well. Many of our ride on cars for toddlers with remote controls are most suited to children aged 3-6, but it’s always worth checking the exact specifications of the model you’re interested in before buying.

Where can remote control ride on cars be used?

We would always advise that electric ride on cars with remote controls are used somewhere safe. Ideally, this would be a smooth flat area somewhere private, like a yard, garden or driveway. Even with the added safety element of a remote control, we’d never recommend using a ride on car on an actual road. These areas should be avoided. Did you know we have a range of remote control 2 seater kids electric ride on cars? View our full range of 2 seater electric ride on cars and take a look.